Monday, October 19, 2009

More Silver Spring Googie: Miles Glass Co.

I have a strange fascination with signs - particularly old ones - so as an addendum up to my recent post on Silver Spring's Googie dry cleaners, here's another example of Googie in Silver Spring - the wonderfully retro Miles Glass Co. sign:

The signs (there's two) are affixed to the side of Miles' Mid-century commercial building, located at 8714 Piney Branch Rd. in the Long Branch neighborhood of Silver Spring. Miles Glass Co. has been around since 1942, though I'm not sure from when the sign dates. Probably sometime in the 50's, if I had to wager a guess. In case you were curious, the red tool on the left side of the sign is a glass cutter. Admittedly, I had to look that up.

There was a similar sign at a second Miles Glass location in Southeast D.C. near the Navy Yard, though this location is now closed and the sign has been removed.

In the unlikely event that I ever draft a screenplay for a noir film, it will most certainly included a supporting character with the übercool name of "Miles Glass".

UPDATE: The Silver Spring Historical Society notes that this sign once had neon tubes (which makes sense). Sadly, they are long gone.


~Rupe said...

Hot damn! I love that sign, its style is both timeless and retro at the same time.

js said...

In the unlikely event that I ever draft a screenplay for a noir film, it will most certainly included a supporting character with the übercool name of "Miles Glass".

If you make it Miles Glassco, it could be a villain of indeterminate ethnicity.

Sligo said...

"They call me Mister Glass."

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

That sign used to have neon tubing in it and the Silver Spring Historical Society has long been seeking a night color photo of it.

JB said...

My grandfather, Walter Miles, started the company in 1942. It's still family-owned, and we try to live up to the standards that he set. I'm glad that you like the sign -- It is rather iconic!

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