Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nicaro Hut

So here's the full scoop on the future Silver Spring restaurant from former Nicaro owner and chef Pedro Matamoros, courtesy of Tom Sietsema's chat earlier today:

Pedro Matamoros is going out on his own, to open a place called 8407. The name comes from its address, at 8407 Ramsey Ave., which is conveniently located between the Metro station and the Discovery building.

His business partner, Nancy Mola, tells me that Matamoros intends to focus on small plates, charcuterie, seafood and the like. 8407 will be BIG: 5,000 + square feet to accommodate a ground floor bar and three upstairs dining rooms, including banquet facilities.

Mola says a web site for the restaurant, which is expected to open in October, is planned for next week.
8407 Ramsey is, of course, the former home of the Luau Hut. So much for re-opening it as a tiki bar... for now.

Credit goes to J.S. for coining the phrase "Nicaro Hut".


Silver Spring Penguin said...

"Small plates, charcuterie, seafood and the like."

Perhaps tapas?

Springvale Roader said...

Where there is hope, there is tiki.

Hey Sligo, have you heard? We're getting a new Ethiopian restaurant on Roeder Ave, next to the parking lot of the county liquor store. Dama Cafe. It's taking over a place approximately nobody ever went to, The House.

Can we hope for Etikiopian?

Sligo said...

I always wondered about that House place. Kind of a strange location.

~Rupe said...

Interesting developments! Once a tiki palace falls, they do not usually come back to life. Although it would be awesome to have some sort of zombified strain of tiki establishments that bring back old joints to their former glory!

chiquita said...

What happened to Nicaro?

js said...

"Small plates, charcuterie, seafood and the like."

"5,000 + square feet to accommodate a ground floor bar and three upstairs dining rooms, including banquet facilities."

This place could go a long way toward turning the recession around, considering they'll need a small army of dishwashers.

Henry said...

I miss The Brick House. The original owner - Gus - was a friendly, intelligent guy who got out when the getting got good. He had delicious burgers.

Anonymous said...

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lilkunta said...

Wait, when did the Carribbean restaurant that was there close?

Opening a new restaurant there right now I dont think is smart since in front of it is all that construction. There is no place to walk nor park.

Anonymous said...

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