Friday, August 21, 2009

"Who died and made you king of the zombies?"

Awwwww snap! The deals have been made in smoke-filled back rooms and the details of the 2009 Zombie walk are now finalized! As you may already know, this year's Zombie Walk, or "Zee-Dub" for short, will take place on October 24th. What you didn't know is that we've arranged for a special showing of the 2004 rom-zom-com, Shaun of the Dead at the AFI Silver Theatre. We went with a classic for last year's debut, but figured it might be good to mix it up with a little yuks for our sophomore effort.

So here's the drill: Don your zombie costumes and meet at The Quarry House Tavern around 8PM or so. Bide your time by drinking (blood) and eating (brains) whilst you wait for the signal to unleash hell on downtown Silver Spring. When that time arrives, we shall spill out onto the streets of Silver Spring and fall upon the unsuspecting townspeople patronizing the merchants of our fair unincorporated area. God help those unfortunate souls in our path, though be wary of those wielding cricket bats and Sade LPs.

Our route shall ultimately lead us to the AFI, which as mentioned before, will be showing our motion picture at 10:00. After that, who knows?

Many more details to follow, so keep repeatedly hitting F5 on this site while also utilizing the following resources to keep abreast of the latest updates:

- Silver Spring Zombie Walk Official Site
- @sszombiewalk on Twitter
- The Silver Spring Zombie Walk Facebook Group