Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink Paradise

Earlier this afternoon, I decided to swing by the newly-opened Joes' Record Paradise, which occupies the spot that for many years housed Silver Spring's Champion Billiards. Entering this building for the first time in many years brought flashbacks of my high school days of hanging out at Champs playing pool and Mortal Kombat.

As you enter the store, there's a smaller front room where they stock some videos, CDs and posters, while in the much larger back room are more CDs as well as the LPs and 45's in which Joe's specializes. The back room, which is quite pink, seems a lot more spacious when not dark, smoky and full of pool tables. There's an odd little enclosed area that used to be the pool hall snack bar which now serves as an office, though to me it seemed kind of like a guard station from which I was being observed.

There's tons of space in there, so Joe's has plenty of room for expansion. A note on the door states that it is still a "work in progress". (Regrettably, this was the note on the door I happened to read. More on that later.)

As you can see, they stock tons of LPs, though they did not have the one particular album I checked on - Appetite for Destruction. (Though they did have Chinese Democracy on vinyl...) Their Creedence selection was a bit small, as well, though they seemed to have plenty of albums of most other artists. (I did notice, however, that they were out of Mojo Nixon, so clearly their store could use some fixin'.)

For those of you whose LP collection specializes in hypocritical artists - you're in luck. Joe'e has conveniently collected these in a special category which includes Anita Bryant, among others.

Back to that unread note on the door I alluded to earlier. Turns out that the Joe's is not one of the businesses served by the parking lot directly adjacent to it. I learned this the hard way when I came out and my car was nowhere to be found. Turns out, it was in an impound lot a few blocks away. When I went back later to see if Joe's had put up a warning, they had, though it was mixed with a number of other notices and articles posted on their door. (Although this was not up earlier in the day, based on the photo here.) If Joe's wants to save its customers a lot of money and grief, they should be very sure that everyone is aware of this in the future. The towing company and the owners of those stores in the strip mall are probably going to make a bigger profit off Joe's customers today than the record store itself. It's my fault for not confirming it was ok to park there, but it didn't occur to me that I'd be towed in a matter of minutes.

I can see this being an ongoing problem otherwise, as there isn't really anywhere else to park nearby outside of a few metered street parking spaces. Hopefully this warning will save at least one of you the $114 I had to shell out. I coulda bought a lot of records with that money.


Adam said...

I checked it out earlier today, too. I just used that free lot by the hotel in downtown Silver Spring, it's only two blocks away.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I could see that place being very dangerous for my wallet, but as of yesterday their selection of mid 90s hardcore left me considerably wanting.

chippy said...

There are some metered spaces behind Joes, just in front of Progress Place.

Robert said...

Just made it through there today. Not what I was hoping it would be. I've found much better deals at CD/Game Exchange, I've found a ton of records there for 2 dollars and under but the selection is hit or miss. I'd say anyone could find a record they would like in Joe's, but its gonna take some digging. Also, I've never seen that many Night Ranger records in one place, ever.

Anonymous said...

Duh, mid-90s hardcore is more sought after than obscure soul. If you have a Turmoil record and an X watch, I have $200...

johnson said...

we went a month or two without pricing a single record to concentrate on the move. things will return to normal in no time.
sorry about the tow, we have signs on both sides of the door now and most people see them. I ALWAYS check lots for rules, it's good practice. and yes, they sit and wait like vultures.
j/k, but seriously, the place seems to change daily, posters going up, racks taking place... we doubled our space so filling in has been quite the chore.
the grand opening will be around the 10th of April and there will be a band and maybe some sale-like activity. send an e-mail to for updates and sale info.
Silver Spring ROCKS!

cd.gamexchange said...

thanks for the love,
sam @ The CD/Game Exchange