Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day News 'N Notes

- Will the last person in Pittsburgh please turn out the lights? Apparently, even the beggars from Western Pennsylvania are coming to the DC area to find work. I noticed the dude at the Metro station with the electric wheelchair - a mainstay of the Silver Spring panhandling scene - was decked out in full Steelers regalia this Saturday. More than likely, he's just jumped on another team's bandwagon like a lot of ex-Redskins fans around here. Hell, 20 years ago wearing another team's colors would be a huge marketing faux pas for a panhandler, but at this point you're probably going to run across more Steelers fans than Skins fans.

- Greater Greater Washington has an excellent explanation on how the Purple Line will fit into the future transit center.

- The little stand at the corner of Ramsey and Wayne stocks one of the most inexplicable products I have come across in awhile - Che Guevara lanyards. They don't even feature the iconic Che image, they just have the words "Che Guevara" printed on them. Who buys this crap? I guess even Maryland Maoists need something to hold their IDs. Not properly displaying your badge could easily be considered counter-revolutionary.

- The Four Corners GameStop has now opened in the space that formerly housed a mattress store, a pet food shop and, many years ago, a High's. Though I usually try to avoid GameStop like the plague, it is now by far the most convenient place for me to buy a video game should I require one on short notice. If you absolutely have to shop there, here's a handy GameStop survival guide. Seriously, why was this not put in City Place? Oh, that's right - no one will go in there.


Anonymous said...

Has Flippin Pizza opened yet? It looks just about ready to, need to try something new because the pizza selection in Silver Spring is pretty pathetic, and sorry Roscoe fans, that pizza isn't that good.

Sligo said...

It's better than anything we've got now.

Springvale Roader said...

There is a game shop opening up on Hellsworth in the now-defunct Halloween Superstore site (called "Smart Games" or something like that).

As for pizzas: it's a fact that if you've ever had a pizza or a bagel in New York City, you're bound to be disappointed by any other kind.

Anonymous said...

No. Chicago pizza is simply fu**ing awesome. Always. In all ways. Especially if it's from Gino's East. Cornmeal in the crust. Mmmmmmmmmmm........

Of course, bagels outside NY pale in comparison. That part is true.

Anonymous said...

That panhandler is the best-dressed panhandler I've ever seen. He must have quite a following.

Sligo said...

Apparently he also has a Bluetooth headset he uses. Scroll down a little in this blog post for more on the guy.

Springvale Roader said...

Funny blog post, Sligo. Thanks for sharing it.

Regarding the guy in the wheelchair with the bluetooth: it is likely a scam, and also not. He, like other people in his circumstances, is probably getting Social Security disability payments, so he has a source of income. On the other hand, nobody gets rich on that, and if he lacks the kind of skills necessary for a desk job, then I would not be surprised if he feels a need to supplement whatever income he is managing to get.

Thomas Hardman said...

Springvale Roader: people collecting nothing but a Social Security disability check are definitely not making enough to get rich. Indeed, this guy might be thought to be "lucky" to be in a wheelchair, because that means that a lot of agencies other than Social Security placed him high on their list of priorities for subsidization of housing, food, etc.

Without those subsidies, the average disability check from Social Security doesn't help much in a place as expensive as MoCo. Less than a thousand dollars a month, and some of that gets deducted automatically to cover hospitalization insurance. With Medicare and Maryland's "qualified medicare beneficiary" subsidies, that premium is picked up by the state. Still, just try to live in this county on less than a thousand dollars a month.

That being said, some gangsters wear Steelers regalia (PDF). Specifically, some associate it to the Vice Lords and some associate it to the Crips.

I figure if a guy in a wheelchair is wearing a Steelers outfit, it'd be too silly for him to actually be a crip in more ways than one, so probably he's just a bigtime fan. ;)

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