Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday News 'N Notes

- The seemingly never-ending saga of the Silver Spring Birchmere Fillmore took another step toward conclusion this week, as the Planning Board approved the plan for the music hall and the office and hotel projects that go along with it.

- In other good news, Sligo Creek Golf Course will remain open "indefinitely", though it's not entirely clear what that means. At least through the end of this year's golf season, and "most likely" for the next few years, though the course's long-term future remains a bit hazy.

I have have yet to receive an explanation as to why the Revenue Authority can't go ahead and build mini golf courses on the grounds. Were the mini golf and lighted driving ranges a package deal? Surely, neighbors can't reasonably protest the presence of mini golf alone, or would these, too, require disruptive lighting? If these courses could bring in additional revenue as the Authority originally claimed, why not just add them in the absence of the proposed driving ranges that would have accompanied them?

- Our local food blogger SoCo Eats recounts his first visit to Fire Station 1.

- Fenton Street Market: now with more Theremin!:

Arthur Harrison, formerly of DC’s favorite steampunk band The Cassettes, will be on hand to entertain with his amazing [theramin] skills.
Ok, A. Were there multiple steampunk bands in D.C.? And B. will he be taking requests? If so, here's mine:

- Just a reminder, the designated (by me, anyway) place to watch this Saturday’s U.S.A. v. England match in Silver Spring is McGinty’s. Even if you aren’t into the sport of soccer, go for the nationalism. The match starts at 2:30, but I’d recommend getting their earlier to try and secure a table. I’ve been surreptitiously watching today’s games via streaming video at work, though ESPN’s page seems to have crapped out so I've been forced to watch the afternoon game en EspaƱol via


Terry in Silver Spring said...

I went to Fire Station 1 last night and wasn't expecting much, based on the blogger reviews.

There are still some kinks to work out (the glass around the entryway, for instance), but overall it was a good experience.

The appetizer list seemed pretty generic, but I think they may be making some twists to the classic pub snacks. The buffalo wings weren't wings at all, but were white meat (no breading) cooked in a sweet and hot sauce that tasted great. They then ran the pieces of chicken through with celery sticks, like an edible skewer. Clever idea. I had the lobster BLT for my entree, which was heavenly. A couple of Hook and Ladder pints, also quite good.

The inside of the fire station is comfortable and looks nice.

Overall, I'm happy. I wish they were brewing beer, but if they expand the beer selections, I can forgive them that.

Anonymous said...

You know, I actually don't care if they are a brewery or not, I just wanted a good bar/restaurant, I wasn't looking forward to a brew pub like others were. BUT if you have your name Brewery in your name, you should, um, BREW beer.

And sorry, it's not enough to say "but we plan on brewing in the future" as a reason to justify it. That's like calling yourself Dr. Smith now because you plan on studying for your MD or PhD in the future. Nothing wrong with being called Fire Station 1 Restaurant and Bar.

Rebecca said...

Regarding Sligo: The Revenue Authority had an "all or nothing," "my way of the highway" approach to driving ranges/mini-golf. The would not compromise, while the neighborhoods would. Too much to include here. Please visit for details.

Also, despite recent press articles, the fight is far from over. We have been "promised" through November. Not one thing we have been working for for nearly two years has been resolved satisfactorily for the community. It is more of the same -- continual delay and half-measures that allows the course to hobble along.

This decision is convenient timing to get through the election without having to commit. Basically taking Sligo out of the equation as an election issue.

The phrase "indefinitely" in Miranda Spivack’s Washington Post story ( was used by Keith Miller of the MCRA during an interview with her. This may have left the impression in people’s minds that everything is fixed, when it is not.

To clarify, it is NOT indefinite. It is only through November!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I drove by Sligo Golf Course the other day on a beautiful afternoon. Granted it was a weekday. But, I was surprised at how empty it was. I was just judging by cars there and what golfers I could see (I couldn't see any.)

I see a lot of "Save Sligo" signs out there. I know many of these families never, ever play golf. I only play a round or two every year.

Jusy saying; if you really want to be pro-active in helping the course the best thing you can do is a play a round there. I'll do so soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I think of FS1. I think they did themselves few favors by opening up the other Friday, when they clearly weren't ready for it. Yet, on the other hand, the friend I went with thought it was great and seemed to be far more forgiving than I. And lots of other people there seemed to be having a blast - the place was packed, which surprised me given that I only knew they were open because I happened to hear a brief announcement of it on NPR.

I figure I'll give them a few weeks to work out the kinks before I go back. The waitstaff was very kind and helpful despite being overwhelmed. So maybe the place will mature into something nice with time.