Thursday, August 07, 2008


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm doughnuts.

While there has been zero activity inside their future location between Whole Foods and Strosnider's, Fractured Prune is still planning on opening up for business in the near future. According to the company, they hope to be up and running by December or January.

The Prune could also face some unexpected competition in the doughnut arena, as Dunkin' Donuts just signed a deal to bring ten new locations to the D.C. area, one of which will be in Silver Spring. Whether the store will be in downtown Silver Spring or some SSINO Siberia remains to be seen.

Personally, I won't be satisfied until someone builds a store with a giant doughnut-shaped sign.

Of course all of these are poor substitutes for the old Montgomery Donuts on Wayne (RIP).


bonifant more sinister than thayer said...

SSINO Siberia -- is that like Burtonsville?

How about Alberto's? Had a tasty slice of their pizza for lunch today.

Jessica McFadden said...

There's a sign for a new Dunkin Donuts coming soon to Aspen Hill, in the site of the closed down Caribou Coffee. Still considered Silver Spring, so that might be it.

Anonymous said...

I really hope a Dunkin' Donuts comes to the downtown area. Coming from the NYC area I miss their coffee, we already have a ton, what's one more chain?

lil b said...

due Dunkaccini, per favore!!

Sligo said...

re: Aspen Hill

It's possible, but this deal was in the last day or so, so it's unlikely they've put up signage yet.

Elliot said...

Only two locations in Maryland are currently being processed, neither of which are in DTSS. One is 13874 Georgia Ave 20906 which I believe is where Caribou used to occupy. The other is 13424 New Hampshire Ave 20904 which is a good 10 miles from 20910. The Veridian Apts seem like an appropriate place for a new DD -- we'll see.

Sligo said...

Plus there's already one up Georgia Ave in Wheaton.

rd said...

What we need is a frickin' Denny's or IHOP in the CBD!!!

Sligo said...


No doubt someone will inevitably say "Why do we need a Denny's or IHOP when we have the Tastee Diner?", so I am going to get it out of the way now:

Why do we need a Denny's or IHOP when we have the Tastee Diner?

Answer: Because while it may be sacrilege to say so, Tastee Diner doesn't offer all that great of a breakfast. It's pretty basic. For example, the French Toast is made on something akin to Wonder Bread, while a proper FT is made with nice, thick bread. Even the fake "Diner" in Adams Morgan has much better food, which is why there's a line out front every weekend morning. Why can't Tastee be like that?

Vagrarian said...

Try Mark's Kitchen in Downtown Takoma for their breakfast; the buckwheat banana pancakes are to die for. There's frequently a line to get in on weekends, though.

The Tastee is handy for late-night snacks after clubbing. You see the most interesting people at 3am on November 1st.

Nonsequitur alert...where's a good place in or near DTSS to get a guy's haircut?

nikki said...

Since we are talking about things we wish for, I would kill for a WaWa in DTSS. WaWa is paradise at 3am after you have hit the bars.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

It's not in DTSS, but the BEST breakfast around is at Parkway.

ForestGlen said...

Off topic, but I saw 12 or 13 police cars on Georgia Ave. flying towards Silver Spring around 10:30 p.m. last night ...anyone know what was going on?

Thayer Avenue said...

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"

Gary H said...

There WAS a DD near DTSS (Georgia @ Seminary, between Kirstie's Cafe and Silver Cycle) but it closed when Kirstie's expanded a couple of years ago. And there was Montgomery Donut next to Staples/CVS. Closed maybe 5 years ago? Donuts are having a hard time in the 'Spring....

Anonymous said...

Tastee Diner sucks. Period. Of course food that sucks can be made much more palatable when prices are low (TD's are not for what you get...and I ain't talkin' about nostalgia).

What we need in DTSS is a WAFFLE HOUSE. People unite...let's bring WH here and give the people what they need.

Anonymous said...

If we got a dunkin donuts and Wawa in SS, I could be happy here.

Anonymous said...

parkway does indeed have a bomb breakfast. i mean it's not the heart of dtss, but it's pretty damn close by. mark's is sooooo good too.

there's an ihop in ss as well, up 29 right past white oak in the new shopping center near target.

Sarah said...

there's a prune in what is technically silver spring, way up new hampshire. i mean it's pretty freaking far from dtss but certainly within those murky ss borders! god damn, i love that place. no suburban location can stack up to the ones fresh at the beach though. something about that salty air...

Vagrarian said...

Hmm, I have a couple of days off next week, just to bum around, so I may have to check out Parkway's breakfast. Sounds like a good way of whiling away a lazy morning...

The Dad Report said...

Sligo, you nailed it. Every one of these places is a pretender to the throne to Montgomery Donuts. I used to go there at least once a week. I miss that place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Tastee Diner sucks. Period. Of course food that sucks can be made much more palatable when prices are low (TD's are not for what you get...and I ain't talkin' about nostalgia).

What we need in DTSS is a WAFFLE HOUSE. People unite...let's bring WH here and give the people what they need.

Friday, August 08, 2008 11:48:00 AM

RE: I'm not going to suggest DTSS as good location for a Waffle House(mainly because of its reputation of being located near Interchanges to attract Local and Interstate Customers) but Most Definately a great location(s) to build a Waffle House would be Along Georgia Avenue(in the Shopping Center by I-495), US Highway 29/University Blvd.(Near I-495 and Blair HS), US Highway 29/New Hampsire Avenue by the White Oak Shopping Center, and/or New Hampshire Avenue at the Hillandale Shopping Center by I-495.

Anonymous said...

no, the last thing we need is a Waffle House. Gross!

Anonymous said...

WaWa would be nice too...go New Castle Valley.

Thayer Ave., too said...

1) Tastee's biscuits are pretty darn tastee, although they did suffer a bit with the trans-fat-ectomy.

2) Gotta love the Denny's grilled cheese. Best. Drunk. Food. Ever. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten at a Denny's before midnight and/or sober. There was one on the main drag at my college, and at 2 AM when the bars closed, you couldn't get in the front door.

3) Forget Dunkin, give me a Krispy Kreme any day. (Yes, I'm from the South, but even you New Yorkers gotta admit, those glazed babies are a little piece of white-flour-refined-sugar-astronomical-fat-content heaven.)

4) If I ever find myself at an IHOP again, I plan to order a "Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity" just so I can repeat it six or seven times during the ordering process. "And does the Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity come with toast on the side? Could I please have some syrup for my Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity? Why yes, thank you, my Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity is quite tasty this morning."

silver spring penguin said...

Thayer Ave, Too wrote:

"Forget Dunkin, give me a Krispy Kreme any day. (Yes, I'm from the South, but even you New Yorkers gotta admit, those glazed babies are a little piece of white-flour-refined-sugar-astronomical-fat-content heaven.)"

As a former resident of New York, I must admit that Krispy Kremes beat Dunkin Donuts by a mile. Besides, Dunkin Donuts doesn't have a conveyor belt for frying and glazing.

Still, I wouldn't say no to a donut.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
no, the last thing we need is a Waffle House. Gross!

Sunday, August 10, 2008 11:10:00 AM

RE: If they built a Waffle House in Silver Spring, Its your right not to eat there if you don't want to.

Meg said...

Donut lovers - The fabulous Donut Plant is coming to the "DC area" (they have not said where - but by "area" I ass-U-me that it is outside of the District. Please may they not go over the godawful Virginia.

Anonymous said...

People that hate Tastee and love the Waffle House? Okay, they are both so far on the other side of the spectrum from what I consider a gppd breakfast place, but I don't see much of a difference. Tastee is non-chain garbage and the Awful House is chain garbage.

Give me Parkway any day.

As far as the comment about the person who dissed Awful House (which was not me) not having to eat there; true enough, but you are missing the point. The point is this is a place where people can comment on what they like and don't like. To say that the person does not have to eat there is like saying that if you don't like DTSS, you don't have to come here.

Vagrarian said...

I've eaten at a few Waffle Houses/Awful Houses in my time, and in my opinion they're no better and no worse than the Tastee Diner.

I'll be doing breakfast at Parkway tomorrow, and am looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

I want Dunkin for the coffee, not the donuts. Krisyp Kreme's coffee is just nasty and I'm sick of the burnt taste of Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts would make tons of money in downtown Silver Spring, I hope we get one soon.

Dan Reed said...

My bad if someone already mentioned this:

Dunkin' Donuts is opening a new store in the building at Colesville and Ramsey that burned out several years ago. The redeveloped building is called "Hale Center." There's also going to be an M&T Bank. Check out a brochure here.

Anonymous said...

There's also something called Qdoba Mexican Grill listed on the brochure. Looks like a fast food franchise. But good news to see that site fully redeveloped!

Anonymous said...

That's definitely good news if it holds up, although the map also says that there is a Harris Teeter on Georgia, which to my knowledge isn't true.

Jennifer said...

Qdoba is like a higher-end Chipotle. It will be a fine addition to the to-go lunch options in DTSS.

I am so excited about the Dunkin Donuts. It's great that they've got quality tenants moving into these store fronts. Perhaps this will sound a last bell for the remainder of Skid Row and the shady McDonalds?

squirrelist said...

Sure, Qdoba is tasty, but it is owned by Jack in the Box. But then again, Chipotle is owned by McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Micky Sleeze spun off Chipotle in 2006. Now that said, the one and only time I went to the Chipotle in DTSS, they were playing rap so loud that I turned around, walked out, and went up to Lebenese Taverna instead. The really sad part was that the rapper was neither a Texan or Mexican. I'd of stayed for Latin Rap, or if Chipotle served Soul Food.

Anonymous said...

13424 New Hampshire Avenue (old Hollywood Video) will be a Dunkin Donuts. That what the work permit posted in the window says.

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