Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day News 'N Notes

- After a midday trip to the Burnt Mills Starbucks today, I’m now fairly confident that it will survive the ax when Starbucks announces its next round of store cuts. It was packed at two in the afternoon, with nary a seat to be found. (Of course, one could argue that the people that buy a $2 cup of coffee and loiter for two hours are terrible customers.) It may seem to be located in an strange place - sandwiched between two nearby Starbucks, but among other things it’s got a built-in customer base of Trader Joe’s shoppers to support it.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, and as a follow-up to the recent discussion over the relative merits of Silver Spring’s various groceries, here’s a terrific video tribute to the market that you may enjoy. Most of the things mentioned are applicable to our own store, with the obvious exception of the alcohol sales.

- Gary Stith, director of the Silver Spring Regional Center, has announced he is stepping down to take another position with the county, and that the county will be looking for his replacement. I happen to know someone who might be interested. (*cough* *cough*) This would a perfect opportunity to remake Silver Spring to fit the image I have for it. I promise that there will be no charettes involved and that the Silent Majority of Silver Springers will be quite pleased with the results. What say you, Ike?

It’s not quite the same, but when my current position within Corporate America is ultimately eliminated, I aspire to become one of the guys with the red shirts who cruises around downtown Silver Spring on a Segway.

- I think the idea that in the present economic climate that it is reasonable to build a $700,000 pedestrian bridge from the Wayne Avenue garage to the planned library is completely absurd. It doesn’t take a real taxpayer of genius to figure that out. Sure the intersection at Wayne and Fenton isn’t great, but we can spend 700 grand in a hell of a lot better ways than that. Or, they could just save the money and lower my property taxes accordingly. Seriously, just build the damn library in City Place. Multiple problems solved.

My favorite quote from a Washington Post article on the subject:

"If you can't get to something easily, why bother?"

Imagine if that was the attitude of Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Sir Edmund Hillary or the members of the Apollo Program…

- I has a golf course. Noooo they be stealin' my golf course!

The Montgomery County Revenue Authority wants out of its lease for the Sligo Creek Golf Course, claiming that since its plan to add a driving range was thwarted by the “community” (like most every plan in Montgomery County) the course is no longer financially viable. That could potentially mean that the course would be shut down if the county couldn’t operate it on its own.

I’m not a golfer myself, but it’s comforting to know that we have our own convenient little public course available for use should I decide to take up the game.

(The real tragedy in all this was the non-addition of the mini-golf courses that were planned along with the driving range. *Sigh*)

- Those of you that regularly endure the endless stop and go experience that is a trip on the one of the S buses, you’ll be happy to hear that Metro has announced the creation of an express bus on 16th St. that will run during rush hour between Silver Spring and downtown DC.

Instead of making 82 stops from the Silver Spring Metro station to Federal Triangle or Potomac Park, the express would make 16 stops between Silver Spring Station and McPherson Square.
The last time I rode an S bus, someone attacked the outside of the bus and chased it down the street. Ah, the joys of Metrobus ridership...


ian.swank said...

Ugh, I'm really hoping they don't shut down Sligo Creek Course. It's such a great little course

Anonymous said...

Sligo -- I gotta say that the more I think about the Library going into Shitty Place, the more I like it. It does make alotta sense. The J.D.s that hang there now might even find they like it. Maybe the Library could even start classes on the concept of respecting oneself and others....

Thayer Ave., too said...

Was it zombies that attacked your bus?

Sligo said...

No, but I've seen that happen.

Sleepless in Slumburbia said...

Silver Shproing. You’re only a few road rage conniptions down Georgia Avenue and yet truly a world away.

When will our slummy corner of MoCo get its day, dammit? Must we incorporate or pull something equally desperate? Yeah, yeah, I know, the Plaza helped kill Silver Spring retail way back in the day, so you guys want to see us crash and burn. Isn’t it bad enough that Silver Spring took MCAD away from us? The pointy-headed Wheaton Redevelopment know-it-alls are barely even talking about a so-called “arts district” anymore.

Hahah, I thought by “J.D.s” Anonymous meant juris doctors, but I keep forgetting that you guys get your share of ills down there in the county’s favorite New Urban dystopia. (I call these foul-mouthed fiends “juvies,” but who knows how many of them will end up J.D.s. After all, our schools are magnifique, no?)

And oh yeah, we’d like some more zombies around here, too.

—west Wheaton

Thomas Hardman said...

Look at it this way: if they close the golf course, that will mean more squirrels and rabbits and stuff for you to hunt when the Wheat Stem Rust goes global this summer and kills off every last crop of wheat, which of course will mean that there won't be any food for livestock (not to mention nor will there be any bread).

Let's see, global economic meltdown, global starvation and rioting, what's a few zombies here and there unless they start lurching around the golf course while you're trying to bag some rabbits.

Sleepless in Slumburbia: Um, yeah. Let's incorporate Aspen Hell and Connecticut Park Estates and Veirs Mill Village. I think we'd be the lowest-average-income township in Maryland, but what th' heck.

RoseAG said...

I wish they'd leave the library where it is and expand it. There is plenty of room along Colesville Road.

I love the associated park.

Thayer-D said...

I don't know what's the best use for the Old Library site, but it's a chance to amp up the urban creds by getting a spanking new library right in Downtown. As for the $700K bridge, buy some nonstick sneakers for all those people who keep slipping on those hated brick sidewalks.

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