Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Kwanzaa. As is tradition, I went to see a movie on Christmas evening. The Majestic was packed, and I was unsurprised to discover that someone had chosen to bring their fussy infant with them to a 7 o'clock show. Fortunately, the two-and-a-half hours of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was clearly too much for the child, as after awhile it appeared to have gone to sleep, leaving me in peace.

- I hadn't been aware until yesterday that Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was from Silver Spring and is a Blair alumnus. While he had a great game last week with 136 yards and two touchdowns, Shiancoe will probably always best be known for his full frontal shot on national TV earlier this year. Sadly, while the Vikings have a decent shot at the playoffs, fellow Silver Springer Shawn "Silver" Springs and the Redskins will be staying home this January. :(

- Today's issue of the Washington Times has an article about the restoration of the National Park Seminary. The ballroom looks like it would be a great place for events. I wonder if they will be renting it out for weddings, etc.

- I'm glad to see the Woodside Deli has a great sense of humor. the restaurant will charge you extra if you point out errors on their menu:

Any patron discovering any misspellings in the menu will be charges (sic) an additional $.05 per mistake.
While not as fanatical as some people, one of my passions/OCD compulsions is proofreading restaurant menus and signs.

Here's a beauty I saw last week on the front door of the Pho 75 restaurant on Rockville Pike. (Radio Shark!)

- While we're on the subject of signs, here's parking sign that someone sent me a photo of awhile back. This is from outside the New Yorker Bakery on Georgia avenue. How many quarters is 30 hours of parking?

(On a side note, it annoys me to no end that while it clearly looks like a store, the New Yorker Bakery in Silver Spring is not actually a retail location, but rather bakes breads for their Bethesda store. I was massively disappointed the first time I stopped by thinking I could get some bagels. Are we not good enough for bagels???)


Dave Murphy said...

Someone from the Blair High School football team made it all the way to the NFL? Unbelievable!

Fun fact, the Silver Spring Saints youth football organization has had at least 4 players make the NFL.

andy sz said...

You can buy breads and bagels from the New York Bakery at Snider's

Sligo said...

Ah, good to know. I guess I have bought bagels from them indirectly.

Anonymous said...

Actually they had a very small retail store for a short time when they first occupied the space. It used the door closest to the gas station. It was not easy to get to and never developed much business from what I could see.
Whether retail or not, I wish they would improve the look of the space from the street. It keeps getting worse.

nate said...

I so want to shop at the Radio Shark!

Anonymous said...

The bakery does nothing to improve the slumlike appearance of that strip. It keeps getting worse. Also, soon the Liberty Tax guy will be back waving on the corner!

Easley Does It said...

I wanna know who the 4 NFL players are who played with the SS Saints? I'm guessing Shawn Springs was one.

Sligo said...

Here's two, but you've probably never heard of them.

Zack Hilton
Victor Sesay

Anonymous said...

I think the child had the right idea about sleeping through Benjamin Button. That movie sucked.

SRaab said...

OK,tell me what you would like to see at a retail bakery at our site on Georgia Ave.
A full line of bakery products or a factory outlet store of breads,rolls and bagels?
Would you shop there even with the limited access off Georgia?


Sligo said...

If I could get fresh bagels, I would be quite happy. That small lot @ Dale & Georgia is fine for me. I don't mind walking 1/2 a block.

Springvale Roader said...

If I could get New York quality bagels, I would definitely go to Dale & Georgia, too -- especially if there were salt bagels.

kelinci said...

I want to shop Kelinci

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