Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Details Emerge (From the Ground) About This Year's Zombie Walk

Photo from last year's Walk by Flickr user kingkool68

As previously mentioned, the Third Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd. Now that the necessary arrangements have been made, we have some additional details to share.

This year, Jackie's Sidebar and the Back Room at Jackie's will serve as ground zero for the Zombie outbreak. It is advised that Zombies should begin congregating about 8PM, though there's nothing stopping you from showing up before then. If last year's turnout is any indication, we'll need more space than these establishments offer. The good news is that there's plenty of places at which to hang out along the planned route. Once the walk begins, the zombie horde will continue to expand as it shambles down Georgia Avenue, collecting additional undead from establishments such as Fire Station 1, Olazzo, the Quarry House, Piratz Tavern and others.

The walk will once again conclude at the AFI Silver Theatre for a 9:45 showing of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Tickets for the show are not yet available online, but as soon as they are, we'll let you know. Pre-purchasing your tickets is highly advised, as last year's show sold out and many zombies were left out in the cold.

For more information on the Walk, join the Silver Spring Zombie Walk Facebook Group, follow the Twitter feed, or visit the official site.

Let's ensure the third episode of the Zombie Walk turns out great, like Last Crusade, not awful like Matrix Revolutions or decent but somewhat unsatisfying like Return of the Jedi. (Though zombie Ewoks would be cool.)


Thayer Avenue said...

I think the satisfaction of actually killing the Ewoks might be better than the intrinsic value of zombie Ewoks, but both work for me.

Sligo said...

What is the intrinsic value of this t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

If someone just beat me up now, I could save $22 and not buy that shirt.

Sligo said...

If someone beat you up, it would because they didn't get it. Or they did.

Anonymous said...

This is by far one of my favorite Silver Spring events of the year!!! Jen

Tom Hogan said...

I just moved to SS, and this event looks great. Plus, how can you miss Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria on the big screen?

Anonymous said...

Note: There will probably be some overlap with the RunForYourLives 5k run & Obstacle Course (with Zombies) up in the Baltimore area. I know I'm hoping and planning to attend both, if possible (RunForYourLives being a daytime event).

More information:

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Congrats on the 3rd annual. Cant wait to see them limping down Georgia avenue. I'll be sure to check this out on Facebook.

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