Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday News 'N Notes

This story takes place is a borderline SSINO area, but it's so bizarre I thought I'd pass it along anyway. It's so dramatically written that I can't tell if the author is trying to be funny or not.

SILVER SPRING, Md. - A local neighborhood was shocked Thursday afternoon after Montgomery County police say a deer ran through a restaurant and a Giant Food store in Silver Spring.

At the Greek Village restaurant, owner George Bourzikos watched as a deer being chased by two dogs crashed through the front window. The animal's force shattered glass and sent customers and employees scrambling for safety.

In the 40 years Bourzikos has been in the restaurant business, he says he's never seen a deer crash through his window with two dogs in hot pursuit.
Can we really trust him when he says he's never seen this happen before? I'm skeptical. (And to make it more amusing, the first time I misread this as "two hot dogs in pursuit".) I do feel bad for the deer.

- The legendary Ertter's Market (pictured), or at east the building it's in, is up for sale. You can even live upstairs.

Ertter's, along with Fairway Pharmacy (R.I.P.), sourced most of my sugar intake in elementary school. When Old Blair closed down, I figured that place was doomed, but I guess they've been able to sell enough beer & wine to get through. This might serve as a good zombie apocalypse redoubt, should the need for one (God forbid) occur. It has stores of food and a great field of fire. Is it zombie walk time yet?

- Shitty Place's premiere retailer, Burlington Coat Factory ("Not affiliated with Burlington Industries"), is even worse than you thought.

- Reminder: The Buy Local Silver Spring t-shirt event is this Saturday afternoon at Pyramid Atlantic. Price: fiedalla.


- You've probably already heard this elsewhere, but I feel I should still mention that the General Store restaurant in Forest Glen is finally open. With seats. And beer. Here's the menu as of Feb 24th. A highlight is the availability of sweetea (that's sweetened ice tea, Yankees) which can be hard to find north of the Carolinas. (Although now all McDonald's have it...)


Springvale Roader said...

Sad story about the deer, as it ended up being euthanized. People must not let their dogs run wild.

Say Sligo, didja know that Upscale Pharmacy has opened up adjacent to Whole Foods? I haven't stopped in their yet, but I find it hard to justify spending money in a place whose name all but screams, "High Prices!"

Sleepless in Slumburbia said...

I was all like, "Hey, that Greek Village restaurant looks just like the old Ertters, man!" and then I saw the explanation.

SSINO? Springular, you really need a glossary on your webpage for us central county hicks.

Hot dogs?

Burlington Coat Factory?

Hey, do they still sell dog fur coats? If so, I have a crazy beagle to unload on their supply chain buyers.

Just kidding. I love my little cur.

Easley Does It said...

I'm a customer and fan of the Upscale Pharmacy--though I gotta agree it's kind of an unfortunate name for these times. The owners are great, and the service is warm and personal. I don't know about the off-the-shelf items, but prescriptions cost the same as at CVS. Of course, the best part is you AVOID CVS!

Sligo said...

SSINO = Silver Spring In Name Only

Basically an area away from downtown that technically has a Silver Spring address but is commonly known locally as something else.

Examples: Colesville, Aspen Hill, White Oak, Langley Park, etc.

Nothing against them, but it seems that when something bad happens there, the headline will read something like "Murder in Silver Spring", which always leads people to believe that the downtown area and nearby environs are more dangerous than they really are.

Mike said...

The SSINO moniker prompted this: From time to time, people debate the boundaries of
Silver Spring would be if we defined it for the purpose of, say, incorporation.

Where would you draw the line? Which neighborhoods would be in, which out? We've seen some of Sligo's "outs" (with which I would agree).

Discuss. :-)

Anonymous said...

As Michael Scott says, "go into Burlington Coat Factory with $600, and you are LITERALLY a king"

chaz said...

We got take out from the General Store last week (they were seating people, but we wanted a quick meal). Food was good and reasonable, and they seemed to be doing good business. Also, they have Moxie.

WashingtonGardener said...

Mike - I think that SS should be defined as the 20910 zip code - anything outside that usually has its own neighborhood name to go with their postal code already and could go by that.

Sligo said...

Well, as a resident of 20901 and of a neighborhood that only goes by "Silver Spring", I can't go along with that particular plan..

WashingtonGardener said...

Wouldn't 20901 be Woodmoor or Four Corners? I don't know the history of that area - but I bet there were previous names for it.

Sligo said...

Four Corners and Woodmoor are in 20901, but the part of 20901 that I live in wouldn't be considered either of those.