Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

Is it just me, or is very little of interest going on around Silver Spring lately? I'm going to incite another big brawl on Ellsworth just to have something to write about. Well, news is generally slower in the summer, and for better or worse that particular season concludes this week.

- I realize it's last minute, but if you happen to be in Rockville this afternoon at 1:30, you may wish to attend the county council hearing regarding the appropriation of funds to keep Sligo Creek Golf Course open for an additional year. The meeting will be held in a a disused basement lavatory of the council building with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard". If you are fortunate enough not to be in Rockville, you have the option of watching the council meeting live online, should you be so inclined. In a related story, the Gazette recently had an article on the disabled veterans who make use of the Sligo course.

- Tickets are now on sale for the October 24th showing of Shaun of the Dead at the AFI. If you plan to attend the Zombie Walk, I highly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance. It may not sell out, but you never know. Also, If you have your ticket in advance you will be able to bypass the inevitable queue.

- Want to participate in the grassroots effort to promote the Zombie Walk? Print out multitudinous copies of this poster (PDF) and plaster it over bulletin boards at your work, school, apartment, coffee shop, halfway house, etc. If the poster is not omnipresent by the end of this week, I am going to hold you personally responsible.

- Silver Spring is one of the most generous small cities (sic) in the country on a per capita basis, at least according to one measure. (Not as generous as Bethesda, though.)


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to get the scoop on Pacci's, the pizza place soon to open on GA Ave next to Taste of Jerusalem. It's being done by the same people who own Mrs. K's and looks like it's going to have a big outdoor patio. We sure need good pizza in Silver Spring...I'm sick of driving to Mia's in Bethesda and 2 Amy's in Cleveland Park. And no, Mama Lucia's doesn't count--their pizza is average at best.

lilkunta said...

Cool that SS is #7 most generous city. Im not surprised as the area is a range of low income to affluent. Some who live here work in DC, those govt/fed jobs to pay.

Or is this all a ploy to get us SS natives to put $20 in the bucket for the sal army santa?

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