Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coveting thy Neighbor's Restaurants & Retail (Part 1 of 3)

Silver Spring and Bethesda are southern Montgomery County suburbs with downtown shopping and entertainment areas separated by just five miles of East West Highway. As a result of their proximity, they have inevitably been compared with each other over the years.

I know that in the minds of some Silver Springers, downtown Bethesda is the Anti-Silver Spring and that admitting anything they have there is superior would be tantamount to sacrilege, but the truth is that while my loyalty remains with Silver Spring, I am a bit envious of some aspects of downtown Bethesda.

With that in mind, I drafted a list of the top ten things that the denizens of Bethesda presently enjoy that I’d love to see us also have in Silver Spring. This list will be presented in three parts, and the items on it are in no particular order. It may be completely unrealistic to ever expect certain things on the list to ever materialize in Silver Spring, but others seem like obvious holes in our downtown shopping and dining landscape.

I should also mention before I proceed that there are retailers in Bethesda that I never want to see in Silver Spring, such as bakeries for dogs or something called "Sassanova".

So without further ado, the first three items of my list:

1. Rita’s Crepe Stand

Sometime last year, Rita’s Crepes opened in downtown Bethesda at the corner of Bethesda and Woodmont Avenues. What I wouldn’t give for something like this in Silver Spring. I’d trade the Auntie Anne’s pretzel stand on the Promenade for this in a heartbeat.

There are few foodstuffs I covet more than a fresh Nutella-filled crepe. Aside from being delicious, they evoke fond memories of Paris. Mmmmmmmmmm…crepes.

Photo from Rita’s Crepes Facebook Page.

Sure, there is a crepe stand at the Fenton Street Market, but the market is only open on Saturdays from 9-3, and only during the warmer months, so crepe availability is fairly limited. The beauty of crepes is that they make a great cold weather dessert - kind of like ice cream for the winter.

2. City Sports

I just noticed for the first time last week that downtown Bethesda now has a City Sports store. How is that downtown Bethesda has two sporting goods stores (they also have a Modell’s) while Silver Spring has zero? Are you telling me that downtown Silver Spring can’t support a proper sporting goods store?

I recently wanted to purchase some new gym clothes and had to travel all the way up to the Target and Kohl’s in SSINO to find what I needed. Side note: I love the fact that that if you Google the phrase “Sporting Goods Silver Spring”, Atlantic Guns is the top result.

Sure, there’s a Pacer’s Running Store in Silver Spring, but their inventory is limited to merchandise for a single sport. Where does one go around here if they want to purchase a soccer ball or perhaps a Stephen Strasburg jersey? Bethesda, I suppose.

3. Apple Store

While I may classify myself as a mid-level Apple fanboy, I freely admit that an Apple Store is totally superfluous. Outside of iPhone launches, I’m not sure if anyone actually buys anything at them despite their being packed wall-to-wall with people from open to close. Apple Stores just seem to attract hordes of iPad gawkers using some mystical marketing tractor beam. I would even venture that placing an Apple Store inside Shitty Place could even get two - perhaps even three - dozen people to venture into the mall each month!

Even if you are not enamored with Apple products, you have to admit that having an Apple retail location in your town brings with it a high level of prestige. To be touched by the Hand of Jobs means that where you live matters.

To be continued...


Jennifer said...

I hope you'll be adding sweetgreen or any other place that sells that very delicious tart frozen yogurt.

Thayer Avenue said...

I dunno. Montgomery Mall is close enough, and I feel like an Apple Store would seriously degrade our indie cred here.

Anonymous said...

I think the arrival of an Apple store would be grounds for moving out. How about a store that sells men's clothing? I'm not talking about $30 t-shirts and hoodies from American Apparel, i mean a store where men can purchase articles of clothing that would be suitable to wear somewhere other than a bingo hall.

Sligo said...

Then get rid of the Red Lobster to make a 0 net change in indie cred.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

There was a nice crepe stand at the Fenton Market when I was there a couple weekends ago.

Thayer Avenue said...

As long as Red Lobster keeps the cheddar bay biscuits, they can stay.

Sligo said...


I mentioned the FSM crepe stand in my original post.

wombat said...

Is there really a bakery for dogs in Bethesda? The only one I knew of closed years ago.

For me, Apple and sporting goods stores would be exactly as useful as empty storefronts. No, less useful - you couldn't even put a Halloween store in them.

The only thing I want that Bethesda has is good cupcakes and good Japanese food (what we have in both departments is as much use to me as Apple and sporting goods).

Anonymous said...

indie cred? What does that even mean? Shopping at stores and places that are "unique" or "not a chain" or "not mainstream?" I never understood this whole indie thing. Why does it matter if it's not/is a chain? As long as it's good, does it matter? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring needs a cigar shop. Not a dingy newsstand that happens to sell cigars -- an actual tobacconist.

Sligo said...

Huh, maybe that dog bakery did close. I hadn't actually kept up with it.

feadog said...

While they're not a dedicated dog bakery, Living Ruff has a display case with alarmingly tasty looking baked goods for your spoiled four-legged surrogate child.

Now, what I wouldn't give for a Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table. And, yes, a clothing store for grownups. said...

My husband and I have recently started joking about living in "Bethesda East". I know it's not looked highly upon in Silver Spring, nut I actually like Bethesda. A lot. And the things that they have that I wish I did are: 1) Uncle Julio's 2) Jaleo 3) Black's 4) Nice women's clothing stores - including Sassanova!

Sligo said...

I always liked to call Silver Spring "East Chevy Chase".

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm kind-of an Apple freak, but I would love an Apple store in SS. It's not just for gawking at the iPads, you can get technical help in the store.

But on a more practical level, I'd love a good drugstore in downtown, like a CVS or RiteAid.

I get queasy just thinking of Red Lobster.

Anonymous said...

I just go to Apple store to troll... YouPorn displays magnificently.

Based on the guys who stopped by to take a gander, I think Jobs can thank me for a few purchases.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Number 1... go to Men's Wearhouse on Fenton Street for men's clothing. Its not pricey, but it is good white collar clothing.

Anonymous said...

Toy store.. For nutella deserts, try Pacci's

Pete said...

Hey non-indie anon, if it's a (national) chain, it's not good. I'm only half kidding.

Men's Wearhouse is a den of IT-guy-style iniquity. If you, like, don't own a suit and have a job interview tomorrow, then fine; otherwise, it's pretty bad. Boring, cut for giants, third-world-made, and not even that cheap. Not that Bethesda has anything better.

A sporting goods store would be excellent. I always forget that Modell's is in Bethesda--it's a pretty good store; way bigger than it looks from the street.

One more thing. A good drug store, like... CVS?! I agree that a more convenient location for a pharmacy other than the "we carry two boxes of bandaids and maybe Tylenol" "Upscale Pharmacy" by Whole Foods, but CVS is the pits. Last time I was in the Blairs CVS, a high pitched alarm was going off continuously, and everyone just shouted over it; no explanation, no one doing anything about it. It was so pleasant when waiting in a 10-deep line for the lone cashier to ring up my Zyrtec.

Anonymous said...

Bethesda has far fewer packs of feral teenagers, which makes the whole downtown experience over there vastly more pleasant.

JS said...

"Touched by the Hand of Jobs," eh? I see what you did there.

hugo said...

Olazzo has good Nutella crepes on their brunch menu.

I stay out of Bethesda, but not because it's not nice. It's great. Just out of loyalty to Silver Spring. I am, however, very sick of people in Silver Spring whining about why things can't be like they are in Bethesda. And Bethesda dreams of having the restaurants we do in terms of quality and cost.

Springvale Roader said...

"Silver Spring needs a cigar shop. Not a dingy newsstand that happens to sell cigars -- an actual tobacconist."

I second that!

I like Bethesda. I'm glad I live in Silver Spring, but I'm also happy that Bethesda is a 15 minute drive away. To me, we get the best of both worlds by living in S.S., but having all those restaurants and the Landmark Cinema nearby.

I would like to see more Bethesda or Manhattan in Silver Spring, meaning, more real restaurants for grown-ups that people can walk among, one after another, along with the variety of nightlife they bring.

Tara said...

Jennifer--good news. FroZenYo is coming to Silver Spring. (Also allegedly to Wheaton, according to a sign in its store on 11th & F St, though nothing on its website confirms that).

Anonymous said...

It's not just Silver Spring that doesn't have good men's clothing - it's the entire DC metropolitan area. Seriously, in this town you can have your pick of Jos. A. Bank, Banana Republic, Marshall's/Filene's, or awful old man stores that sell expensive suits and bowties. I've completely stopped buying clothes here - I just stock up when I travel to NYC or Montreal or wherever.

One thing that I think SS *really* needs is a good coffeehouse where adults can hang out, peoplewatch, meet some neighbors, and stuff like that. Mayorga could have been that place, but it was a bit out of the way and never really got its service or quality kinks worked out. I wonder, though, whether it wouldn't do much better now that those nearby high-rise apartment buildings are open. In any event, the only coffee places to work, study, or just hang out in SS are a couple of mediocre and uncomfortable Starbucks, or else maybe Panera.

It would be great to be able to just chill out and maybe meet other young, non-douchebag lawyer types without having to go to a bar (I love QH, but sometimes a dark bar isn't what I'm feeling) or schlep to Columbia Heights all the time.

Springvale Roader said...

@Anonymous 1:52

I agree with you on the coffeehouse need. In fact, this weekend the missus and I were hanging out at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt (next to the movie theater -- it's our best kept secret), when we both agreed that Silver Spring could really use a place like this:

Oddly enough, or perhaps not, I agree with you on the men's clothing comment, too.

Anonymous said...

I covet some of Takoma Park's businesses more than I covet Bethesda. I would love to trade Living Ruff for the Big Bad Woof. Big Bad Woof is a smart and friendly local business. Living Ruff feels like dogs-in-tutus are going to appear any minute. Dogs-in-tutus belong in Bethesda!

wombat said...

I work at Living Ruff and don't worry, we don't approve of dog tutus. I have to say, as someone who's been living here over 15 years now, I'm kind of amused that we can now discuss the relative merits of TWO locally owned independent natural pet food shops within a five minute drive of each other. Things sure have changed.

But yeah, coffeehouse. Can't we do something to make Kefa Cafe about five times bigger?

Anonymous said...

"Bethesda has far fewer packs of feral teenagers, which makes the whole downtown experience over there vastly more pleasant."

I hate to get this thread going in the wrong direction, but I must agree with this comment. Maybe it's just me, but in the past few weeks, with school out, the downtown area has become highly unpleasant. And the McDonalds near the metro has been the site of several arrests on at least three occasions in the past month.

Anonymous said...

My 10:

10: Raku, Asian Bistro doesn't cut it
9. 5 Guys
8. Cornucopia: more choices & less expensive then Addegas
7. Vace's
6. Georgetown Cupcake
4. Barnes & Noble: Borders' in SS seems a pale imitation
3. Sweetgreen
2. Apple store
1. Jaleo

Anonymous said...

In Silver Spring, please lose:
1. "packs of feral teenagers" -- read about their doings in the Gazette's crime reports.
2. Red Lobster -- need I explain why?
3. Quarry House can burn down for all I care -- I gained a permanently ringing ear (tinnitus) from the noise playing on my LAST visit there.

As an aside, just learned that Ghar-E-Kabab rest. on Wayne Avenue (so great!) has opened a sister restaurant (called Shangri-La) in Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

"3. Quarry House can burn down for all I care -- I gained a permanently ringing ear (tinnitus) from the noise playing on my LAST visit there."

old man yells at clouds

Anonymous said...

"3. Quarry House can burn down for all I care -- I gained a permanently ringing ear (tinnitus) from the noise playing on my LAST visit there."

I honestly don't have any idea about this. I find the bar is usually a good place to sit and talk. The juke box is kept at a very comfortable volume, I find, plus it's not on half the time if people don't put in money. Were you there at a music show, by chance? I've got what I think are pretty sensitive ears, and I'm the guy who always brings ear plugs to go out to a concert or a club, and I've never had a problem at QH.

"old man yells at clouds"

This was the funniest thing I've seen all week.

Anonymous said...

We need a urban bbq here like yesterday not that btown has one either

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