Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday News 'N Notes

- It figures - Shitty City Place finally snags a moderately interesting tenant and it turns out they may not even be able to make rent. Steve & Barry's is on the brink of bankruptcy and could soon join Storehouse Furniture (remember them?) in the retail afterlife. City Place should just keep them on rent free as a charity case - half that mall is vacant, anyway. At least it brings a few extra people in. Seriously, what are they going to replace it with? A BIGGER dollar store?

I think my $5 TransFormers shirt from Steve & Barry's is the only non-restaurant purchase I've made in City Place in at least ten years. And yes, you have every right to beat me up if you see me wearing it.

- Don't forget the first Crafty Bastards fair in Silver Spring is this Saturday from 10-5 at Pyramid Atlantic. Here's a map of the vendors. (PDF) Even if like me you're not particularly inclined towards buying crafts, it's still something to do. There's bands and food, too.

- Crafty Bastards is nice and all, but we could easily be hosting something truly great like Rosslyn's outdoor James Bond film festival. It's not like we didn't have movies on The Turf in the past. All you need is an inflatable screen and a projector.

- If you're like me, you'll be pleased to know that MoCo now has enhanced recycling capabilities. A lot of plastic stuff you'd normally have to throw out with the trash can soon be put in the blue bin. Things such as yogurt containers, plastic flower pots, bottles that aren't #1 or #2 and those takeout containers they charge you $1 for at Mandalay will be recyclable starting July 1. I guess commodities prices are high enough now that the money they can get for scrap plastic makes it feasible. Another recycling note: you can now recycle your CFL lightbulbs for free at the Silver Spring Home Depot.

In a related matter, I'd like to thank the county garbagemen sanitation engineers for collecting the huge pile of junk I dumped out in front of my house yesterday morning. I realize that a lot of that stuff was on the "go to the dump your damn self" list, but you hauled it away anyway. Reeaaaaaaaalllll Americaaaan herooooooeeeeeeess!

- Damn, they make you walk all the way from the B&O station if you want to take a tour of the National Park Seminary:


Springvale Roader said...

The demise of Steve & Barry's may be due to bankruptcy, but it may also indicate that what City Mess needs is not another discount store, but a high quality store like Macy's or Nordstrom's or Dillards.

Silver Spring has a middle class, and that middle class spends money on necessities and luxuries. Right now, that middle class has to leave Silver Spring to do its shopping. It blows my mind that I can't buy a decent pair of men's underwear or a muffin pan (yes, I like to bake muffins -- you got a problem with that?) in Silver Spring!

chaz said...

You can buy a muffin pan in Strosniders. They have a LOT of cool kitchen gadgets, actually.

On the underwear, you got me.

Springvale Roader said...

Chaz, good catch. BUT, you can't buy a large muffins muffin pan -- I've looked.

Maybe the solution is to have Strosniders start selling underwear.

Anonymous said...

If you're feeling extra frisky, Springvale, get your underwear at Dor Ne Corset

Springvale Roader said...


I'm talkin' about everyday underwear; my weekend wear is my own business!

Honestly, have you ever sat in an office chair all day wearing a corset? Talk about bad ergonomics.

Woodsider said...

Too bad Marshall's can't expand into that space. I like them.

One problem with those spaces is that you can't see them from the street.

Nick said...

I dont know how long Steve and Barry's is going to last in Shitty Place because they are opening one inside Wheaton Plaza (Westfield Wheaton) on top of a DSW. I dont know why they need 2 stores that big so close to each other. As bad as this might sound I'd like to see more stores like the ones in Wheaton, Montgomery, or Annapolis but not so much Tysons