Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silver Spring's "Best" in This Month's Washingtonian

Somewhat surprisingly, the latest (February) issue of Washingtonian magazine includes a ten-page "Best of Silver Spring" section. (Though not credited, I did contribute a very very small amount to this endeavor.)

There's a feature story on Crisfield's as well as shorter blurbs about other Silver Spring eateries, including old favorites like Parkway Deli. Of course The General Store is mentioned as one of Silver Spring's best, though based on comments regarding their inclusion in this same publication's "Very Best Restaurants" list as well as reviews on Yelp, this distinction is somewhat questionable. (One of the restaurants mentioned, Cedar Crossing, isn't even in Maryland and there's also quite a few from Wheaton.) There are perhaps a few restaurants that I'd have liked to have seen included on this list, Ghar-e-Kabab being one. There's also sections on shopping and miscellaneous recommendations from locals.

The Silver Spring material isn't presently up on, so you'll have to pick up a print edition to read it. If you prefer to accelerate to the death of print media, a PDF of the section has been linked to on the SSSNA website.


Anonymous said...

Er, you do know that the the guy who posted the PDF of the Washingtonian article is in major violation of federal laws....don't you?

Sligo said...

Somehow I doubt that an FBI swat team will be breaching their front door anytime soon.

Kevinq2000 said...

My wife and I ate at the Ghar-e-Kabab about a year ago. The food was fine, but the dining experience was one of the strangest I've ever had.

For example:
1. My wife ordered a goat dish. She enjoys goat. The waiter/maitre d'/owner/whatever-he-was asked her on four separate occasions, "You ever had goat before? You like goat?" He asked four times - when she ordered, before it came, when he brought it, and after she ate it. Her answer was the same every time. ("Yes, I've had it before. I like it.")

2. Despite the fact that she was obviously pregnant, this same gentleman kept trying to push the wine on her. "It's organic!" Again, three or four times.

3. There was another guy there who kept trying to fill up my water glass. Despite the fact that I had not ever taken even a sip from the glass. I eventually had to put my hand over my glass, so he wouldn't just pour water all over the table.

Like I said, the food was fine, but the service was so odd, it's kept us from ever going back there again. It was as though everybody who worked there just stepped out of Gormenghast. Is that normal for the restaurant? We love Indian and Nepali food, but the experience was just too surreal.

Also, sorry to threadjack. I saw the mention of Ghar-e-Kabab, and I just had to know.

Springvale Roader said...

Kevinq2000, that's a funny story, but I've never encountered that kind of zany service at GEK's, and I eat there often.

However, I do commisserate with you one on point: servers who insist on filling your water glasses everytime you sip out even a single molecule of water. I suspect that they are either bored, or have taken to a fault the boss' instructions to make sure everyone always has water.

Being a good waiter (or busboy) requires decent training and an understanding of what customers want and need. I've found that many restaurants fail in this regard, even if they are otherwise very good.

Dan Reed said...

A restaurant in Takoma, D.C. is still closer than one in Cloverly (Kabob n Karahi), right? I know you have a name for those parts of Silver Spring, but I dare not say it.

I do enjoy the "Where to Live" portion of the feature (page 10 of the PDF). It's basically just an ad for a few really expensive high-rises. No pretense of "local flavor" there.

WashingtonGardener said...

Anon is right - maybe not FBI but certianly Washingtonian staff should send then a note from their lawyer. Besides, why not show the Washingtonian you appreciate stories like this by actually BUYING the mag?

Anonymous said...

LOL, one of the reviews on Yelp uses the acronym G-SPOT to refer to The General Store & Post Office Tavern!

Evan said...

I posted a reply to the copyright question here

Sligo said...

Evan - save it for the judge!

eda said...



Anonymous said...

Agree that the General Store doesn't deserve a "best" rating. The food is good enough, but, as others also have said, the ambience is wrecked by the chef/owner's unfriendly attitude. She says she has a marketing background and thus you'll often find her/the restaurant in all kinds of media, but I think she missed her public relations classes ... she's def. a diva.

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