Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pedestrian Struck & Killed @ 16th and Colesville

Unclear/unsafe pedestrian patterns, reckless driving, jaywalking or a combination of these resulted in the death of a pedestrian who was struck and killed trying to cross 16th Street near the Colesville intersection. It can be quite harrowing crossing 16th near that circle in a motor vehicle, much less on foot. It might be a pain to walk to the nearest crosswalk, but clearly your life might very well depend on it.

(Oddly, while there is no marked crosswalk at that intersection, there is a tiny little sidewalk on the median)

Personally I think the driver, provided he was abiding by all traffic laws in this situation, could also be considered a victim in this situation. I imagine that killing someone with your car would be quite traumatizing, not to mention that in our litigious society this could potentially expose him to a costly lawsuit.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know one of my biggest pet peeves about Silver Spring are the jaywalkers in the downtown area and the lack of enforcement on the part of the police. The boldness of some of these jaywalkers is staggering, and its surprising that we haven't had a lot more fatal accidents over the years. It can be quite difficult to see people crossing the road in places where they shouldn't be, and now that the evening commute is made in darkness the danger is elevated. Even in my own residential neighborhood, away from the downtown area, I have come close to striking pedestrians wearing dark clothing and crossing unlit roads. By no means is this situation unique to Silver Spring, but that is where as a driver I have had innumerable close calls with pedestrians.

Just recently I was driving in the right hand lane when a pedestrian, while looking right at me, stepped directly in front of my car to start crossing the street, forcing me to swerve quickly to my left. As he was clearly aware of my presence, he was either:

- Stupid.
- On crack.
- Suicidal.
- So arrogant that he believed he could defy the laws of physics and win out in a collision between car and human.

Now I'm not averse to jaywalking myself in certain situations, but I use common sense to determine if there is any danger whatsoever from cars before committing to cross the street.

One thing that could potentially be done to alleviate the jaywalking menace in Silver Spring would be to install (tasteful) metal barriers along the sidewalks on Colesville between Spring St. and East-West Hwy. Openings would be provided only for bus stops. This would necessitate eliminating the limited number of street parking spaces on this stretch of road, though this would have the benefit of opening up two new full-time lanes on some stretches. I think that something of this nature will ultimately be a necessity between Fenton and Georgia once inebriated people begin to funnel out of the Fillmore on a nightly basis.

Putting up this type of deterrent isn't unheard of. In Langley Park, where jaywalking is/was an absolute epidemic, they've erected a fence in the New Hampshire Ave. median to check jaywalkers.

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Montgomery County just yesterday launched a campaign to educate pedestrians about the dangers of jaywalking. Unsurprisingly, more pedestrians are hit on the stretch of Piney Branch Road between Flower Ave. and the PG County line than anywhere else in the county.

UPDATE #2: As someone mentioned, there's actually a sidewalk that goes across the median on that block, up a ways from the intersection with Colesville:

This makes no sense... there's no signage for a crosswalk, no diagonal lines and it's not at the intersection, so this probably wouldn't qualify as being a continuation of the sidewalk along Colesville road and therefore making it a de jure crosswalk... so what is it? Obviously the county needs to do something here to clarify exactly where people should cross the street.


DrBubbles said...

Regarding your parenthetical note about the photo: under Maryland law, a crosswalk can -- and, in the case of the photo, does -- exist even in the absence of painted lines.

I'm not saying he definitely wasn't jaywalking, just that he may not have been.

Md. Transportation Code, section 21-101(f)(1):

Sligo said...

Would there at least need to be a sign? Otherwise, anywhere could be a crosswalk.

Adnan said...

Yes, let's remove street parking, which buffers pedestrians from traffic, so that cars can speed even faster through a downtown area. Because no one driving a two-ton machine should have to stop texting or slow down while driving through a walkable community. And no, the driver is not the victim. That would be the dead guy.

Sligo said...

Um, the point was that the parked cars would be replaced with a barrier... wouldn't that serve as a buffer?

Adnan said...

The point was that encouraging cars to go faster would be less safe, not more. Yes of course metal rails and car-oriented policies make sense on 95, but not in densely developed business/residential areas.

Sligo said...

You can't park in those lanes during rush hour, anyway.

Ted said...

Where was this guy supposed to have walked to cross 16th? How far away? Would it be too much trouble to paint a crosswalk there, connecting the sidewalks that end at both sides of the street? Would it be too much trouble for drivers to slow to a speed that is not certain to kill a person if you hit them?

There is a lot we do not know here. Was the driver speeding? If the driver had been doing 25 or 35 (whatever the speed limit is there), would the pedestrian have been killed as opposed to getting a few broken bones? Was there a painted crosswalk there before the new blacktop shown in the picture was put down? Was this guy really even jaywalking, as the previous commenter suggested?

I wonder how much a painted crosswalk between those sidewalks would cost. Maybe 0.3% of the cost of that lovely new blacktop on the road? This guy was as much a victim of MoCo's car-obsessed planning as he was of his own "jaywalking".

Sligo said...

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not overwhelmingly pro-driver or anything. I'm a pedestrian just as much as I am a driver in that area. I'm just saying that there's a lot of dangerous activity by pedestrians that can result in accidents even when drivers are doing everything they are supposed to be doing. People walk directly in front of my car all the time.

Carrie G said...

There's also a lot of dangerous activity by drivers who ignore pedestrians. I've nearly been hit by drivers turning right or left when I've been in the crosswalk and had the walk sign. And had to walk out into the street because drivers are blocking the sidewalk.

There is clearly a lot of froggering in downtown SS, though. Personally I think people who are walking and taking public transit should be rewarded for taking the green route with lights that are timed to favor pedestrians. A lot of the froggering tends to be because of long delays between walk signals, and the appeal of DTSS is directly related to its walkability.

Anonymous said...

I walk from Summit Hills to the nearby bus stop at Eastern and 16th (across from the Blairs) pretty much every work day.

While I sympathize with you about the trouble with oblivious--or indifferent--pedestrians, it should be noted that this is a confusing rotary for pedestrians. First off, as you mentioned there's a strange walkway in the median. Secondly, one part of the road has small white triangles painted across the road which look like a crosswalk, or at least the remains of one. It's confusing for people. The city should paint over these if they don't want people crossing there.

If you're coming from Summit Hills and choose to walk on the right side of the road heading towards the rotary, the sidewalk ends with a stairway onto the road. There is no actual sidewalk on the section of the street that leads to a painted crosswalk.

The whole intersection needs to be revisited. It's dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Also, drivers don't obey the lights in the morning. Spend one morning nearby and count how many cars have their asses sticking out into the rotary's entry way.

Finally, as long as we're complaining about pedestrians, I'd just like to return the kind words by noting that I have almost been hit numerous times, crossing in a crosswalk that stretches across East-West in front of the Summit Hills driveway. It's painted and also has a bright yellow post in the middle stating that it's illegal to drive when folks are in the walk. Still, people zoom through nearly missing me. I get even more pissed when I get honked at--it's happened twice and I swear the next time I'm going to stop walking and point at the crosswalk and yellow post with my middle finger.

Sligo said...

I'm surprised more people don't get hit crossing Georgia at Colesville. People take a quick left turn heading towards DC when they want to beat the light without watching the pedestrians crossing there.

PB said...

The Langley Park median fence is the best thing that's happened for drivers and pedestrians up there. It makes for a calmer situation all around. It was painful to watch people run their children across the street.

Anonymous said...

Having lived through continuous stupidity/arrogance by pedestrians on Viers Mill Rd next to the Wheaton Metro stop for years, the best thing the County or State can do is put up fences.

Your recent experience reflects a belief structure present in the socio-economic underclass that equates getting hit by a car with winning the lottery. I have to drive trucks on GA ave and North Capitol in the District on regular basis and you quickly learn to spot people who are waiting to jump in front of you looking for a payout. Or they do it just to prove how bad-ass they are and piss off "the Man".

Dan Reed said...

Drivers are always at fault, if only because they've got two tons of steel protecting them. Absolutely no fences. They belong on highways, not in the middle of downtown, and while they may be effective at keeping peds at bay, they do encourage speeding, which would make it even more unsafe to walk.

Extend the hours for on street parking. Narrow the lanes and widen the sidewalks, especially at the circle and on Georgia where they get skimpy. And make it a real circle, not whatever it is now, so the ped crossings don't have to be as long. On Dupont or Logan circles you never have to cross more than two or three lanes at a time.

WashingtonGardener said...

Ditto what DrBubbles said: painted lines and crosswalk are NOT the same thing - a LEGAL crosswalk exists in MD law WHEREVER two streets meet!!! Just because someone is not in a MARKED crosswalk doesn't mean they are jaywalking (in offensive term cooked up by the auto industry BTW). I suggest you delete this headline while the facts are still being investigated.

Chaz said...

How is "jaywalking" offensive? Seriously, is there something I don't know?

Just a coupla notes: Anonymous 11:49:00 PM is an ass, don't get all worked up about that post. Let's not make this a coded class/race thing. It's a traffic engineering problem and an education problem.

Also, the median fences don't work all the time. I walk down Spring between Georgia and Colesville every morning and some (not many, but some) people just cross halfway and walk in the lane. That stretch is itself pretty treacherous with the buses there right now, even with crossing guards at rush hour.

Ted said...

I agree with WashingtonGardener. The headline really should be changed. We do not know if this man was legally entitled to the pavement where he walked. And more importantly, we do not know if the driver was speeding. If he was, he is substantially at fault, no matter where the pedestrian was when struck.

Did you know studies have shown that pedestrians hit by cars going 35 mph have about a 50% chance of being killed, while about 80% of pedestrians hit by cars going 40 mph will be killed? The risk of death is near 100% at 50 mph. See

If the driver was going 40, his reaction time was significantly reduced, and the distance it took him to slow down was greatly increased. And the added force of impact greatly increased the likelihood of death. If the driver was speeding, the difference between bruises/broken bones and death is all on him.

Your headline assumes that the pedestrian was where he was not supposed to be. That is far from clear. And you say, "Personally I think the driver, who may well have been abiding by all traffic laws, could also be considered a victim in this situation." We have no idea whether or not he was speeding. If he was, he was partly, if not primarily, at fault for this man's death.

I think the headline is inflammatory and should be changed.

Springvale Roader said...

Sligo, I would add one more explanation to your list of why that idiot walked out right in front of your car:

Antisocial. This person believes that the rules do not apply to him, and he has no consideration for others.

That's my conclusion every time some kid walks through moving traffic, forcing people to stop, and gives the annoyed drivers the hairy eye.

Sligo said...

Fair enough. I have added asterisk to the title of the post.

hugo said...

While jaywalking may indeed be dangerous and understandably frustrating for drivers, just being a pedestrian in Silver Spring can be dangerous enough even if you are following all traffic laws. I have been very nearly hit, honked at, and had obscenitities shouted at me many times, for crossing legally when a car doesn't feel like coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or doesn't want to wait before making a turn. I think it is wrong to assume that if the pedestrian was in a hatched crosswalk, the driver would necessarily have stopped. I see drivers blow through hatched crosswalks all the time, not even looking, when people are attempting or waiting to cross but want to make sure that the car will stop so they won't be killed or injured. Inevitably, the cars often just keep on going.

Although I love walking around downtown Silver Spring, I wouldn't really call the area "walkable." I think a lot more could be done to facilitate pedestrian traffic, but the emphasis has been on moving people through Silver Spring from and to points North for a long time.

Molly said...

speculation or blaming drivers vs. pedestrians is probably an exercise in futility – people do dumb/reckless/arrogant things on either end. Everyone needs to use common sense and precaution to optimize safety.

a poorly planned or unclear crosswalk can be easily overlooked by either person, which sounds like it could've been the case in this tragedy. the most productive discussion is about what the county can do to fix it / improve planning in the future.

that said, i’m going to be a huge hypocrite and complain, because it’s more fun: it drives me nuts when peds take their sweet time stopping cars at a green light as they blatantly jaywalk (i'm thinking specifically of ellsworth and fenton). more annoying than it is dangerous, i suppose.

kristy said...

The Gazette has a little more info (names, etc.).

kristy said...

The Gazette link was cut off. Here is a short version:

Anonymous said...

"Just a coupla notes: Anonymous 11:49:00 PM is an ass, don't get all worked up about that post. Let's not make this a coded class/race thing. It's a traffic engineering problem and an education problem."

Have you ever driven a truck in DC? Come ride with me sometime.

You engineer the traffic in part by making it safe for all participants...and if education and example fails, sometimes you need to put up a fence.

Until I can drive on the sidewalk, keep pedestrians out of the unmarked parts of the street....thats the law.

Anonymous said...

The law is that you gotta stop for any pedestrian in the street. Jay walking or not. Props to Sligo for putt'n up with criticism though. Much respect!

Clancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clancy said...

How frightening. I cross at or near this intersection 3-4 times a day. Whether or not this is a "legal" crosswalk, there are several clear indications of pedestrian crossings on 16th between Eastern/North Portal and East-West. The Falkland Chase Apartments have several walkways/sidewalks which end at the curb on either side, and which are clearly intended to serve as crosswalks as there are concrete sidewalks in the median at exactly the same spots on 16th where the walkways on either side meet the road.

I should note that the highway administration has done considerable work on the circle in the last 1-2 years. Prior to 2007, there were no sidewalks/crosswalks on the circle itself. These were recent additions. At the time, I thought it very strange that they determined not to paint crosswalk lines where crosswalks were clearly intended to be, nor did they add any new signs warning of pedestrians. This seems like very poor planning by the highway department.

Anonymous said...

Hugo is right. It's mostly but not exclusively the blacks.

Anonymous said...

imagine this headline: "Homocide claims another victim in Silver Spring*

*we haven't confirmed that it was a homocide, we're still looking into it"

the asterisk isn't enough. change the headline.

this is just another example of how this blog is consistantly and appalingly anti-pedestrian. please leave the commentary about pedestrian safety in silver spring to those of us that actually, you know, walk through these intersections every day.

Sligo said...

Not anti-pedestrian, merely anti-reckless pedestrian.

Sligo said...

And FWIW, there's certainly plenty of people that drive like assholes in DT Silver Spring, as well.

Carrie G said...

I have to agree with Anonymous. If you write a living person committed a crime that they didn't commit, even if it's jaywalking, that's libel. And there's no proof at this point it was jaywalking. However, you can't libel the dead, so it's just poor taste.

Clancy said...

Reckless? Because it was reckless to cross the street at a location with a crosswalk (even if it is unmarked)?

This is a poorly designed intersection--for both cars and pedestrians. As I noted above, I cross here frequently. . . and it is a difficult intersection to gauge, even during non-rush hour periods. I would estimate that there is at least one vehicle collision at this spot each week. Usually, these collisions are the result of cars travelling south on Colesville into the circle and onto 16th. There is no traffic light at this point in the intersection/circle, and with two streets (northbound Eastern and northbound 16th) to contend with, as well as traffic off the circle itself (cars turning "left" off of 16th as well as those coming off of North Portal), it is often an accident waiting to happen.

As for pedestrian traffic, there is the oddly placed (new) sidewalks on the circle itself, then a series of crosswalk/sidewalks further up 16th, one no more than 40-50 feet north of the one in the photo. While similar crosswalks on the DC side of the circle are clearly marked and signaled, there is no such luxury for pedestrians or autos on the Maryland side.

It seems obvious that a traffic signal is needed on southbound 16th prior to the circle, as well as on southbound Colesville. Every other road entering the circle (Eastern, northbound 16th, North Portal) has a signal. Pedestrians crossing at this spot need to contend not only with traffic coming up 16th, but that which dumps off of Eastern, as well as the occasional car turning right off of southbound Colesville (these cars are especially dangerous, as their drivers--concerned with the numerous points of entry for cars on their--rarely look to the right for pedestrians).

It hardly reckless of either a pedestrian or a driver to use these roads and intersection as they are designed. It is simply designed poorly. The intersection is in some serious need of re-engineering.

Sligo said...

I didn't say this person in particular was acting reckless... I am referring to those who step out into the street in the middle of a block with no regard to oncoming traffic. This happens all the time in Silver Spring and I've nearly killed people on multiple occasions. Luckily I was paying attention. The next person might not be.

Apparently, however, this is just in my imagination, which makes it all the more surprising that the county decided to launch a pedestrian safety program yesterday to educate people about crossing the street in an appropriate manner. They are clearly delusional as well.

Sligo said...

There, I changed the post title.

WashingtonGardener said...

Thanks for changing it, Sligo.

Jaywalking is offensive to those of us who do not believes cars are the end-all and be-all of the known universe. Jay roughly means doofus. An excerpt from Wikipedia entry:

>>According to one historian, the earliest known use of the word jaywalker in print was in the Chicago Tribune in 1909.[2] (The earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1917.) The term's dissemination was due in part to a deliberate effort by promoters of automobiles, such as local auto clubs and dealers, to redefine streets as places where pedestrians do not belong.[3]

The word jaywalk is a compound word derived from the word jay, an inexperienced person, and walk.[4] No historical evidence supports an alternative folk etymology by which the word is traced to the letter "J" (characterizing the route a jaywalker might follow).

In towns in the American Midwest in the early 20th century, "jay" was a synonym for "rube", a pejorative term for a rural resident, assumed by many urbanites to be stupid, slightly unintelligent, or perhaps simply naïve. Such a person did not know to keep out of the way of other pedestrians and speeding automobiles.[5] Originally, the legal rule was that "all persons have an equal right in the highway, and that in exercising the right each shall take due care not to injure other users of the way."[6] In time, however, streets became the province of motorized traffic, both practically and legally. Automobile interests took up the cause of labeling and scorning jaywalkers in the 1910s and early 1920s; a counter-campaign to name (and disapprove of) "jay drivers" failed.[7]

It has been suggested that the modern term 'joy-driving' comes from the same route, and in some countries Jaywalkers are known as 'joy-walkers'....<<

Carrie G said...

New headline - much better!

Colesville said...

I don't know if this particular individual was jaywalking, but I agree that jaywalking is rampant in downtown Silver Spring! I can't tell you how many times I've almost hit someone walking against a light outside a crosswalk. It's a heart-stopping experience.

While fences might help curb the behavior, ticketing jaywalkers can also be quite effective. I recently lived in a university town where they had an enormous problem with jaywalking. After a police crackdown and something like a $100 ticket per infraction, almost no one jaywalked. To this day, even if there's no one coming, I just can't do it myself; I reflexively think of the possibility of one of those enormous tickets. (Not that I've ever seen them handed out in Silver Spring!) Just a thought.

Robert said...

Dan Reed said "Drivers are always at fault, if only because they've got two tons of steel protecting them." He's wrong. If a pedestrian steps in front of a car too late for the car to stop, it's not the driver's fault.

Dan is also against fences. In general so am I, but some times fences are the only solution. Nothing worked at Wheaton to stop jaywalking from the metro parking garage across Veirs Mill Road until they put up the fence. Once I even saw a pedestrian trip and fall over the "decorative" chain barrier they had along the curb to stop jaywalking. It looked reasonably good, but it didn't work. Only the well designed fence in the median worked.

Sarah said...

I feel frustrated by this situation and it seems hopeless. After some pedestrian-friendly improvements at Grove and Sligo- widened sidewalks, new sloped curbs at the corner, large signage and bold pavement markings- I still have to wait through as many as 10 cars for someone kind enough to obey the freaking law. I wear a flashing light and a reflective band on my bag and still feel like a pawn in a video game trying to cross Georgia Ave intersections in a dark rush hour. Silver Spring bills itself as "walkable", but its drivers operate as if it were the suburbs with no one outside of a protective metal tank.

Thomas Hardman said...

Let me chime in here. Remember, I'm the guy who finished up a campaign with a hand in a cast because a car and I had a disagreement about which of us had the right of way.

That being said, I was at fault despite having the right of way. Nobody should drink-and-drive. I should not drink-and-sprint.

An alert now goes out for folks who will be driving on Veirs Mill Road between Randolph Road and Rockville.

The southern stub end of the Matthew Henson Hiker Biker Trail is now nearly completed and in their infinite wisdom the boneheads in Park and Planning worked well with the State Highway Administration to put the pedestrian/cycle crosswalk at the bottom of the stream valley.

These are two of the steepest graded hills on any State highway in the County, so much so that you take your life in your hands to drive that route in even a light snow. Even in warm dry weather, it's a little tricky decelerating from posted speeds to turn north on Turkey Branch Parkway at the bottom of the hill. Most locals don't even try, they go down the hill and up the hill, take a right onto Parkland and then go back down the hill.

Yet now there's a sign at the bottom of that hill that says "Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk".

Mark my words, people are going to wreck for sure, and probably die, because some bozo decided that it was "progressive" to force unpredictable traffic halts on unsafe grades at the whim of pedestrians.

The only saving grace of this arrangement is that no cyclists can just try to ride across at-speed because it would be all wreckage all of the time at this place.

Hah. I need to go take some photos to portray the madness.

And considering that the neighborhood right there is Veirs Mill Village and full of poor folks just itching for some litigation, I bet the madness gets out of hand Real Soon Now.

Some things are just bad design, and some things are drunk pedestrians. Since the County started a media blitz, pedestrian injuries/deaths are way down in Harmony Hills/Aspen Manor crossings.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah that it's completely insane how drivers do not care at all to stop for pedestrians waiting at a crosswalk. It's the law and no one cares. The fact that 90% of drivers don't care to stop for 5 seconds to allow pedestrians to cross legally completely screws up the entire system. I constantly jaywalk in DTSS because I know that walking to a mid-block crosswalk will just result in my standing there for 5 minutes watching the cars ignore me.

Blackcoyote said...

I move from that exact location and this happens??

Remember there was that young guy that was killed on 29 and EW HWY. With a baby stroller my favorite location was almost getting clipped several times by a bus at the 29 - GA Ave intersection...worst intersection by far anywhere in SS. Again with the stroller was inches from certain death when a guy ran the red light at the Discover GA Ave lights (by red rock or whatever it's called now).

typing this post from Myorga cafe..and I'm feeling saucy to go there now and test my luck.

Springvale Roader said...

The intersection of Colesville and Georgia is my favorite place to watch suicidal pedestrians and homicidal drivers.

If I'm driving, I proceed with extreme caution. Since I'm usually walking, though, I proceed with even greater caution. As you all know, many is the time that a car makes a turn from Colesville onto Georgia (usually turning left onto Georgia) up to 10 seconds after their light has turned red.

The only solution to both problems is RoboCop. In fact, he's the solution to just about everything.

Anonymous said...

"The only solution to both problems is RoboCop. In fact, he's the solution to just about everything."


Sligo said...

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Ted said...

Robert said,

"Dan Reed said 'Drivers are always at fault, if only because they've got two tons of steel protecting them.' He's wrong. If a pedestrian steps in front of a car too late for the car to stop, it's not the driver's fault."

Not if the driver is speeding. It takes more time and distance to stop the faster a car is moving. The difference is significant when going only 5-10 mph faster. If a driver is speeding and hits a pedestrian, that driver is partly at fault. Period. The collision could have been avoided but for speeding, and the force of the collision is magnitudes greater because of the added speed.

And beyond that, some additional responsibility simply has to be assigned to drivers sitting in their 1-2 ton piles of metal zooming along carrying massive amounts of momentum, whether speeding or not. I think that's the source of Dan Reed's "drivers are always at fault" comment, and I agree with it. But you don't have to agree with that to accept that speeders are always partly at fault. Given that almost everyone is almost always speeding, it's almost the same thing.

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