Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday News 'N Notes

- Supposedly, work on the Fillmore could start "within a year", but until I see workers buzzing about the place, I shall remain skeptical. "We're at the one-yard line," says [Lee Development Group's] Bruce Lee. Of course, he failed to mention which end of the field this one yard line is on. My support for Live Nation in this endeavor has been slightly tempered by their prospective merger with evil corporation Ticketmaster. No doubt a successful merger would result in BEING CHARGED TO PRINT OUT YOUR OWN TICKETS for shows at the Silver Spring Fillmore.

- The Big Greek Cafe is now under new ownership and has been re-named The Greek Place. According to the most recent comment in the post linked to above, the original proprietors will be re-opening The Big Creek Cafe elsewhere in Silver Spring. How many Greek joints can Silver Spring support? I'm praying for a "Original Jumbo Slice"-like sign battle.

- Sick of getting hassled by The Man for taking photos in Downtown Silver Spring? Adept at Adobe Illustrator? If so, perhaps you should take this opportunity to create your own DHS "Photography License" which you can flash at the security guards on Ellsworth whenever they try and halt your shooting.

- Aside from having an apt alliterative appellation, Tomorrow's Safe Silver Spring Summit will involve the mysterious "Prezco" group, which from what I can ascertain is a shadowy cabal of figures who secretly control everything in Silver Spring. I can picture them at the event, standing alongside each other on the stage bathed in a blinding light, much like the Final Five in Battlestar Galactica.

- A local software engineer engineered a lunch calculator that analyzes co-worker ratings of downtown Silver Spring lunchtime options. Interestingly, Da Marco is dead last in preference.


Joe said...

I can't accept that Da Marco is dead last...

Sligo said...

It's below Subway. That's rough. Of course, I don't think 8 people is a statistically valid sample.

Anonymous said...

Ha, loved the BSG shout-out.

In other news...I had thought that the Man had backed off re: the photography. Am I misinformed?

Sligo said...

Supposedly, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

one person on the lunch spreadsheet gave Blue Pearl and Panera a 10 and 9, respectively, but Armands and Bombay Gaylord yeah, not even all of the 8 are intelligent enough to be counted.

But I definitely agree that Austin Grill is correctly "banned" from the list of considerations.

Gregorus said...

I don't know anything about Da Marco at dinnertime, but at lunch time they only have a few subs; I think we were expecting the possibility of Italian food when we went there.

The guy at the counter also kept promising us there would be pizza soon in kind of a desperate way; as if he knew that only having a few mostly cold cut subs was something to be ashamed of.

Also, I'm a vegetarian so there were not very many options for me.

Yes, Bryan is the reason we removed outliers from the average calculation. :)

Brosnan said...

Maybe you should have come to the Safe Silver Spring summit and met some of the "mysterious" members of PREZCO, like me. We are presidents of the residential homeowner associations in Silver Spring. We organized the summit to try to make it safer for everyone. We don't control anything.
Woody Brosnan
North Woodside Montgomery Hills citizens association.

Sligo said...

Why so serious?

I was only kidding.

Anonymous said...

That spreadsheet is worthless. It shouldn't have been put online in the first place. It doesn't have enough data to represent anything meaningful. The names should have been changed or participants informed that it was being posted online. The results are never going to be consistent because of widely varied food tastes (which are not a measure of intelligence, btw, although believing they are might be..). What a waste of (company?) time.

Anonymous said...

"We are presidents of the residential homeowner associations in Silver Spring... We don't control anything."
Ha, that's the funniest thing I've heard in years. Seriously, I'm surprised PREZCO hasn't told you what color font to use on your website. If any of you have ever had any experience with homeowners associations then you know how de-humanizing the experience can be. Just watch that X-Files episode "Arcadia" for a pretty good depiction of what it's like. And yes, I'm posting this anonymously because I'm scared of them!

Silver Spring Penguin said...

EPS file to Homeland Security press creds has been removed from Internet! Did anyone download while it was still available?

Mike said...

Um, Prezco is not made up of "residential homeowner associations in Silver Spring". We have no such thing in close-in SS. HOAs are legal entities with specific standing vis a vis county and state law. These folks are presidents of civic associations, which is a whole different animal.

They have no standing other than the voluntary organizations that they are. They also have as much or as little power as can be attributed to them by county officials, which frequently depends on what is convenient to said officials. Or how squeaky they make their wheels.

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