Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm Three!

Today is the third anniversary of this blog's first post. Chuck E. Cheese for everyone!

That is all.


~Kevin, Takoma Park said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work. It's always interesting learning what's going on in my neck of the woods.


Tina & Drew said...

Congratz - here's to another year of excellent blogging! :)

Silver Spring Penguin said...


Brad Rourke said...


Springvale Roader said...

Congratulations and happy third anniversary!

Incidentally, you seem to have been invaded by an anonymous Borg in your other threads.

Sligo said...

Yes, occasionally the Chinese spambots get through the Blogger defenses.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, Mr President, Happy.... oh, um, wait a minute...

Seriously, thanks for all the work you do on here Sligo, and a singular Happy Birthday to the blog!

socoblogboy said...

Here's to the elder statesmen of SS bloggers. Salute!

nikki said...

You that you mention it, a Chuck E. Cheese is truly what is missing from DTSS. Congrats on three years!

Thomas Hardman said...

Congratulations, "Sligo".

If I was still doing my Welcome to Washington: Not a Pretty Sight (nor site) pages, I'd be at the 12-year mark.

Hopefully you won't get disgusted and blow it off after only 5 years, like I did.

sifalliws said...

congratulations!!! keep blogging...

Sleepless in Slumburbia said...

Good. That means your “terrible twos” are over.

No more pissing on Wheaton and reveling in misplaced schadenfreude.

Else we’ll have to sic our two-bit mareros on you.

I mean, happy blogging, Singular. Keep on keepin’ on...

Sligo said...

Uh, you're the one that refers to Wheaton as "Slumburbia". That's harsher than anything I've said.

Thomas Hardman said...

I could be mean and say "and it's more accurate than anything you've said" except that would be not entirely true.

You can't accurately say of Wheaton that it's all Slumburbia. However, "west Wheaton" where Sleepless lives, uh, definitely slumburbia. It's been slumburbia for quite a while, in a lot of ways. It's just that now in the present day, you can't even pretend to ignore it.

I think he lives on Goodhill Road, which was sketchy 15 years ago. It's pretty hellish nowadays.

Could be worse, could be over on Elby Street, or, I dunno, Atherton and Brightview. *twitch twitch* Or over on Vandalia where the lady kept her adopted kids in the freezer for a year and nobody noticed they were missing.

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