Monday, November 02, 2009

Crime Dog Goes Home With Tail Between His Legs

So now the criminal scum are brazen enough to shoot people on Colesville Road during the peak of evening rush hour?

A 25-year-old man was shot Monday evening in downtown Silver Spring, Montgomery County police said.

The shooting was reported about 6 p.m. in the 8600 block of Colesville Road, near the AFI Silver Theatre and the City Place Mall.

Police said the man told them that he had just left a Gold's Gym in the area when two men tried to rob him on a sidewalk. They said he was shot in a leg, and taken to a hospital.
These guys will get caught. You can't pull that crap at a busy intersection and get away with it. (I've got a C note that says the perps weren't from Silver Spring.)

Be sure to read the comments section of the Post article. This event will no doubt bring out the usual anti-Silver Spring invective. Ironically, this is the same block that McGruff the Crime Dog was patrolling this morning. We don't need McGruff - we need RoboCop.

I've said it before - someday someone will get shot on Ellsworth, sending DTSS down the road towards becoming another Boulevard at the Capital Centre. Now we have a shooting just one block over. Let's hope this is the worst we see.

I blame City Place. Implode it.

UPDATE: Story from Fox 5.

No witnesses? Has the "Stop Snitchin'" campaign affected Silver Spring, too?


Perhaps the innocent victim wasn't so innocent, after all...
A man who was shot and wounded Monday in downtown Silver Spring was attacked as a result of involvement in a possible drug deal and probably not in a random confrontation, Montgomery County police said Tuesday.


Dan Reed said...

A busy street at rush hour is the least likely place for something like this to happen. The shooter was brazen. This was a fluke.

Remember the part where the guy who got shot was the one inside City Place? Don't blame the mall. You may not shop there, but that doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who patronize it and Downtown Silver Spring as a whole are good, law-abiding people (many of whom live right here) who don't want or accept this kind of crap happening here any more than you do.

Comments like that make me more upset than the "anti-Silver Spring invective." At least those people don't know any better.

Sligo said...


A. I was being facetious about City Place.

B. Perhaps you are getting upset about the wrong things.

C. I'm glad I'm here to provide you with your requisite daily dose of righteous indignation.

Anonymous said...

I passed right by there this evening coming home at about 7:30-7:45. There was all sorts of gunk on the sidewalk, like someone had thrown up, and then a few feet away (probably in front of where the Ruby Tuesday used to be), there was a big pool of red liquid. I assumed someone dropped a drink or something, but now I realize it must have been blood.

Anonymous said...

"I've got a C note that says the perps weren't from Silver Spring."

Maybe they where from Glenmont and resent people dissing thier hood as SSINO.

Glenmont...blow it up!

Sligo said...

By calling it Glenmont, you just validated my earlier argument.

Anonymous said...


A. I was being facetious about Glenmont.

B. You catch on quick!

Springvale Roader said...

I think City Place Mall is nothing but trouble, on every level. Replacing it with something like apartment buildings with stores and cafes on the ground level would be a vast improvement.

Sligo said...

I can't emphasize enough how I wish they found a way to put the library and something else in that space.

Brent said...

This won't be the worst that we see. There will be more. 2 major incidents 8 months apart will become 5 in a year, etc. Because thugs clearly see SS as a safe haven.

MoCo govt. and our civic leaders, meanwhile, will fret about how the shooters were let down by our society to the point they "had to" do this. Those of us with "perceptions" of a problem will be dismissed as unrealistic whiners.

We're ready to check out and move to Bethesda, or even Arlington. 24 years of staying and trying to make things work here is enough.

lil b said...

scary! i hope discovery and any other businesses there can lay down the law and maybe can put pressure on to keep the area safe.
: (

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also, "The new slogan for City Place is “Life. Style. In the City”."


Clancy said...

The shooting (or those involved) was apparently caught on surveillance video. While at City Place this morning, I was told by a store manager that having no witnesses shouldn't matter because "they have it on tape."

WashingtonGardener said...

>>We're ready to check out and move to Bethesda, or even Arlington<<

Yea, cause NO ONE ever gets shot in either of those two places!


Brent said...

Re: Washington Gardener comment

Actually, we're also tired of hearing "Hey,motherfucker, don't fuck with me" and "Hey, bitch, put your mouth on this" on every street corner on weekend evenings.

And the otherwise belligerent and boorish behavior, and the trash being thrown around. It's adding up to a bad quality of life, unless such behavior is your "norm."

Like I said, I gave it 24 years to improve. I think that's a fair effort.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, black ghetto culture has really taken over this entire area (and by that I mean the entire DC metro area). And for some reason the local people seem to think that that's all wonderful because it's "diversity."

Bowie Mike said...

The first two reports about this shooting were incorrect. My sources tell me that this was neither a random robbery nor a drug deal gone bad. Apparently the two men were in a heated argument whether or not a pedestrian bridge should be built over Wayne Avenue, and things got out of control.

Springvale Roader said...

There's a surprise. I wonder how many of the people who cause trouble in Silver Spring come from the District and P.G. County.

Sligo said...

Bowie Mike:

Ok, now that was funny.

Clancy said...

Oh, Brent, move already. Twenty-four years and you now feel it's gone to seed? I'd hate to hear what you had to say about SS in the 90's.

By the way, I was in Bethesda last week and literally heard someone yell, "Hey Motherfucker, don't fuck with me!" On a public sidewalk no less! My stars and garters, I nearly had the vapors. . . Since such boorishness seems to be one of your peeves, perhaps you may want to reconsider your options. Might I suggest Riyadh or Singapore, where I hear such things are hardly a problem at all?

ian.swank said...

Bowie Mike,
My extremely reliable anonymous source says that the words "No Train on Wayne" were heard as well.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about City Place. The day my broke ass can no longer buy $12 jeans at Marshall's will be a sad one. I'm willing to dodge a bullet or two for those prices! If stuff really gets heated, I can always hide in one of the 75 or so empty retail spaces.

Bug And Money said...

Just over a month ago I was mugged at city place, punched, kicked, stomped on, and this happened within view of several people. A week later someone in my apt elevator was talking about a mugging they had just witnessed one block from city place. This place is turning dangerous and I'll be moving soon. F silver spring.

Anonymous said...

My car was stolen from my apartment this weekend. Locked and nothing in it. I hate this place.

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