Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk through Silver Spring.

I promise that this will be the final post about the Zombie Walk prior to the walk itself. I know that those of you participating are looking forward to Saturday, but at the same time there are probably an equal number of people tired of hearing about it. Either way, don't worry - it will all be over soon.

The purpose of this post is to pass along a few essential items regarding the event:

- We anticipate a significant zombie horde on Saturday. While this is of course a very good thing, it's entirely possible that we could end up exceeding the occupancy limit of the Quarry House. If you get to the QH for the pre-party and it's jam packed, don't fret - there are other options!

Piratz Tavern, located directly across the street from the Quarry House, is hosting a "Zombie Ball" beginning at 8PM with specials on zombies (of course) and something called "brain shooters" (I would have gone with "head shots", myself.) It sounds nasty, but those dressed up as zombies also get a free "squid ink shot" with any drink purchase.

Alternatively, you can head down to one of the restaurants on Ellsworth such as Redrock Canyon Grill, McGinty's or Austin Grill. The Across the Street Cafe, which is located, well, across the street from the AFI Silver Theatre will also offer drink specials and and free hors d'oeuvres for Zombies before and after the walk.

The important thing is to be outside the Quarry House by 9:30 for the start of the walk.

- The walk will go rain or shine. Rain is called for earlier in the day, but as of right now the forecast is for partly cloudy skies that evening.

- Buy your Shaun of the Dead tickets now and spare yourself a potential hassle and/or disappointment later. There's no extra fee to do so online, so you've got nothing to lose.

- For up-to-the minute updates on the walk, follow @sszombiewalk on Twitter.

- For additional information, review the Silver Spring Zombie Walk FAQ or visit the official website.

See you there!

(In the Silver Spring version of Dawn of the Dead, the Zombies would be trying to force their way out of City Place because they would remember that they didn't want to be in there.)


Joel Sparks said...

Spotted last night at the Zombie Walk:

- Lots of bride zombies, prombies, slit throats, and single gunshot wounds to the head

- Zombarrista with undead latte

- Zombie Peewee Herman

- Zombie on roller-shoes with crash helmet

- Where's Waldo's Body?

- Proprietor of at the Quarry House bar in a bloody shirt

- A Gazette editor attempting to distinguish the zombie lurch from John Cleese's gait at the Ministry of Silly Walks

- Zombie Dr. Horrible

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Anyway, a blood-spattered non-zombie in an arresting miniskirt

- Cluster of Swine Flu cases in green

- Zombraham Lincoln

- Zombie pirates, soldiers, and runners

- Zombie kayaker, repeatedly mistaken for a runner

- Two zombie Frida Kahlos (Fridas Kahlo?)

- Youths firing on the hoard with Nerf guns. Some zombies chased after them. If the zombie-killers turn out in force next year, let's hope we avoid actual fights.

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