Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fire Station 1 Update: Almost There

While my longtime dream of living in a converted firehouse may never come to fruition, at least I will soon be able to dine in a nearby one on occasion. While rumors that Fire Station 1 would be opening last Friday proved to be somewhat premature, renovation work appears to be winding down and the restaurant may be opening its doors by the end of this week.

According to a tipster (thanks!), FS1 hopes to be open as soon as Thursday, though they admit this target may be somewhat ambitious. Regardless, barring unexpected setbacks we should expect Silver Spring’s newest restaurant to be online shortly. The proprietors have been providing updates via their Twitter feed. One tweet was this photo taken last Friday of the interior:

And here’s a more recent shot of the interior (with new employees?):

Here's some additional details on FS1 I received from the aforementioned tipster:

- There will be 16 beers on tap on the lower level and 12 on the upper level. There will be some overlap in beer selection between the two bars.

- It will have a 21-pizza oven.

- Valet parking will be available. (What is this, Bethesda? Be very careful who you hand your keys to around here.)

- It will be open until 2AM on weekends.

But will it have a fireman’s pole for patrons to slide down? It would be enjoyable to watch people attempt this feat at closing time. You know what'd also be really cool? A fire hose that shoots beer. It would make for one hell of a keg stand.

Also, why do they have "brewing company" in their name if they don't brew beer? Discuss.

UPDATE: More on FS1, courtesy of The Gazette.


~KrUpe said...

Aren't they tied to Hook & Ladder beer? Or no?

Steve said...

Over the past few weeks we've certainly heard from those criticizing the menu for being too broad and lacking focus, and those who lambast the place for being too welcoming to children. The time has now come to put aside the jokes about being a "Chuck E Cheese with a liquor license" or "a menu suitable for a Witchita stripclub" because now the Fire House gets to fling open its doors and have its say. In the process they will either defeat their critics or get swallowed up by expectations left unmet. Let's get ready to rumble!

Springvale Roader said...

Sounds good, but too bad that they won't have bowls of peanuts in the shell and a plank board floor to drop the shells on. That is a true brew pub (and yeah, no brewing on premises does not equate with calling oneself a brew pub).

A fire pole to slide down would be awesome, especially if you ended up in your Batman or Robin outfit.

Anyway, if the beer is good and the children relegated to a secure and soundproof location, all will be well.

Anonymous said...

It is not tied to Hook & Ladder. Hook & Ladder is no longer involved in the project.

April said...

I'm new to reading this blog, but its so informative--thank you! After reading the Gazette article, it seems as if Fire Station was going to be a brewing company since they were originally co-owned by the owners of Hook and Ladder. Regardless, I'm excited for a new restaurant with many beers on tap to open in Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

I think it is tacky for them to call themselves a brewing company when in fact they are not.

Laura said...

Maybe the City Paper got it wrong, but the initial assertion that Daily Crisis was made by Hook and Ladder, when in fact it is made by Red Brick, and once that was corrected the claim that it was "just" for FS1, when in fact it is on tap regularly at Red Brick, has me thinking they are pulling a fast one. And I really wanted to like this place...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think Laura is right, sounds like they are trying to get away with something... but I'm still looking forward to its addition in Silver Spring, especially on Georgia Ave.

Now if only the sports bar that I dream about would go into the former Mayorga space.....

Anonymous said...

Fire Station #1 might actually feel like a sports bar--when I peeked my head in there I counted seven (!) huge flat screen tv's across the wall over the bar area. I'm guessing that they ain't gonna be showin The Real Housewives on any of them : )

Sligo said...

Might have to organize a World Cup meetup there for US v. England. next month.

Laura said...

I feel like H&L opted out and FS1 is putting some generic replacement in its place and hoping that we won't notice!

Just checked out the latest pic on their Facebook page -- there is no way that place is opening this week. Unfinished drywall, scaffolding everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I just looked inside tonight and it's not opening tomorrow, or this weekend... to open by next week or even two weeks from now would take a serious effort.

That being said, if it is open by June 12th I'm definitely there for England-US and other World Cup games. The 7 TV's are a positive thing, I will be so happy if it turns out to be a sports bar and extra points if it is soccer friendly.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough crowd. The place is owned by retired firefighters and is not some chain restaurant, and people seem to be swearing it off already. The place may end up sucking, but let's give it a fair chance.

Anonymous said...

Also, everyone is so obsessed with Hook & Ladder. I don't know much about them, but I'm not sure why there is such strong support for a company that bailed on this project midway through. All you people want more businesses in Silver Spring, yet this beloved company is telling people that the economics here "don't make sense." (See the Gazette article.)

Scott said...

@Anon -- Hook & Ladder was founded by a volunteer firefighter from Bethesda, and they donate a portion of their proceeds to burn foundations. I went to high school with one of the brothers who run it, and they are both UMD alums. They are a small business, and I'm sure felt the effects of the economy over the past year. I'd also guess we're not getting the whole story of what went down between H&L and FS1.

Anonymous said...

Make a decent burger with a decent beer selection and I'll be a customer for life. This is exactly what Fenton Village needs:

Are they going to do kids parties?

Anonymous said...

So has anyone heard anything new? Is it going to open this week/weekend?

Anonymous said...

I was walking by there on Sunday and saw one of the owners overseeing the construction. He says they hope to open this week sometime. We spoke at length about what they are trying to do, the quality of the food and the atmosphere. This owner has extensive restaurant experience owning and managing two Outbacks in Virginia. Yes, they are chain, but for a chain, Outback excels at quality food at a decent price with excellent customer service. They are a good deal for the money. I think this will be greatly beneficial for Fire Station 1. Let the chorus of chain haters begin :)

dccampfin said...

Hmmn, truth or rumor that brewing might come later? This is what I was told by a construction fellow when I walked by last week.

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