Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fenton Street Market Here to Stay


Cat vest enthusiasts rejoice! The Fenton Street Market (pictured), which had two trial runs this past fall, was apparently successful enough to justify making it a permanent fixture in East Silver Spring. According to its official blog, the market will now operate every Saturday, with a tentative start date of April 17th of next year. (Presumably it will shut down for the winter months).

Hopefully there will be a healthy rotation of vendors to keep it fresh week-to-week. If its the same people selling the same stuff each Saturday there is the potential for it to get stale.


Anonymous said...


Roger said...

I hope they expand it so that it includes a less disproportionate amount of women's goods. All important, but as a guy shopping there was little for me to find for myself. Maybe some furniture or collectibles? Use the Georgetown flea market as a model

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

I agree with Roger that a flea market model would have more of an across-the-board appeal than a "crafts" market.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that while I like the Fenton Street Market in theory, I was very disappointed with what I saw this past fall. Apart from one or two stalls, it really seemed to be a bunch of junk (and I mean that in the nicest way) that held very little interest. I do think they need to look at some of the world's great street markets (Amsterdam, London, etc) to get some ideas.

Patrick said...

Switching vendors is a must. My old hometwon in MA tried to get a market going and it died after a season. Return customers got bored and sales dropped every week to the point where vendors couldn't justify making the trip anymore. Hopefully they'll have enough of a pool of vendors to figure out some rotation system.

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