Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Could another Retail Fail be in the works for downtown Silver Spring ? I can't speak to the relative sales at the Silver Spring store, but American Apparel corporate isn't doing so hot. The company's bankruptcy may be "inevitable". Regardless of what you think about AA, it sure beats another empty storefront, and there are a growing number of those on that corner.

- The Silver Spring Metro station, along with four others, will be closed Labor Day weekend for repairs, beginning 10 PM on Friday. It will re-open the following Tuesday.

- has the lowdown on Mr. Chicken, a new rotisserie chicken joint (because there aren't enough of these in MoCo) that just opened on Georgia Avenue next to Velatis Caramels. With Nando's eventual opening, there will certainly be an abundance of chicken options in Silver Spring. Perhaps some birds can be locally sourced, as long as they aren't the kind that eat themselves.

- Speaking of grand openings, the Fenton Street Quizno's, which opened six years ago, celebrated their opening once again this weekend:

Just because you have a sign doesn't mean you need to use it. This eyesore must violate some lease agreement or another.


Anonymous said...

LMAO - thank you for pointing out the Quizno's sign. I've been very puzzled myself about their grand "opening." It's sort of the reverse of those Persian rug stores that are going out of business for 30+ years but never quite shut down.

Anonymous said...

These grand openings after a store has already been open for some time seems to be a new trend, though most stores call them grand re-openings. Giant does them all the time (usually after renovations, but not always), and the big Bethesda health club (forget the name, but it's close to the Bethesda McDonalds) has been having its grand re-opening for a few weeks. Times are tough for retailers, so I guess they need something to stand out.

Sligo said...

I don't even think that's it. I bet they just put every Quizno's-branded item they can find in their back room and put it out in front of the store. Notice the table & umbrella with no chairs.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Quizno's corporate is pushing heavy with their 5-4-3 terrible sandwich campaign for their terrible sandwiches. I can hear the guy on the phone now:

"But we don't have any room for all that ... "

"I don't care! MAKE room!"

"But Sir I ..."

"Need I remind you I was toasting stale bread and half-rotten turkey while you were still in diapers!"

"Yes sir ..."

"Now get with the flair Junior!"

Anonymous said...

Why is this shocking news since just about every business that comes to DTSS ends up being a failure. In my opinion the entire area should be leveled. The area is not elegant and is a complete disaster. The only people who seem to enjoy the area are the young thugs. The entire DTSS area has lost its appeal and without major help it will continue to die a slow death.

Anonymous said...

Obvious troll is obvious.

Springvale Roader said...

@Anonymous 9:03. I take issue with your complaint. DTSS is not only for young thugs. I am an old thug, and I quite enjoy old thuggish behavior such as telling the ticket takers at AFI that I really am a member, and getting a dollar knocked off the price. That's original gangster for you, my word.

Moving on. Upscale Pharmacy is now completely abandoned, but with a name like that, it was doomed from the start, regardless of anything else. We could use a decent drug store there (heck, even a CVS). On the other hand, a liquor store would complement the Whole Foods experience.

As for American Apparel. I'm not surprised to hear it might be closing. Frankly, I think that space is better suited for a restaurant.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Well, you have to at least admire the Quiznos folks' enthusiasm. They really want people to know they have $5 subs. I hope they are piping the sound track of that commercial with the kittens singing.

Anonymous said...

Before eating at Quiznos, take a look at the nutritional info on their website. It's pretty shocking how unhealthy many of their subs are. You'd be better off at McDonalds in most cases. If I recall correctly, they do at least break down how much of the unhealthiness is from the dressing and cheese on their subs, and so if you exclude those two things, you can find some decent options.

Anonymous said...

I think that quiznos is in trouble financially. I was in there one day and the manager was really pushing me to buy a ton of food. Maybe I looked really hungry, but in my opinion something just didn't seem right.

Sligo said...

I used to go to that Quizno's for lunch during a brief period years ago when I was working nearby and it was one of the few sandwich places around, (DTSS hadn't really opened yet.) and that was only because I had gotten really sick of Panera.

Anonymous said...

American Apparel faces bankruptcy every few years, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Stop rooting against Silver Spring. If American Apparel goes under, it will have nothing to do with the location of this store. Calling it a 'Silver Spring Retail Fail' only shows your cynicism and lends support to those who lack faith in the renewal of DTSS.

Sligo said...

The last thing I would do is root against Silver Spring. A Retail Fail is a Retail Fail, whether it is at a single location (Marimekko) or company wide (Bombay Co, Storehouse Furniture).

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