Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to the End Times

Seriously, if this berserk weather persists, we should all expect to be roaming the gray wastelands in a couple years, eluding bands of cannibals while armed with a revolver and our last two bullets. As of the time I left for work this morning my power was still out, and I can only hope that my recent experience of five days without electricity will not be repeated.

I wandered over to Sligo Creek, which had overflowed its banks as a result of the torrential downpour, at points even covering the parkway. Near the parkway's intersection with Colesville, a tree was down, completely blocking the road. I started to get closer to investigate, but quickly realized wading through flood water near a downed power line was an easy way to become a Darwin Award recipient.

As I stood there shaking my head, car after car drove all the way up to the downed tree (through the flood water) before turning back, even though one could clearly see from a block away that the road was completely obstructed.

Even the Beltway was flooded in parts. At the Colesville Road exit, enough water had pooled on the roadway that only 1 1/2 lanes were open on the left side. I can only imagine the length of the backup that was causing. The power also looked to be out at the Four Corners intersection, which is never good, particularly during rush hour.

Well, here's hoping everything is back to normal for the evening rush...


Bonifant more sinister than Thayer said...

See Friedman on "weird" weather.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

DTSS was a mess, lights out and branches and limbs down.

The drains on the roof of my building at Summit Hills clogged up from what my building manager told me. My apartment was fine, but I walked into the hallway to be greeted by a series of holes through which water was POURING. There was a bit of a waterfall coming down through the stairwell with the roof access, too. I called the manager after I made it to work to make sure he'd been upstairs and he said the power is out there now, although it was still on when I left. Power at my office, also in DTSS, flickered off and on until about 9am. What a morning.

Each time we have one of these storms, I think of that bridge at Burnt Mills (Colesville Rd crosses Northwest Branch by the Trader Joes). I've seen the water come over that now more times that I can count in the last few years. They did some work on it last year, but the foundation of that bridge must be having some issues.

Anonymous said...

Who run BarterTown?
Just practicing ...

This morning on the way to work, after a shower in the near dark, a big tree limb had fallen over Flower Ave and I was shocked to see folks had actully pulled over and were removing it themselves. Don't they know the proper SS reaction is to stare blankly, stroke their chins and vow to bring this up in a stern manner at the next community meeting?

Sligo said...

I actually saw that movie at a pre-renovated Silver Theatre many years ago.

WheatonCalling said...

As I was taking metro in from Wheaton this morning (hour and a half trip thank you very much!), I noticed that one of the front windows of Jackie's SideBar was smashed open with a police car sitting in front of it. I'm guessing it was front vandalism and not the storm. Anybody else know what happened?

whatsupwheaton said...

What a morning. I thought it was all plain sailing driving into Silver Spring but then you hit E/W Highway at Georgia and you quickly saw the end of days. If there was a zombie apocalypse the zombies would casually stroll up to the zillion cars stuck at 16th/East Way and get you all.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"Don't they know the proper SS reaction is to stare blankly, stroke their chins and vow to bring this up in a stern manner at the next community meeting?"

That's more Takoma Park, but to really capture the People's Republic, you'd have to add a symbolic declaration of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Didn't 16th have a downed line? Maybe they closed the road and the E/W traffic couldn't go anywhere. Luckily I was able to duck into the parking garage on E/W before it backed up too terribly bad.

This morning I was kind of hoping for a zombie apocalypse, but that's just me in a bad mood.

Messiah said...

There was enough room to move on 16th. The problem for those of us on E-W Hwy was that the cops at the intersection of 16th and E-W were strangely not letting the East-West Hwy traffic go, only the 16th traffic. At around 10 AM, it took over half an hour to get from Colesville and E-W to past 16th and E-W. all due to the cops' peculiar traffic decisions.

lilkunta said...

Summitt Hills lost power all day on teh 12th, so I think that affected E/W Hgway & 16th st traffic lights.

I live in Four Corners. We electricity just as we did 2wks ago on sun 25 jul. This time electricity was gone from 8:34a th until 11:30a fri morning.

coleville rd's south lanes were completely closed. Burnt Mills was hit superbad.

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