Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day News 'N Notes

- Greater Greater Washington has some criticism of the new Silver Spring library design. I am in 100% agreement on the absurdity of constructing free library parking when there is a huge garage directly across the street.

- Neel Kashkari, the man in charge of our $700,000,000,000 (+?) bailout, is a Silver Spring resident. I bet kids who trick or treated at his house got a garbage bag full of candy.

- Pan flute players were reportedly spotted in DTSS. We can now rest easy, knowing we are safe from the threat of giant guinea pigs.

- McGinty's Public House is opening up a second location in Virginia. Does this mean the chain-haters now find its presence in Silver Spring abhorrent, or does the number of outlets have to reach a certain level before a chain restaurant becomes unacceptable?

- The Silverdocs Film Festival is looking for volunteers to sit around their house and screen entries for their '09 event. Hey,if you've been laid off recently, what's stopping you?

- For those who haven't checked out our Zombie Walk photo pool, we've now got over 100 pics up.


Tina & Drew said...

Holy crap Spingular - I said the same thing when I saw the pan flute players downtown. :) hope they're there this coming weekend!

socoblogboy said...

According to Google, Kashkari lives at 12804 Littleton St in SS. His # is 240-430-0480 if you want to lobby for a bit of the $700 mill. I would guess this is Wheaton (in b/w CT and Viers Mill) but Google does call this SS. I am under the assumption we only have one Neel Kashkari in SS.

Sligo said...

So he's actually SSINO? He's no Jack Abramoff.

Thomas Hardman said...

Littleton Street? OMFG, that's too weird.

That is, next to the Rockville 20853 (Aspen Hill, actually) zipcode one of the most foreclosure-riddled neighborhoods in MoCo.

See Long and Foster's Foreclosures website and punch in 20853. Almost all of those in 20853 are in my part of Aspen Hell. Then punch in 20906, in which Littleton Street is located, in the subdivision of "Connecticut Avenue Park".

If that's where he lives, he doesn't have to go far at all to see what the US would look like if it turned into a Third World country with universal destitution and grim poverty overtaking the former glory of once-nice suburbia. Hell, he only needs to talk a walk from his house up to "Korean Korner" (Veirs Mill and Randolph) first thing in the morning and watch all of the day-laborers chasing down every pickup that turns into the parking lot.

Or he could just cross the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek on the new Matthew Henson Hiker-Biker trail and be in the grimmest part of Aspen Hill, also known as Wheaton Woods... and he'd be a mere two blocks from where that lady lived with two adopted children probably already in her deep freeze.

If people who are used to living out here in Aspen Hell are the ones tasked with salvaging the glory that was once America, folks better stock up on canned food. Because if these guys judge how others across the country should live by the standards prevailing where they live, we're all pretty much screwed, even the folks in Potomac.

Anonymous said...

He's not the owner at that address:

Maybe he's renting, but according to his bio, "Prior to joining the Treasury Department, Kashkari was a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco." Seems strange that a former Goldman VP would be renting, much less in 20906.

Thomas Hardman said...

I think that this pretty much covers what you could expect if you were renting in Aspen Hell and were controlling gazillions of dollars and went out for some fast food...

But all in all, guess where we'll all be right after the failed Xmas shopping season collapses the consumer economy after the bailout transfers the next two decades of taxpayer debt to Wall Street execs.

socoblogboy said...

OK, I do now feel a little weird probing this guy's personal info. But according to my research, it does look like Kashkari lives on Littleton St. His wikipedia entry says he grew up in OH. And the Kashkari I found in my research did grow up in OH, had a previous address in Redwood City, CA and now calls SS home. I'm not sure about the real property records for MD. Perhaps they are outdated, maybe Kashkari is renting, I'm not sure. But it does strike me as odd that this guy would live in an 1,100 SF house in that neighborhood. Maybe this is a sign? He knows what's coming. It is now time to panic!

Vagrarian said...

When we start up CSI: SILVER SPRING, we need to sign up socoblogboy....

Terry in Silver Spring said...

How did a guy from Silver Spring reach that level of prominence in the Bush administration? I thought all the favored Bushies were graduates of Liberty University and, as such, would be a bit freaked out by Wheaton and Silver Spring.

Sligo said...

Maybe he didn't know any better, like all the people from out of town who move into "The Enclave".

Thomas Hardman said...

Heh. Most people just driving past think it's just a sketchy little neighborhood of late-1950s houses all built by Levitt Corp and made of ticky-tacky. But they're easily fooled by the surface appearances and have no idea of the extents of the undergrounds and old-school Cold-War tunnels in... Veirs Mill Village.

I mean, seriously, who ever would have suspected that Dick Cheney's "undisclosed location" was the sub-sub-basement of Chuck Levin's Music Store in Wheaton? Proof? Ever since they closed down the Little Tavern in Wheaton, we've stopped hearing about Cheney's heart problems as he's no longer subsisting in "Big Bag with Onions".

But as long as we are concocting fantasy about poor Mr Kashkari, let's note that he was an aerospace engineer and working for TRW, with his wife working for Lockheed Martin, according to the Washington Post. The two of them might very easily have occasionally working out of the BAE Systems facility in Aspen Hill. Almost all of these "beltway bandit" companies have liason offices in or quite near each others' campi, and indeed it's very common for specialists to be traded around internally, working at one facility while drawing their paychecks from an employer based at another facility. Think of it as the same sort of situation where a post-office vehicle wrecks into an armored car. You wind up with 20 kinds of badges on the scene but they're all working the same incident.

Aspen Hill and "west Wheaton" and "east Rockville" are in fact extremely conveniently equidistant from a lot of major employers in the aerospace/biotech/IT space that feeds off of Federal contracts. So it would not be too much of a surprise to see the employees of such firms sacrificing comfort and McMansionlands such as Olney for an easier commute. Aspen Hill once was in fact known to be a favored neighborhood for mid-level Federal government employees near the top of their career track. Connecticut Avenue Park had a comparable reputation, though mostly for the County government mid-level folks, or for workers at places like Vitro (now BAE).

See also:

Vagrarian said...

Aaaaand we have another recruit for CSI: SILVER SPRING.

Thomas Hardman said...

So where exactly does CSI: SILVER SPRING occur? Wherever Silver Springers are to be found?

BTW I saw Kashkari on CSPAN last night, delayed ercording from where he was getting the third-degree for about 3 hours on the Hill.

Most of the questions asked by the Finance Committee folks impressed the heck out of me.

Kashkari kept to the position that even though the original purpose of the $700-billions was to buy toxic mortgage-related debt, the mission now was now, and should be, to free up the credit markets so that interbank and consumer credit could flow to those who needed it.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R, CA-49th) was strangely oppositional when pointing out that a huge percentage of the toxic debt in his district was in fact "liar loans" made to people who had no legal ID, no bank accounts, no SSN, and no discernable income, and that perhaps most of this seemed to be related to money-laundering by Mexican drug gangs.

The details weren't revealed. Nor was Issa's complaint; what, did he actually want to Federal government to flood that market with cash for the gangsters to harvest to cover their own asses?

However, when Kashkari responded to that, it was almost as if he was saying, "yes I understand the insalvageability of those loans and the level of toxicity" but what he actually said was "it benefits all Americans when we avoid that issue and work on the credit markets and interbank issues".

If in fact Kashkari lives in Connecticut Avenue Park", no doubt a simple walk around his block and a bit of research with the Maryland Tax Assessments website would clue him in as to the magnitude and massively widespread fraudulent nature of the "liar loans" handed out to people with questionable or even faked credentials. Let those properties be foreclosed-upon, they aren't who we want to benefit, seemed to be the general message.

So, where is CSI: Silver Spring?

Vagrarian said...

Where is CSI: Silver Spring? Good question. Could we rig up a lab in the back room of the Quarry House?

Thomas Hardman said...

Count me out.

I got the impression on my initial visit -- the night of the Zombie Walk -- that they jes' don't like my kind in there.

When I pay 11 bucks for a 12-ounce Trappist Monk beer, I don't expect to set it down on the bar and have someone slam-dunk a handful of nasty into it within 3 seconds, bold as day and grinning as they do it, and ever have me grace the establishment again.

I call that the bum-rush. Considering that I'd just spent $30 on rare beer in the preceding hour, it isn't as if they thought I was a slow-sipper. I figure that on my first visit it couldn't possibly be personal... so it's age-ism or racism or classism.

CSI: Silver Spring can figure out which, for the first assignment.

Need a clue?

Vagrarian said...

Well, it was an off-the-cuff choice. Maybe we could take over the old firehouse, since that brewpub seems to be taking for-freakin'-ever. Or slap a roof over that burned-out shell on Georgia. Or a back room at Mayorga. Anyone have any ideas? I'm open to suggestions....

Gingerb said...

No, the lot at Wayne/Fenton is pretty full and hard to get into sometimes, particularly on weekends.

They need library only parking.

I have sat in lines to exit that lot where I was snaked up 2-3 levels waiting for traffic to clear so I could exit onto Wayne.

People won't use the library if parking isn't easy, so either don't built the library or built it with parking.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm slow, but what's a "handful of nasty"?

Thayer Ave., too said...

Yeah, I'm a little confused about the whole "handful of nasty" thing, too. Who's slapping what here? Patrons? Staff? The Undead? I can't imagine anyone who works behind the bar at the QH putting something in a patron's drink. They're generally quite professional.

Whatever it was, things were quite, well...unusual...on Zombie Night everywhere in DTSS, so I wouldn't judge anybody or anything on something that happened while being swarmed by brain-seeking flesh eaters!

Anonymous said...

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