Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Sale: The Post Office

Hey look: Silver Spring's main post office on 2nd Avenue is for sale. Presumably they will be moving elsewhere. Where, I have no idea.

Here's the key component of their sales pitch: "A major attraction of this area is the transformative City Place".


Anonymous said...

They seem to think that City Place encompasses all of the downtown area and that Ceviche is still open:

"A major attraction of this area is the transformative City Place featuring an eclectic mix of entertainment, restaurants, retail, offices and a brand new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. City Place is anchored by Whole Foods, Borders, Majestic Theater, with restaurants including Ceviche, Panera Bread, Macaroni Grill, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Redrock Canyon Grill. Upscale retailers include Ann Taylor Loft, DSW Shoes, Metamorphosis, Ulta, Gymboree and Pier 1 Imports."

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

I think the Silver Spring Library would be a GREAT place for the post office to move into. Lots of parking, a drive thru to drop mail into boxes, and the restored 1937 Silver Spring Post Office mural that is already installed.

Robert said...

I've got to disagree with Jerry about moving the post office to old library site. The Post Office is essentially an industrial operation, with lots of truck traffic, gas pumps, etc. It does not belong between an apartment building and a park, and on the front across the street from a church and a residential neighborhood and in the back across the street from projected new housing on the current school site.

Anonymous said...

The marketing copy was likely written by the real estate broker or advertising agency, not someone local to Silver Spring. They probably googles and wikipediad "silver spring" and came up with something that sounds great to anyone except the very local people who know the difference.

I wouldn't be surprised if a highrise condo or apartment building went there. Perfect use for it, especially with quality ground floor retail and NO pocket park

Clancy said...

Any word on why they would move from the Second St. location? Seems like as good a spot as any.

City Place also lost another major tenant this week when the Golds Gym closed its doors. No real surprise to the (few) customers they had left, as it seemed they've been having trouble with their vendors for the last 6-8 months, and staffing trouble (high turnover, failure to show up for work) over the last 3-4 months.

Steve said...

I have to agree with Robert on this one - a move to the current Library site would be a complete and utter disaster. I live fairly close to the post office and have a good idea of the postal truck and customer traffic that goes in and out of that facility, and believe me, if you care about Silver Spring you don't want that on or near Colesville Rd.
I do have to wonder why the USPO wants to move from their 2nd Ave location as it does seem like a good spot for them. Having them there also helps some of the nearby businesses such as Fenwick Beer & Wine.

Springvale Roader said...

We who live near the current library location are asking for, and hopeful, that the County will convert it to a recreation center. This would be a great benefit for all DTSS residents, and would compliment the adjacent Ellsworth Park.

WashingtonGardener said...

I'd love it if the USPS moved BACK into their old Georgia Ave digs - but I know that is unlikely.

Monkey said...

I've personally spent several tens of thousands, if not hundreds, at this post office with my online business. The location is great and way more accessible than the one across from Discovery. Though I must say I seemed to be one of few that could manage the shipping machine and avoid the horrible lines. It is the post office and I guess it's not about the top line (or bottom depending on whom you talk to).

Anonymous said...

I hope they move the post office to Fenton Village,

lilkunta said...

why is the post office closing? when were they planning on telling us? There is no sign on the dooors.


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