Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day News 'N Notes

- Silver Spring's favorite/only Burmese restaurant, Mandalay, is expanding - opening up a second location at 9th & P streets in the District. How could this development positively affect you as a patron of the Silver Spring location? According to Washington Business Journal, the owner will "travel to Burma to get input on the new menu, with the hopes of adding 30 new dishes and a refined cocktail menu". Let's hope these new dishes are adopted at the existing Mandalay, as well.

Mandalay will join Mi Rancho and McGinty's (and others?) as restaurants which have opened new locations around the region after establishing themselves in Silver Spring. And yes, I do know that Mandalay started in College Park, but it moved here long before expanding.

- And here's a backhanded compliment on our restaurants taken from Tom Sietsema's "Ask Tom" chat on the WP website today (emphasis mine):

Q. Bethesda's mediocrity: Any theories why Bethesda has such mediocre restaurants? It's strange, considering. Wheaton and Silver Spring seem to do a lot better, and they're less well-off.

A. Tom Sietsema writes: Money does not buy taste. It amazes me, too. What say the chatters?
- Beginning July 1, Starbucks will begin offering free wi-fi at all company-owned stores. The DTSS location will then join Borders and Eggspectations in offering complimentary access along The Promenade. Sure, there's long been Silver Spring's free wi-fi, but that service never seems to work quite right for me. I can get what appears to be a slow connection on my phone, though most of the time there barely seems to be any data sent or received. I'm usually better off suffering with my craptacular AT&T 3G service.

- There was a great crowd at McGinty's for the USA-England World Cup match this past weekend. By the time the match started, it was standing room only in the packed upstairs bar. That being said, Silver Spring still really needs a proper sports bar, something I know readers of this blog have long coveted. Optimally, this bar would have a large projection screen, a feature essential to hosting large crowds for sporting events.

- A reminder: check out Bravo's Top Chef D.C. premiere tonight for a possible cameo from our local Whole Foods. Not sure if it will appear in this particular episode, though they did film at least one segment there.


maralenenok said...

I don't think that compliment was backhanded at all!

Sligo said...

Well, the implication seemed to be that we have good restaurants even though we're poor.

Anonymous said...

That former Mayorga space would be perfect for a sports bar. Now if only I were from Bethesda aka rich to make it happen.

Steve said...

While I think Tom could have been a little more tactful in his reply, his statement is more or less correct. Census reports do indicate that the reported median household income in the Bethesda zip codes is higher than the Silver Spring and Wheaton zip codes.

Sligo said...

There's no question of that, I just think the use of the term "less well off", a euphemism for "poor", was amusing...

Terry in Silver Spring said...

We're poor but we eat well? I guess are worse things they could have said.

I don't think that ALL the Bethesda restaurants are mediocre, though. Comparatively more expensive, but not all mediocre.

Anonymous said...

When you have money, Applebee's moves in....when you're poor you eat pupusas and banh mi.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring has some of the best restaurants in the DC area. Most of the District is a dining wasteland -- mediocre food with horrible service -- and what truly good restaurants there are usually cost an arm and a leg. Yet in SS, there are some veritable gems that are remarkably inexpensive.

There's Mandalay (wonder of wonders, friends of mine who live in Cleveland Park will regularly come visit me in SS specifically to go eat there), dim sum at Oriental East (among the best I've eaten anywhere, including NYC and Toronto), Ghar E Kebab, Quarry House (say what you will about the place, but their burgers are excellent), Ray's The Classics...

Btw, my word verification is "graverap." Love it.

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