Friday, May 30, 2008

Theater 4 Sale

While it's already been on the market for a few months, I just found out today that the Flower Theatre is no longer a church and is up for sale. Since I doubt they would open up another movie theater, and the church idea didn't seem to work, I wonder what they could do with this space I miss that theater. Sure, it was pretty dumpy by the time it closed, but I saw a lot of great movies there in my youth. Ghostbusters, for example. Perhaps AFI needs an annex. That neighborhood could use something like that, although the necessary parking isn't really available right now.

The theater was designed by John J. Zink, a competitor of John Eberson, who was the architect of the Silver Theatre. Zink was also responsible for the Uptown, which is actually smaller than the Flower was in the latter's original configuration. Since it's heyday, it's been segmented into a lot of smaller theaters, but I'm sure with work it could be restored to its original setup. That's probably just a pipe dream, and it will sadly end up being a CVS like some other area theaters.

Photo by Flickr user Zzzzt!Zzzzt!

Speaking of movies, looking for one that's a little more masculine than The-Film-That-Must-Not-Be-Named which opens this weekend? The AFI continues to not disappoint: starting today you'll be able to catch Pulp Fiction in all its large screen glory, albeit only for a single week. Instead of watching some annoying chick try on Jimmy Choos for 2 1/2 hours, you can see Marvin's brains get splattered across the back windshield of a '74 Nova. ("Chill out, man, I told you it was an accident. We probably went over a bump or something.")


lil b said...

re: "some annoying chick" . . . that's rude. stop hating! no one is dragging you there, so be thankful about that.

Sligo said...

And you should be thankful in turn that no one is dragging you to Iron Man.

baj said...

you should both be thankful you get to see movies at all. lb, go see 'iron man'; sligo, go see 'satc'; lisa, drink the water.

lil b said...

sligo, you have dragged me to enough movies, and i have only ever dragged you to ONE. don't make me spill what movie that was.

baj, you stay out of this. i keed!

Springvale Roader said...

I'd buy this theater if I could, and if I never expected to make a profit. I know that there's enough hipsters and cinephiles out there to fill some seats for a Dario Argento/George Romero/David Cronenberg film fest, but in this town we're talking losing proposition.

How do I know? The midnight showing of the original Texas Chainsasw Massacre at the AFI last Halloween was only partially filled. Kids today! In my days, the place would have been filled with people whose shirts gave off strangely herbal fumes, but now, with DVDs...ahh, forget it!

Anonymous said...

I attended a showing of Friday the 13th at the AFI a while ago and I recall the place being almost full. The crowds at the AFI are strangely irregular. Shows you'd think would be full are often sparse, and shows you'd think would be sparse are sellouts (like a showing of Barbara Stanwyck's Baby Face a while back).

I'd love to see that be a theater again, maybe a grindhouse branch? Horror films and cult films? One of the reasons I first moved to that neighborhood was the cheap theater in walking distance. Now there's no bargain theaters anywhere in this area...

Thayer Avenue said...

What about buying the theater underneath the Golden Flame? We could, for example, have a Buffy-fest one weekend, should enough people see fit to attend...

lil b said...

Slayerfest 2008!!! Excellent idea.

Vagrarian said...

Oooh, Silver Underground! Perfect for horror-film-fests and burlesque shows!

Sligo said...

I seriously want to operate that theater (the underground one). It's just sitting there bringing in zero revenue for that building. They should give it to me rent free and I can get some investors to pay for renovations.

We could have midnight showings of the Big Lebowski every week.

Anonymous said...

Alright thought I'd seen the worst at the down town Silver Spring movie theater until this weekend. Went to see SATC (AKA movie that must not be named) sat early about 20 min before the movie started and it was about 60% full.

In the middle of the aisle towards the back two kids are actually having sex. Police got them out of there.

Gonna need a black light to select a seat from now on.

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