Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Zombie Walk is On!

The details for the First Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk have been finalized (for the most part), and we now even have an official website, thanks to Eric at

The undead shall gather at the Quarry House Tavern on Saturday, November 1st starting at 8PM. Once the Zombie Mob has reached critical mass it will be unleashed on the unsuspecting denizens of downtown Silver Spring. After wreaking havoc upon the Ellsworth Promenade and surrounding environs, it will conclude at the AFI Silver Theatre for a 10:30 showing of the movie that started it all: Night of the Living Dead.

All ages are welcome - even kids can be zombified. Further details specifics on the walk will be forthcoming. BE THERE!

Here's the official Facebook event page, for those of you that into that kinda stuff.

For more information on Zombie Walks, my original post is here.


silver spring penguin said...

That's the best undead penguin ever! Hope I look as good during the walk.

baj said...