Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Takoma Park Picks up Siver Spring's Pizza Slack (For Now)

The sad fact is that downtown Silver Spring doesn't really have a standout pizzeria. When it first opened, I would have Mama Lucia's on occasion, though I quickly tired of it. Lately I've been getting Z Pizza fairly regularly, but really that's only because it delivers and it's a hell of a lot better than Domino's. When I'm really craving a great pie, I regrettably have to look outside of Silver Spring.

Some of you may recall the Alberto's Pizza debacle of last year, a false start which went as far to tease us with signage on a Georgia Avenue storefront. There is hope on the horizon for Silver Spring pizza aficionados, however. We are slated to receive a proper brick oven pizzeria in the form of Pacci's, which will be opening (soon, I hope) on Georgia Avenue near the World Building. Pacci's is a venture of Spiro Gioldasis, the general manager of Mrs. K's Toll House. Apparently Gioldasis specialized in Pizza back in the old country (Greece), so that's a good sign. And yes, I am aware of the imminent arrival of Flippin' Pizza, but I don't really think that one is going to move the needle a whole lot.

In the meantime, I decided to venture into the borderlands and try Roscoe's, a Neapolitan pizzeria on Carroll Street in Takoma Park. Neopolitan is my favorite style of pizza and while I love 2 Amys, it's too inconvenient on weekdays and too crowded on weekends. When I recently discovered that we had a Neapolitan pizzeria in our own back yard, I was delighted. Roscoe's opened way back in May, and I'm not really sure how I had never been aware of it until fairly recently. The storefront has fairly subtle signage, and I probably drove by at least a dozen times before I even noticed it was there.

The dining experience began inauspiciously, as they mixed up our appetizer order of arugula and spinach with Parmesan crostini, instead bringing us the olive tapenade one. I decided to just roll with it, and the inadvertent substitution still proved appetizing.

The pizza itself was great. I ordered the quattro formaggi pizza (pictured), and you could really taste the Gorgonzola. I tried and failed to not eat the entire pizza in a single sitting. I had read on some Yelp! reviews that their crust was unevenly cooked, but that wasn't the case with my pie. I tried my wife's Totto pizza, and that tasted great too, though I had to pick off the anchovies.

Bottom line: if you like this style of pizza and don't want to bother with 2 Amy's, I highly recommend Roscoe's. I hope that Pacci's pizzas will be just as tasty, but if not, at least an excellent alternative exists just outside the borders of Silver Spring.

(Side note: This place is totally Takoma Park. Their drink menu includes organic juice boxes.)


Anna said...

Thank you for the tip on Roscoe's - definitely will check it out.

Speaking of pizza in DC, have you tried Pete's Apizza in Columbia Heights? I stopped in a few weeks ago and have to say, I'd love to have something similar in Silver Spring. The former Golf, Etc. location, maybe?

ThayerAvenue said...

Pick off the anchovies?? Come on - those make the pie!

Aaron K said...

For my money, the best pizza in MoCo is Manoli Canoli in Chevy Chase. If I were stranded in Silver Spring/Wheaton, I would probably go for Ledo's.

Anonymous said...

Any word on if the takeout is any good from Roscoe's? And do they deliver to Silver Spring or Takoma Park only?

Patrick said...

Not a Boli's fan?

Anonymous said...

Yummy pizza but still second fiddle to 2 amy's

Anonymous said...

Before you dismiss Flippin' Pizza, you might just want to consider the fact that they just won the Washingtonian's Pizza Pool beating out RedRocks, 2 Amys, and many other metro area pizza joints.

Sligo said...

I refuse to believe that Flippin' Pizza is better than 2 Amys.

Anonymous said...

If you just judge them on the quality of the pies, then yes, probably 2Amys is better than most. The problem with 2Amys has always been the kids - the place is crawling with them. You can't get in the door without being hit in the leg by a Graco stroller, and you can forget having a conversation once you do get inside because inevitably little Timmy at table 7 is having a complete meltdown.

Rex Immensae Majestatis Chapman said...

I went to Roscoe's last week and was not particularly impressed. It's good but not great. I'd go back if it happened to be convenient, but you'll never find me fiending for it. The crust is just not at the 2Amy's/Pizzeria Paradiso level.

patrick said...

I just went to Roscoe's for the first time, and I agree, had a very good pizza. AND they have a full bar, which is huge for Takoma. Service was great, too.

Matthew said...

Being from the NY/NJ area, I actually prefer Mamma Lucia's. Very similar to the pies I grew up on. I am intrigued, however, by your description of Roscoe's, so we'll be giving that a try in the near future.

Anonymous said...

The best pizza I've found in DC is at Vace. The one in Bethesda doesn't have any indoor tables, but there's a nice park a few feet away and if the weather is good, it's a great place to sit. If you like Pizza Paradiso, you should try Moroni & Brothers on Georgia Ave. in Petworth.

Alison M said...

What about Armand's up at Georgia and Seminary? Sure it's not exactly downtown silver spring, but they do deliver and the Harold pizza with bacon and all things delicious is absolutely stellar. Definitely deserves a shoutout.

Anonymous said...


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