Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The owner of Frozen Yogurt store Tangysweet is considering Silver Spring as an additional location after recently opening a store in Dupont Circle. I'd still prefer a fancy gelato place like Bethesda Row now has. (And again, I know Kefa Cafe has gelato, but it's not open at night so it doesn't count.) Could there also also be a Fatburger in our future? I just hope it would be open at two in the morning.

- Residents along Dale Drive want drivers to slow the hell down. I can sympathize - crossing that street on foot can be daunting.

- A water main break disrupted service to a lot of homes in Silver Spring. You can all breathe easy, however - I wasn't affected.

- Reason lost out in the free library parking argument. Library patrons will get two hours of free parking, which I imagine is far more than most people would need at the library, so in effect it's the same as providing unlimited free parking. The rationale behind the argument escapes me:

Charging an hourly fee, Andrews said, would discourage low-income patrons who have no alternative mode of transportation.
Gas is $4+ a gallon - how much are they spending just to drive there? The libraries in question are in Bethesda and Rockville (and ultimately in Silver Spring), which are accessible by probably a hundred bus routes between them. No alternative mode of transportation? What am I missing? Maybe the council should read this.

- Hey, another violent crime in Silver Spring. Guess where? Also, the cops had to take a guy down right near the epicenter of Silver Spring crime, Piney Branch and University. People in that neighborhood are justifiably fed up. Interestingly, it seems to me that the perpetrators in these crimes are all from other (non-Silver Spring) neighborhoods.

- Even a local newspaper calls it "Silver Springs"... sigh.

UPDATE: Silver Spring Daily Photo has posted a fantastically ironic photo today.


Springvale Roader said...

TangySweet looks like a futuristic bus stop

Hey, you know where all those non-Silver Springers go after committing crimes at crime central? To the Majestic to chill out! (What? What did I say?!).

I suppose for you flesh-eaters, Fat Burger would be good, but I'd really like to see Amsterdam Falafel open up a branch here -- maybe at the defunct Letty's cafe near the pending Fillmore (they'd make a killing after the shows let out).

Anonymous said...

OMG, Amsterdam Cafe has the best freaking felafel this side of the middle east!! I would give my right arm if they would open in Silver Spring. They blow Lebanese Taverna and the (crappy) Moby Dick out of the water.

Sligo said...

LOL "blow Moby Dick out of the water"

Falafel is nice, but I think Julia's Empanadas would make a killing.

Vagrarian said...

I just had Amsterdam Falafel for the first time last weekend, and it was amazingly good. Julia's Empanadas would be good too. Can we have both?

I am aggravated by the library decision. Low income people having no alternative but to drive? WTF? That is the most bass-ackwards reasoning I've seen in a while.

Tina & Drew said...


If it's anything like a PinkBerry I am SO down with that. I get my PinkBerry kicks at SweetGreen in Georgetown... But you can't really compare. Need to try Tangysweet.

Tina & Drew said...

Wow spoke too soon - looks like a direct rip off of PinkBerry - Oh well take what I can get, come on Tangysweet!

And yes Amsterdam Cafe - would love one of those as well, absolutely agree with anon 7:42.

silver spring penguin said...

I vote for empanadas.

Anonymous said...

Can you investigate the weird signs on Georgia Ave (between 16th St and the Beltway)? They are handwritten ramblings that talk about the Gigliotti family vs the Marchetti mob? I stare at them while traffic is backed up every morning. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't seen those signs, but over a year ago I saw the most ordinary looking woman standing on Colesville next to the metro station holding a big cardboard sign with Gigiliotti family tirades on it. I was fascinated and tried really hard to remember the names she mentioned to Google them later, but ended up forgetting them. She's been on this mission for a long time. Wonder what's up with her- crazy or actually chased by the mob??