Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Steve & Barry Receive Stay of Execution

It appears that the speculation about Steve & Barry's demise may have been somewhat premature. The retailer was purchased yesterday by investment firm Bay Harbour Management, which plans to keep existing stores in operation.

Yeah, it's not the greatest store ever, but at least it's moderately interesting to browse there for t-shirts once in awhile and is the only reason I've ventured into Shitty Place in the last year. I must admit that I was rocking my $6 Autobot t-shirt from S&B's this past weekend.

For those of you that think that S&B's is another crappy discount store in City Place, you're not wrong, but the fact is that it probably wouldn't have been replaced with anything better... if anything at all.


Bonifant more sinister than Thayer said...

Maybe they'll change it to Steve & Barry & Lavon's Passion Pudding Palace.


Terry in Silver Spring said...

The City Place Steve and Barry's is MILES ahead of the Steve and Barry's I've visited in the Detroit area. This store is more organized like a small department store, rather than the clearance store feeling the Detroit locations have.

Steve and Barry's has cute, modern clothes at affordable prices. Wouldn't it be nice if kids wanted the Starbury sneakers (less than $20 a pair, if I recall correctly) rather than Nikes for more than $150 per pair.

Vagrarian said...

Good news, I guess.

Whatever became of the Fractured Prune store that was to open opposite Whole Paycheck? I haven't seen a sign of anything happening there yet.

silver spring penguin said...

S&B's tee shirts are great, but the women's section is always a disaster when I visit. Empty racks and out-of-season stuff (crushed black velvet in June).

I wonder what the new investors have in mind for the place.

bonifant more sinister than thayer said...

Fractured Prune and Alberto's... victims of the credit crisis??

Anonymous said...

BMSTT, if you want $240 worth of puddin', you'll have to look elsewhere than Steve and Barrys

Anonymous said...

I think it's at least better than Marshall's and Burlington. They sell "cheap" clothes for not cheap prices, S&B sells cheap clothes for cheap.

Springvale Roader said...

Just the other day I peeked through the window coverings of where Fractured Prune is supposed to be (the old MotoFoto), and I'm sorry to report that from what I could see, absolutely nothing has changed inside since MotoFoto closed.

Anonymous said...

Since we have unofficially renamed City Place "Shitty Place," why don't we start referring to the Majestic as "The Pathetic?"

pia said...

The Fractured Prune in Dupont didn't last, I wonder what makes them think this one will... think Silver Springers eat more donuts that are WAY too sweet?

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