Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who'll Stop the Rain?

I'm back in town, and after spending a week somewhere that seemingly enjoys perpetual sunshine I am being cruelly subjected to this unseasonably cold, wet, and dreary weather. *Sigh*. To add to my misery, the power decided to go out sporadically in parts of Silver Spring yesterday during my evening commute, requiring me to cross major intersections without the benefit of traffic lights. The cops were at some of these intersections to assist. At others, not so much.

Anyway, I'm trying this week to get back up to speed work-wise and blog-wise while getting my still-incomplete Zombie Walk costume together.

In the meantime, If you want to revisit a recent time when Silver Spring was warm and sunny, check out the updated street view images on Google Maps. (HT to Just Up the Pike) Our burg first got added to Street View about a year ago, and we've just recently gotten a refresh. The Google drivers seem to have gone out further into some of the SSINO areas that were bypassed before, though they mostly seem to have stuck to the main thoroughfares.

When did the Google car (self-portrait above) roll through? Based on the mostly crap movies showing at the Majestic, I'd say late July, early August. (I love how Harry Potter's face is blurred out for "privacy".)

Of course ,upon first learning about the updated images, my immediate reaction was to check out my house. (A minor life goal of mine is to somehow be captured on Street View, blurred visage or no.) I typed in my address and was startled to see a photo of a strange man exiting my home. After a few seconds of confusion, I realized that this was the contractor who was working on my bathroom this summer. Not fair.

While the Street View is now pretty current, Google's satellite imagery remains a bit dated, as it still shows the defunct "Turf".


jerry'sdaughter said...

Your contractor got in the photo of your house but you didn't! LOL

Our electricity went out today while I was finishing breakfast. It was pouring outside, dark inside. Not an easy start to the day.

wombat said...

I've achieved your life goal, isn't that unfair? I was walking down my street a couple months ago when the car went by. But I'm more entertained by the fact that my cute little car is on there this time.

Sligo said...

My car didn't make it, as I was probably at work. My wife's car was on there, but we don't even have that one anymore.

Dan Reed said...

Thanks for the heads-up! SSINO is good for something, isn't it?

Edward said...

I noticed that Bethesda's street view was updated in the past few weeks. I bet they did them both at the same time, the last week of July.