Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday News 'N Notes

Photo by Matthew Monthei

- Like its artistic namesake, Ride On's Van Go chose to take its own life on Wednesday evening just outside Discovery headquarters. Instead of shooting itself in the chest, however, the troubled bus opted for the far more dramatic method of self-immolation. Could the vehicle, inspired by Lee's ill-fated demonstration last week, been performing a Buddhist monk-like protest against Discovery's baby-themed programming? We may never know.

(Personally, I much enjoyed watching the Van Go burn. Back on March 17th the Van Go cut me off when I was crossing Colesville at a crosswalk just before it executed an illegal right turn on red. Karma.)

- Speaking of Lee, he has now achieved in death that which he could not in life - attracting (unpaid) followers. On Wednesday, a man stood across the street from Discovery holding a sign that read "JAMES LEE WAS RIGHT". The man claims that he agrees with many of the points points in Lee's online manifesto, and believes we are all headed toward a Malthusian catastrophe which somehow Discovery can prevent. (Spoiler alert: Soylent Green will be people.)

- Reminder: the 7th Annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival is tomorrow from 3:30-10:30 at Veterans Plaza. This year's festival will be headlined by Aaron Neville.

- In other music news Chuck Brown, D.C.'s own "Godfather of Go Go", will be performing a free concert in Downtown Silver Spring on Tuesday, September 21st at noon. The show will celebrate the release of his latest album, which you can get autographed by Brown after the show.

- The Nando's Peri-Peri on The Promenade is officially scheduled to open next Wednesday. Mmmmmm...

- The Fenton Street Market, current located at the corner of Fenton Street and Silver Spring Avenue, will be moving to Veterans Plaza beginning October 23rd. This is a logical move, as the Farmer's Market runs concurrently on Saturday just across the street. I'm glad they were able to get approval from the County for this- I've been advocating a market on this spot for years.

(On a side note, the Farmer's Market rule that vendors can't sell anything before 9AM is bogus. If I am standing in front of a chocolate croissant at 8:37 and I cannot give someone money in exchange for it, that's just stupid. I'm not going to stand around for 20 minutes waiting for the opportunity to pay for a confection. It's not Georgetown Cupcake.)


Terry in Silver Spring said...

"It's not Georgetown Cupcake"

Yeah, well, I wouldn't stand in line their either. The cupcakes are good, but not worthy of the hype. I'll stick with Cake Love.

Any reports on what caused the Van Go to burn?

Looking forward to trying the new chicken place. I loooove rotisserie chicken, particularly the Peruvian style. Pretty soon, I'll never been more than 20-30 steps from a chicken place in Silver Spring, though. Not that I'm complaining necessarily.

Sligo said...

I wouldn't like up for Georgetown Cupcake, either. I'd feel like a lemming.

There are now lines in Bethesda, too.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"There are now lines in Bethesda, too."

Feh. Wrong side of the Park, those folks. I feel sorry for them.

Tina & Drew said...

You don't stand in line folks - order them online, walk on in and go home with a dozen little tasty bits 'o joy.

belinskaya said...

Or you go to Baked and Wired for better but home-made looking cupcakes, or Hello Cupcake in Dupont for equally pretty and also better cupcakes.

You can keep the dry cake with a stick of butter on top that is CakeHate.

(Georgetown cupcake was going downhill even before the new storefront and the reality show - when they first opened, they felt worth the line, but as of last summer, definitely not.)

On a happier note, mmmm, Nando's.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I've never gotten dry cake at Cake Love. Let them warm up the way you're instructed and they are fantastic.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

"the Van Go cut me off when I was crossing Colesville at a crosswalk just before it executed an illegal right turn on red."

In this area, buses are the worst offenders by far.

I saw on TruTV some car chase show where a bus ran into a train because the bus driver ran the red 10 seconds after it had changed.

That time frame is nothing for the intersection of Colesville and Georgia where buses DAILY run the lights after they've changed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. WMATA is going to get slammed with a major lawsuit when they kill someone one of these days (well, kill more people, I should say). I've been struck by a metro access van, filled out a report with wmata, and they didn't even bother contacting me about it (much less do something to the driver). I really should just sue them - that's the only way to get anyone in wmata off their lazy check-collecting asses.

lilkunta said...

@anon sep 13 6:21p if abut did hit you and you didnt follow up, you are partly to blame. why sit & wait for wmata? GET A LAWYER! tweet abotu getting hit. call ch 4,5,7 & 9. media pressure & legal threats will get wmata to get back to you.

i hope you are okay also.

lilkunta said...

so what do you do? not buy the croissant? or come back at 9:01a?

georgetown cupckae IS NOT WORTH THE WAIT

Hamsite said...

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Hamsite said...

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Hamsite said...

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Hamsite said...

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Mohammad Moradzadeh said...

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