Monday, June 07, 2010

World Cup. Saturday. McGinty's.

As I’m sure you’re acutely aware, the upcoming weekend marks the start of the FIFA World Cup, the quadrennial sporting event that manages to slightly pique Americans’ interest in international soccer (“football”) for about a month. To make things particularly intriguing this year, Team U.S.A. has drawn an opening match against The Three Lions on Saturday afternoon.

Such an event is of course significantly more enjoyable to view as part as a partisan crowd, so I figure those of us in Silver Spring who are interested should congregate in a predetermined place to view the match. With that in mind, by the power invested in me by no one, I hereby declare McGinty’s Public House the Official Place to Watch the World Cup in Downtown Silver SpringTM. At least for this Saturday. Sure, it may seem like the obvious choice, but where better to root against England than in an Irish pub? I briefly considered the brand new Fire Station 1 with its 16 6 brand-new televisions as a venue. However, due to their hiccups over opening weekend, I figure they need a little seasoning prior to hosting an event of such magnitude.

The match begins at 2:30, but I would strongly advise arriving somewhat in advance of that time to get a decent spot. Hopefully the U.S.A. will inflict a defeat so devastating that Wayne Rooney and his mates will be relegated to residing in a trailer park.

For fans of England, the viewing party will be held at the bus station on Fenton Street.


Jon said...

Love it, I'm there, hope it's a good crowd, would be great to have a soccer gathering place in Silver Spring so I don't have to metro it to Lucky Bar.

hugo said...

I'm there. We definitely need a soccer spot in Silver Spring

whatsupwheaton said...

Pfft, you daft small time yanks. Alas I'd be there but I am flying home to England straight after the game ends to report back to the motherland about how badly you all take a beating :)

McGinty's is a good place,m they tried to get some soccer watching together a couple of years back but it never really took off. Not a bad place to watch DC United games if a few show up though.

Sincerely Americans, I hope after you get beat 4-0 by us that you still qualify for the second round.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"Sincerely Americans, I hope after you get beat 4-0 by us that you still qualify for the second round."

Even when talking trash, our British cousins are always so polite. :)

Mark said...

God Bless the British!

whatsupwheaton said...

Yes, damn that special relationship and protocol :)
Should be a good time Saturday. I know my flight home will seem very long if we don't win.

Anonymous said...

FS1 should get a big pull down screen and an HD projector, then put the big games (World Cup, Subperbowl, etc.) on the big screen. This would bring me in for sure (as long as they had good beer). If all they have are TV's behind the bar, I think I would prefer to watch the game at home.

Anonymous said...

FYI - you don't know what you're talking about. The firehouse brew pub was much more awesome than that phony yuppie joint McGinty's. Why don't you stop being such a snootball.