Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Turf (2005-2008)

The Turf is now officially dead:

Photo by Flickr user wombatarama.

I'm hitting that dumpster tonight and getting a piece.


David said...

R.I.P. Turf

Thomas Hardman said...


Thomas Hardman said...

Sorry to folow myself, but if the Turf is officially dead, and it rises again...

mu hah hah hah hah'

See previous thread for clue, and in closing, braaaaaaaaiiiinnnssss ("send more cops").

Easley said...

LoL @ Thomas - "Zombie Turf." Sounds like one of those C-level Sci-Fi Movies.

wombat said...

Silver Spring Singular: Now with zombies in every comment thread!

Speaking of which, it might be a good idea to reconsider the fire station as a place to hide from them. I drove by the other day - did you ever notice that the garage doors are made of glass???

Anonymous said...

I still think a civic center building is an absolute waste of space. I mean, seriously, how often will the citizens of MontCo use that facility? I would rather have a condo full of yuppies with room for green space in that location.


Thomas Hardman said...

Hey, I think it's yet another stroke of my clearly unappreciated artistic and social engineering genius.

From here on in, anytime there's some place, thing, or situation which clearly is approved of and used with satisfaction by the Public-at-Large, and some politicians or developers get some Grand Idea to tear down what works and replace it with something expensive that has at best arguable chances for success...

Let the Zombie Turf come forth and be placed upon the scene! Let it stike, if not terror and consternation, at least a debate: "Remember how much everyone like the Turf, and then they ripped it up and replaced it with a jillion-dollar civic center that nobody uses?"

Thus, shredded remnants of the Turf paced on a controversial development site become a physical metaphor which invites gatherings of protestors, all of whom can bear signage to the effect of "did whoever thought up this idea have any braaaaaaainnnnsssss?"

People who never read this blog (as if) will have no clue whatsoever. To them it will just be a shred of outdoor athletic surfacing material that mysteriously appeared out of someone's closet.

To the cognoscenti and bloggerati, it will be a stunning indictment or at least an excuse to carry on with hijinks and to go on and on about a joke that nobody else gets.

Thayer Ave., too said...

Oooh-- I need to steal some bits of turf for my Turf Zombie costume! And I could even haunt future events at the site, lurching around and frightening small children and hopefully some guilt-ridden city planners. (Or is that more ghost than zombie? I guess I'd need to eat their brains if I'm a Turf Zombie, right?)
Actually, a modern art piece incorporating bits of the old Turf would be a great centerpiece for the new civic building. A nice reminder of what was-- and what could have been.

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