Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday News 'N Notes

- Those scruffy-looking nerf herders at the AFI Silver are offering but a single showing of The Empire Strikes Back and have chosen to schedule it during a weekend I (and presumably many others) are out of town.


A. This is George Lucas' fault. (Lucasfilm will only a single showing.)
B. It's the "Special Edition".

- Under no circumstances are you to water your garden this weekend, or you will subjected to twenty lashes from a bamboo cane in the center of DTSS.

- The Silver Spring Fire Department has posted some old photos of fire department vehicles on their Facebook page. As this particular photo illustrates, the incorrect pluralization of "Silver Spring" spans decades:

- The Big Greek Cafe gets a writeup in the Post's Going Out Guide.

- Want to read yet another diatribe about how the DTSS development ruined Silver Spring? You can do so here.

- Last weekend the Silver Spring Historical Society opened up a small time capsule discovered under the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge on Wayne Avenue after it was torn down. Dolla, dolla, bills ya'll.

- Hey look, people are complaining over the design of the new library. Oh, and the Purple Line.


Anonymous said...

They're complaining about the library - what about the civic building? Not one person I know finds it at all attractive or welcoming. As it's gone up those of us who live nearby have been more and more appalled. I'm not someone who was overly attached to the "turf," either. The building just has no relationship whatsoever to the other buildings around it and looks like something people will be clamoring to tear down in about 10 years. Why yet more ugliness in DTSS?

Robert said...

I couldn't disagree more. The new Civic Building is much better architecture than the shopping center up the hill from it or the buildings along the south side of Ellsworth. Thank goodness it doesn't relate to those buildings. We don't need more bland standard commercial architecture in Silver Spring. Maybe "Anonymous" doesn't like modern architecture, but he/she certainly doesn't speak for everyone who lives nearby. I think it is great and will become more valued as time goes on.

Sligo said...

I actually really like the Civic Center.

feadog said...

Somebody needs to send Peterson Co. the memo on water conservation. One of their employees was hosing down the brick pavement next to the fountain this morning.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I went to see Ran yesterday at the AFI, the show before Empire Strikes Back in the big theater. The sold out signs were up early for Empire and there was a sizeable line in the lobby. Ran was awesome, but down in my geeky fan girl heart, I'd have loved to have seen Han saying "Yes, I know" before being frozen in carbonite up on the big screen.

WashingtonGardener said...

I like the Civic Building design too. Why SHOULD it relate to the ugly fake architecture around it?
On the water restructions, hope the fountain was OFF too - that was part of the mandate as well.

Anonymous said...

OK, totally unrelated question. Since the new apartments at 1200 East West Highway have "finished" and "opened" (in quotes because that area is still a total construction zone), there has consistently been a row of cars parked in front of it (on EW Highway). It doesn't seem like there is enough space for the cars to be parked there AND people to drive down that lane. Does anyone know anything about this? Is that suppose to be parking, and if so shouldn't it be bigger? I think there is a sign there that says "For Emergency Vehicles Only" but I've never seen a ticket.

It just feels really unsafe every time I drive there and I don't even know who to call/question about it.

hugo said...

I went to see Ran yesterday at the AFI, the show before Empire Strikes Back in the big theater.

The Kurosawa retrospective is totally making my summer.

G & E said...

The Big Greek Cafe is so good! I reviewed it on my blog a while back:

I'm glad to see it getting some press!

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