Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bastards Announced

The Washington City Paper website just published a list of the bastards, uh, I mean vendors, that will be at Silver Spring's first ever Crafty Bastards festival on June 28th. Here's a few samples of work by some of the participants:

I don't know if I'd ever actually buy anything, but at minimum it's something interesting to go to on the weekend. Besides, you know who doesn't have a Crafty Bastards fair? Those muppets over in Virginia.

UPDATE: I like this one - Tofo for Obama by ChrisCreatures.

(Apparently there isn't much bean curd in Kentucky.)


Jessica said...

I can't wait. It'll be like an Etsy dream come true in our cool town. Love El Jefe Designs concert poster screenprints.

Thayer Avenue said...

Maybe you should make blog-related bumper stickers and sell them.

Evan said...

Don't forget the list of vendors participating at the South Silver Spring block party, which you're all invited to.


Sligo said...

As of now, your website doesn't appear to be working.

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