Monday, October 05, 2009

Happiness is a Warm Brain: The Zombie Walk FAQ

The 2nd Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk is just weeks away, so if your costume isn't prepared, you better get to steppin'. (Regrettably my own costume remains incomplete.)

The following is the Silver Spring Zombie Walk FAQ, which hopefully addresses any pressing questions you might have about the event. If there's anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to contact us.

And now, the FAQ:

What the hell is a Zombie Walk?

From Wikipedia:

A zombie walk (also known as a zombie mob, zombie march, zombie horde, zombie lurch, zombie shamble, zombie shuffle or zombie pub crawl) is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat orderly fashion and often limping their way towards a local cemetery or other public space (a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl).
When and where does the walk start?

Plan to gather at the Quarry House Tavern on Saturday, October 24th sometime after 8PM, though there’s nothing stopping you from coming earlier. Zombies will depart the QH at approximately 9:30.

What if I get to the Quarry House and it’s full?

If the Walk proves popular enough to fill up the Quarry House early, go across the street to Piratz Tavern or down the block to Olazzo. We’ll make sure that everyone gets the word when the walk is ready to commence.

Does it cost anything to participate?

There is no charge to participate in the Walk, though you would have to purchase tickets should you choose to attend the movie following the walk.

Where in Silver Spring will the Walk go?

The Walk will start at the intersection of Bonifant Street and Georgia Avenue (outside the Quarry House) and will proceed through the Downtown Silver Spring Area, ending up at the AFI Silver Theatre on Colesville Road for a showing of Shaun of the Dead.

Check the Silver Spring Zombie Walk website for an official route map.

What should I wear to a Zombie Walk?

Zombies come from all professions and all walks of life, so use your imagination. Just make sure your clothes are torn and there’s plenty of blood. Props such as dismembered limbs, brains, etc. can be a great enhancement to your look.

Photo from last year's walk by Flickr user oberlep27.

Here’s some websites with great tips on making zombie costumes:

- Expert Village - How to Make a Zombie Costume (Some great how-to videos here.)

- Zombie Maker - The Definitive Zombie Make Up and Costume Guide

- wikiHow - How to Look Like a Zombie. They also have a page dedicated to the essential art of making fake blood.

- 365 Halloween - How to make a zombie costume with makeup

Check out these photos of last year’s event to get a good perspective on what types of costumes people will be wearing.

How can I get updates on the Zombie Walk?

- Continually hit F5 our website.

- Join the Silver Spring Zombie Walk Facebook group.

- Subscribe to the Twitter Feed.

Where do I purchase tickets to Shaun of the Dead?

Tickets can be purchased at the AFI Silver box office or online. It is highly recommended that you have your tickets in hand before the show in order to avoid the queue at the box office.

What is Shaun of the Dead all about?

Shaun of the Dead is a British “romantic zombie comedy” film from 2004 starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Again, from Wikipedia:
The plot focuses on Shaun, a young man who is attempting to get some kind of focus in his life as he reconciles with his ex-girlfriend and settles his various issues with his mother and stepfather. At the same time he has to cope with an apocalyptic uprising of zombies that is destroying society.
It’s rated R for zombie violence/gore and language. Check out the trailer here.

Can kids come too?

The Zombie Walk is open to all ages, and we did have some youth zombies at last year’s event. Just be aware that the event will take place at a crowded bar/restaurant and that the walk won’t begin until about 9:30.

Why isn’t the Zombie Walk on Halloween?

Many people are committed to other activities on Halloween night - parties, taking the kids trick-or-treating, etc. Holding the Walk on a different night allows the maximum number of people to participate.

What can I do to help promote the Zombie Walk?

Tell all your friends, family, etc. Outside of that, print out copies of this poster (PDF) and plaster it over bulletin boards at your work, school, apartment, etc.

I’m going to take a bunch of photos of the Zombie Walk. How can I share them?

You are encouraged to add any Zombie Walk photos to the 2009 Silver Spring Zombie Walk Pool on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to print out a few posters and post them at work, but the link to the poster PDF doesn't work.

Sligo said...

OK, I've (finally) fixed the link to the poster.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Zombie Walk happening in 2010?

Sligo said...

Of course!

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