Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- This blog has long advocated for an Eastern Market-style flea market in downtown Silver Spring, and I'm delighted to that see someone has taken the initiative to start one up. The Fenton Street Market will be held just twice this year - on September 12th and October 3rd, and presumably if there are enough vendors to support it, the market will return in the spring.

The only worry I have is that when the private parking lot which will host the market is ultimately developed, the market will be left without a home. I still think a perfect location for a flea market is the small public lot between Bonifant and Easley. This lot is closer to the central downtown area and would likely attract more foot traffic.

If the stuff they sell there is as interesting as the items pictured on the market's website, I'll definitely patronize it frequently. (I actually have one of those colored seltzer bottles shown on the main page.) No thanks to eBay, it's hard to get a deal at a flea market these days, but at least the market will offer a casual browsing experience on weekend mornings. Personally, I'd prefer if it were on Sundays like other local flea markets, but perhaps that's something they can fix next year.

If you are a vendor with things that might interest me, here's the application (PDF) for a space at the market. If you are selling the type of mass-produced Chinese-made garbage that makes up a majority of the offerings at the average flea market around here, please use this link instead.

- It would appear that the Red Dog Cafe is once again under new management. I'm still not going back until I receive word that the new honcho has made some changes for the better. This was once one of my local favorites until the last change in ownership ruined it for me.

- The small downtown post office on Colesville Rd. is on the USPS list of proposed closings. They've already taken away our mailboxes - now they are closing the post offices, too?

- I hate when I get jealous of Bethesda, but the fact is they keep adding dessert vendors that force me to go there. I was already envious of their fantastic gelato, but now they have made things infinitely worse by adding a frakkin' crêpe stand. You know, like in Paris. Mmmmmmmmmm.... Nutella crêpes. Factor in their new Sweetgreen (aka "fake Pinkberry") and Georgetown Cupcake locations and it is clear that are running up the score in the dessert department. Will the arrival of the Fractured Prune in Silver Spring narrow the gap? Not hardly.

CLARIFICATION: Sweetgreen is primarily a salad place, but they also serve the fake Pinkberry.

- On the subject of Bethesda, if our governor gets his way, you'll be able to get there a lot faster someday via light rail. (Or you can ride a unicorn there. That is about as likely as having this train running during your lifetime.) Here's the proposed map of the purple line, or at least the portion of it that goes through Silver Spring.

It appears that there will indeed be No Train on Wayne. Or not.

- A new office building is planned to replace the surface lot near the intersection of Georgia and Colesville. It's about time - that is such a waste of space.


Anonymous said...

drove by the FP yesterday and saw what looked like frozen yogurt on the signs...

WashingtonGardener said...

Yeahj, FP looks about to open.

I thin the USPS is personally trying to kill me - have a long enough walk with having to do the hill up 2nd with packages.

Why so pessimistic on the Purple Line? Ground-breaking in 2 years and Bethesda-SS (1st segement) by 2013 is entirely feasible.

Tina & Drew said...

Did you get snag the Herman Miller lounger at the a local Flea Market Singular? Remember an old post from back in the day.

Can't wait to hit up the Flea Market and might just snag a booth. I have too much crap I've collected from eBay and Estate Sales and could use to the cast to buy more crap! :D

SweetGreens has got nothing on Pink Berry or the Yogurt place up on 355 by Microcenter, yum. Need to try the crepe place though, maybe tonight!

Sligo said...

T&D - That Eames recliner was gone when the sale opened... I saw it the night before when they were setting up but clearly someone knowledgeable snagged it early. I am telling myself that it was a repro.

WG - I am pessimistic about the Purple Line because I know that there will be delays, legal or otherwise. Think about how much easier a library should be to build then the train and we're going on God knows how many years on that one. And the Birchmere/Fillmore/??? music hall...

Also, I highly recommend printing your own postage at home through the USPS website. I never have to wait in line again.

Anonymous said...

Crep stands are definately a plus, but went to bethesda recently and it was miserable to find parking, in fact, I was pretty sure that if I'd stayed in the garage a few minutes longer, a fight would have broken out, or at the very least, someone's car would have gotten keyed. This being said, silver spring is not bethesda and I never want it to be bethesda. I saw like 2 black people walking the streets in bethesda. There is more diversity in nazi germay than in bethesda.

Sligo said...

Yes, parking was a pain in the ass when I went this weekend.

Then I got a ticket on the way home and the cop was kind of a dick.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but what is FP? Is it that Flippin' Pizza place on Colsville? Any word on if that chain is at all decent?

Sligo said...

I'm guessing that in this case FP=Fractured Prune.

WashingtonGardener said...

Yes, FP = Fractured Prune - maybe we should call the pizza place - FlipPiz or something

I was at WF across the street and saw a lady with baby in stroller and dog on leash leaning on that FP window hard - trying to see in for a solid 5 minutes - can anyone say "open it now, dammit?"

ilkunta said...

So redDog has new management but Kirsten still owns it?

When John Emanuelson/Greg /Claudia owned it there were NOT troubles. The Chicken Ripieghi is now $11, NO SIDE, WTF?

lilkunta said...

I'd love streetcars (light rail).. . .
When I went 2 collge in Bmore it was the 1st time I'd seen it. (In bmore they call the light rail "train" and the underground train "subway".. interesting how just 40miles apart dc/bmore have different terms!)@
....love streetcars in SS but NOT ON WAYNE. Wayne is already congested, plus the elementary/ jr hish school is there, then that stretch of all those apartments. I dont think it is a good idea.

@ anon Wed5/5/9 7:43:00 AM
I dont c acronyms FP nor in this post, where do u ?

& what is Fractured Prune? It too isnt mentioned in this post.

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