Friday, January 29, 2010

And now you know… the rest of the Goldberg's story.

The City Paper's Young and Hungry blog has finally posted has the rest of the story on the Goldberg's Bagel feud. To make a long story short, the Baltimore bagel guy claims exclusive rights to the name "Goldberg's Bagels" in Maryland, but as the Goldberg's name predates his store by quite a bit, this claim is somewhat dubious.

Personally, I'm far more interested in the quality of the bagels than the store's name, and if the Silver Spring Goldberg's bagels are as good as the Baltimore one tested by the article's author suggests, we should be golden:
On the day I drove to his store, Drebin served me a sliced everything bagel with a thick layer of cream cheese in the middle. The round’s crusty exterior crackled when I bit into it, revealing a slightly sweet crumb that was both warm and chewy. It was a terrific bagel, one of the best I’ve had outside New York, and I told Drebin so.
What Goldberg's really needs to distinguish itself on that dreary stretch of Georgia Avenue is a bold bit of programmatic architecture, such as a giant bagel in the mold of the giant Randy's Donuts store in LA. Why not? The Exxon across the street had a giant inflatable cup of coffee on its roof for a time. Exxon could reinstall the coffee cup and it'd be a perfect giant breakfast pairing. Goldberg's needs to talk to the shopping center landlord about getting that done. (Or, even better, for their next location they ought to create the world's first drive-thru bagel.)


Easley Does It said...

My favorite character in the City Paper piece is the covert dough maker who refuses to give the name or location of his business. Who knew there was such intrigue in the bagel biz?

Adam said...

Plus, if there's a giant bagel, maybe during Shark Week they could have an inflatable great white jumping through the hole in a bit of cross-promotion.

eda said...



Anonymous said...

Ditto the eda guy.

Vagrarian said...

And knowledge is power!

Sligo said...

And knowing is half the battle.