Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Write The Power (Redux)

Last year I tried to get Consolidated Theatres to improve the situation at The Majestic by encouraging people to submit a complaint to the corporate office. Unfortunately, this effort resulted in zero response from the company. Turns out that unbeknownst to me, The Majestic has now come under new management - Consolidated was purchased by Regal Entertainment Group back in January.

The good news here is that Regal seems to actually to give a damn - they are the company which introduced the wireless complaint devices that I have long advocated for the Majestic. These devices are provided to "mature audience members", who also get free popcorn to boot. Regal actually seems to have a grasp of reality:

[Regal Chief Executive Michael] Campbell said that ordinarily customers won't say anything such problems while the film is running. "They just will complain on their way out or, in the worst case scenario, they don't come back."
This system was rolled out to 114 theaters as of a year ago, including seven in the DC area. I need to find out if they have that at The Majestic yet. You can bet that I will be requesting the use of one at every show I go to.

The bad news about Regal? They may have their ushers panhandle you. (Wait, they actually HAVE ushers?)

At minimum, this ownership change provides you, the theatergoer, with a chance to express your displeasure to the new management, who hopefully cares more than the previous one. Regal has detailed comment form on their website. I strongly encourage everyone to provide feedback to Regal. Please let me know if anyone receives a response.


Springvale Roader said...

I did get a response from Consolidated Monstrosities in response to your blogging campaign. I received a personal email (as opposed ot the form non-response) where they expressed genuine concern over the fact that a blog was criticizing them. However -- wouldn't you know -- they were only concerned about the name of your blog, and not the substance of your critique, and they never got back to me on my concerns. So, the hell with them.

I will contact Regal and let them know that local blogs are chatting about how awful the Majestic is. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks for doing this!

74editrix said...

Heh. The Regal form's ratings go from "Excellent" to "Very Good" to "Acceptable" as the lowest. What if I don't find something acceptable? Love those corporate results-skewing measures. "Well, 95% of respondents rated the picture quality as 'acceptable,' so yay us! Don't change anything!"


74editrix said...

NM. Darn browser hid the other ranges behind some banner ad. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

Thayer Avenue said...

Another great thing about Regal: with your Regal Crown Club Card, you get free small popcorn on Tuesdays (and sucky $1.00 candy on Mondays).

Anonymous said...

Wow -- if Regal actually does something, I may finally consider going back there. I swore off that theater a long time ago.

Nate said...

Since the last time you posted on this issue I've been to two movies at the Majestic. I saw evening shows of Iron Man and the Indiana Jones sequel during their opening weekends, in full theaters, so there were plenty of teenagers in both audiences. And yet no one's phone rang, no one misbehaved, there was no noise or unwelcome talking . . .

You must just have the worst luck in the world at this theater. I keep going to movies there and haven't had an experience worth complaining about yet.

Anonymous said...

Nate -

sounds like you're in the twilight zone. Or perhaps you're watching the am/early pm showings?

Vagrarian said...

My experience at the Majestic has been a mixed bag. I've been to shows that have been simply awful for crass audiences, some that have been ideal experiences, and a lot in-between. These days I avoid late nights on Fridays and Saturdays, and often go after work on weekdays or weekend afternoons. And yes, I've encountered problematic behavior at the AFI as well, including talkers and one person who kept falling asleep and snoring loudly during Lawrence of Arabia.

Sligo said...

Heyn at least he wasn't CONSCIOUSLY being disruptive.

Nate said...

Anon, both of those experiences were at showings around 9 p.m. on weekend nights. The whole "Silver Plaza" area was completely packed both nights. I'm not trying to claim that my experiences are representative of "how things really are," but they did actually occur as I described them.

The point, in case you missed it, is simply that the plural of "anecdote" is not really equivalent to "data."

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