Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- 8407 (or “Nicaro Hut”), the Ramsey St. restaurant located across the street from the hole in the ground that will eventually be our new transit center, finally opens its doors tomorrow. SoCo eats has details and a few photos of the renovated interior. Nice enough, but not nearly as cool as the Luau Hut.

- Not going to be open tomorrow? Ceviche. I reported awhile back that it was closing, though I retracted that after seeing the “closed for renovations” sign on the door. It turns out that “for renovations” actually meant “forever”.

The City Paper's Young and Hungry blog has more details on the closure. The money quote:

Latin Concept’s founder Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld called from Ecuador to confirm that Ceviche has indeed closed, officially putting an end to that once semi-proud Peruvian concept. “We are good for small urban places,” Fraga-Rosenfeld says. “Our concept does not work in malls.”
"Malls". Ouch.

Admittedly, I ate there just once myself. It did make Washingtonian’s Very Best Restaurants list in 2007, for what that’s worth.

- Part of the silent majority that thinks having a music hall in our downtown is a good thing? Join the FillmoreNow Facebook page.

- The Gazette has some details on our new Civic Center. (For some reason every time I look at the concrete structure that frames the front of the building, I think of the Recognizers from Tron.)

- The Handmade Mart crafts fair will return to Ellsworth on Sunday, May 23 and is looking for vendors.


diana said...

Sad! I loved Ceviche. I thought it was pretty popular (at least the times I've been there). I will miss the cocktails. Hopefully we'll get a good replacement and not another horrible chain like Red Lobster or Macaroni Grill. Ugh.

Sligo said...

The Ceviche space is far too small to accommodate the throngs that want to eat at those places.

Mike said...

Thanks for the FillmoreNow plug. It's interesting to see, judging from the fans' photos, such a wide range of ages who are supporters.

Anonymous said...

Gut City Place and convert it to condos or offices. Keep the businesses facing the street. That is how you make that "mall" profitable.

Easley Does It said...

In other restaurant news, I noticed a coming soon sign for a Peruvian chicken place in the old Roger Miller space on Bonifant St.

Anonymous said...

Ceviche was tucked back into a corner-- I frequent the Ellsworth area often and never paid it much notice, despite going to the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants right next door all the time. Awful location. Might work for a dive bar?

Terry in Silver Spring said...

The ceviche was very good at Ceviche, go figure. But the entrees often were, uh, just ok. Greasy, sloppy on the plate, and the service was hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

RE: Ceviche. Agreed that upper level was not the best location...and it didn't help that the cute little Ceviche sign with the lime wasn't very visible from the street level. That being said, the food and atmosphere was great, but it seems they did very little marketing.
Nando's Peri Peri (now that's some good chicken) is coming to the DTSS development and I thought it was in the Bombay Company spot...wonder if they'll now take Ceviche's location since it's already tricked out as a restaurant.

Steve said...

I have to admit that it will be interesting to see how well 8407 does. There's little doubt that since Pedro Matamoros left Nicaro that place went downhill fast (just check out the astonishingly bad reviews on Yelp over the past 6 months). I'm not sure how the new location will play out for him; on the one hand a lot of foot traffic does pass nearby, on the other hand the construction at the transit center is still a long way from being finished and that has to hurt business somewhat. I certainly would love to see the place succeed.

Springvale Roader said...

If a chicken joint is taking over the old Bombay space on Ellsworth, where will our Halloween Superstore be?

Seriously: that place saved my Halloween when at the last minute I realized I needed a severed head.

(I will miss Ceviche's hot pepper cocktail).

Anonymous said...

I always keep a supply of severed heads in the freezer. That way I never have that problem.

Seriously? There's a Nando's coming? When? I haven't heard anything about that.

Sligo said...

Nando's coming to Silver Spring

Silver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
silversprung said...

So that's what 8407 is! Yesterday it was packed with children around 6pm so I thought it was some kind of kid-friendly place. I suppose they could have been the owner's relatives...

8407 should try to hook all those commuters walking by... (I'm just saying...) I'd certainly stop in for a glass of wine if tempted...

Lauren said...

I'm pretty glad to see Ceviche go. Their food was overpriced, and mediocre at best.

Any ideas on what might replace it?

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"Seriously: that place saved my Halloween when at the last minute I realized I needed a severed head."

Well, how many times to you get to type a sentence like that?

Downtown Silver Spring, the place to go for all your severed head needs!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

OMG, we went to 8407 last night for dinner. This place was a total surprise. I'd assumed it'd be Silver Spring funky. No, it's absolutely gorgeous inside. The staff is well trained and just the right level of attentive. There when you need them but not hovering or pushy.

The wine and mix drink menu is extensive and there was a whole page of signature mixed drinks tucked in with the menu. We didn't imbibe, though, I stuck with my usual iced tea (which was marvelous, btw, fresh brewed and good quality tea). The bread basket contained a nice variety of fresh made breads, ranging from perfect baguette slices to a tart cranberry bread.

We tried two appetizers, one of there recommended cheeses and the french fries that are fried in duck fat. The cheese, a goat cheese, came on a cutting board with beautiful baguette slices and little dried and rehydrated apricot pieces. Wonderful. The french fries.....OMG.....OMG. Perfectly fried and with a sprinkling of salt and herbs. Wonderful.

For dinner, I had the morel crusted halibut. They cooked it right. The crust was cripsy and the fish wasn't overcooked. Wonderful job. My companion had pasta with a Fields of Athenry lamb bolognaise over pasta and said it was wonderful. I have to wonder, though, about the naming of it. The Fields of Athenry is an old Irish song about a man who is convicted of a minor crime and is being sent to Australia from Ireland. Basically, he's waving to his wife and telling her he loves her and to take care of the kids. Sad song. Strange one to name a pasta dish after, I guess it was the lamb.

For dessert, we split a strawberry rhubarb crumble with ginger ice cream. FABULOUS.

Go to 8407. This restaurant is beautiful, well run, and serves great food. It needs to stay open! Last night, a Wednesday, both the bar and restaurant seemed busy but not overly crowded. I hope that's a good sign.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Regarding the Fields of Athenry lamb name, I just read on the 8407 web site that this is actually the name of the lamb producer. Sort of like saying Dole banana or Starkist tuna, but fancier. :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a dress code at 8407? Congress is on recess so I'm dressed down (not jeans, polo and slacks) and wanted to head there after work. Thanks!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I went in a denim skirt, a casual top, and sandals and was fine. A lot of people looked as if they stopped on the way home from work.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge there in NO dining facility in Silver Spring that requires a dress code. Well, maybe shirt and shoes at Tastee.

Anonymous said...

See, I went to 8407 the day after they opened and had a terrible time. The inside was creatively done - I just love that lounge area! But aside from the wonderful fries, the food seemed to be more lackluster than I had hoped. It just seemed like they were overly complicating things and not letting the ingredients shine. I've been seeing some other woeful reviews, too!

I'd love it if they beefed up their happy hour and brought the menu down to something a little more within the kitchen's range of ability. It could easily become a favorite after work spot! Until then, I'm sticking with Quarry House.

Anonymous said...

I went to 8407 one day after it opened and it was FANTASTIC! My husband and I went there to toast to purchasing our first house in SS and were pleasantly surprised. I had the best cuban sandwhich I've ever eaten and the calamari melted in my mouth!!! Everything, including the drinks, were delish. I would highly recommend this spot to anyone and I plan to bring friends here and host an event for my nonprofit. It's a great atmosphere with great food - what more can you ask for? Although I am new to the SS blog scene I notice that there are a lot of what I call "haters" out there about each and every improvement to the area. Inevitably someone has something negative to say about everything - just be happy that you and everyone in SS now has an additional dining option - if you don't like it, it's okay - go to your fave and let me go to mine! (Don't hate, congratulate!) ;o)

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