Saturday, February 06, 2010

Scenes From the Snowpacalypse

I hope everyone is surviving the snowpacalypse (or snOMG, Snowmageddon, or my personal favorite, Alex Snowvechkin.) and still has power and heat in their homes. Fortunately I still have both, though apparently just a block away from me there are homes that are blacked out. The heavy snow is bringing down trees and large branches right and left, in many cases knocking out power lines.

Most streets that I have seen still look like crap. My street, which usually receives plenty of attention from county snowplows, has yet to be touched. For lack of anything better to do this morning, I shoveled out my car, though there's no way for me to drive it anywhere even if I had somewhere to go. Tomorrow will be a different story. If this ruins my Super Bowl plans (not to mention the Caps-Penguins game) I am going to be pissed.

Here's what Georgia Avenue looked like at about 10 PM last night as I was walking back from the Metro. The heavy stuff had only been coming down for a few hours at that point, so major streets like Colesville and Georgia were still navigable by regular cars, though it was still probably ill-advised to try it. Traffic was light enough for a soccer match to break out on Georgia just outside the Quarry House.

They already had the heavy equipment out at that point:

As of late this morning, 29 wasn't great - there were a few trucks and SUVs traveling on it, but not much other vehicular activity. Someone had gotten stuck and abandoned their car on the road. A tow truck was trying unsuccessfully to tow it up the hill but then gave up and ended up pushing it backwards down the street.

Just around the corner, a large branch had fallen due to the weight of the snow, blocking off Sligo Creek Parkway completely. A Ford Explorer from Holy Cross Hospital had gotten stuck and was abandoned in front of the roadblock.

Sligo Creek Parkway was passable at some points, but there were more cross-country skiers than automobiles traversing it.

Here's a shot of the DTSS sign at Colesville and Georiga submitted by Lelia C. I imagine not much is open downtown right now, though the Quarry House has vowed to keep their regular weekend hours. Might be a decent place to go to relieve your cabin fever if you live within walking distance. I believe the Giant Food remains open, though pickings are probably quite slim after the stores were ransacked over the past couple days.

So how does your neighborhood look? Got any photos to share? Email them to me or leave a comment with a link to your pics.

UPDATE: Here's a photoset of shots taken today in Downtown Silver Spring by Jeff K.

And a shot of a busy sledding hill at Seven Oaks Park:


slwexplore said...

Some big trees came down in Summit Hills:

Vagrarian said...

Up here in Long Branch, we still have cable/power/phone. Snow has piled up and I watched an SUV get stuck on the unplowed street in front of my building. I took a few photos when I got up this morning (about nine) and there's a noticable difference. I'll get out later and take an actual measure, but so far this neighborhood's been very lucky.

WashingtonGardener said...

this lack of comments proves my theory that most folks surf the net and blogs from work on their employers time/dime - but not on their own free time

wombat said...

I would have been happy to be reading this blog and commenting, but I have had no power since about 9 am Saturday. This morning I finally had the sense to pack up the dogs and move to a hotel.

And my game day plans are ruined - the hotel doesn't have Animal Planet so I can't watch Puppy Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Just after rhe snow ended yesterday we trudged through DTSS and found open, of all places, Piratz Tavern. An appropriately dressed wench seved us grog, a delightful hot drink of several types of rum and ginger beer.

Robert said...

I made it to the Caps game after walking about 4 miles to Fort Totten station then riding down to Verizon Center. It was so worth it, amazing game.

Sligo said...

Robert, now that is commitment.

There were lots of free/cheap tickets for the taking on Craigslist, and I briefly considered heading to the Bethesda Metro and making the game. Kind of wish I had...

Anonymous said...

I'm in 20910 and still without power. Pepcos system estimates February 11 we'll get it back. Fuuuuu--

Elizabeth @ the Natural Capital said...

Ritchie Ave got plowed by 3 Bobcats yesterday afternoon. This was far superior to normal plowing -- down to the pavement, and the snow was actually placed in reasonable spots where it didn't undo all the shoveling people had done.

We've got some local snow shots here:

laura said...

Still crazy out there - can't believe we're up for more of this tomorrow!

WashingtonGardener said...

Why not add to your BlogRoll? Looks like some good stuff going up there.

roslyn said...

i posted a few pics on my blog too -


Anonymous said...

can I get a whoop whoop for the Safeway that stayed open through all of this?

Anonymous said...

And now to "Name & Shame" our corporate neighbors for not clearing the sidewalk in front of their business. The award for worst corporate neighbor goes to The Crowne Plaza Hotel on Georgia Avenue for clearly not giving a damn about pedestrians. Every other business on the East side of GA Ave had at least made an attempt to clear a path, but the good old Crowne Plaza said sod them. This is as of 5pm on Thursday the 11th. Shame on them.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

OMG, Falkland Chase should be ashamed of themselves. The sidewalks in front of their north parcel are a disaster. Near 16th St, part of an small tree is across the sidewalk. The whole stretch from 16th to the RiteAid is worse than a skating rink. Summit Hills managed to clear their sidewalks WELL. FedEx/Kinkos and the RiteAid get about a C grade, mostly cleaned with some rough spots, particularly on the corner of E-W and Coleville (they always have issues there, some kind of territorial dispute over who should clean that). Falkland Chase, however, seems to have shoveled their own walks and stopped right at the public walk. Isn't it the law or at least the custom that homeowners and businesses clear the sidewalks running along their lots?

I had good cold weather hiking boots on and I pinwheeled twice on the Falkland Chase sidewalk. Shame on you guys.

Sligo said...

The snow at Falkland Chase is historic. They can't clear it without approval from the community.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I suspected that the management company had just given up caring about that north parcel since they plan on tearing it down, assuming the County lets them finally.

WashingtonGardener said...

Bunch of us are meeting today to dig out bus stops in downtown #SilverSpring - join us w/ shovel at 12:30pm at Safeway on Thayer - in the lower garage portion - we will fan out from there

Kristy said...

Somehow, in the middle of all this nonsense, a new Verizon Wireless store has popped up on Colesville in the spot where a Dunkin Donuts was supposed to be (between M&T Bank and Flippin Pizza at GA & Colesville).

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