Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

This recently-declassified film CLEARLY shows an alien spacecraft circling in the skies above Silver Springs [sic] back in 1966.

This additional footage pretty much seals the case that Silver Spring was indeed visited by extraterrestrials during the Johnson Administration.

Were these visits by scout vessels in advance of a coming full scale invasion? Or, could it be that this is the craft of a lone alien who returns to Silver Spring every 42 (or 43?) years to hunt?

After looking closely at this photo recently posted on, I think that the latter may indeed be the case.

If my suspicions are true, all I can say is... GET TO THE CHOPPAHH!!!!


b said...

After that last AVP movie he must have come to take on the Ellsworth rent-a-cops to get his pride back.

Anonymous said...

I tried to view the overlords video and got a message that the video was no longer available. That said, my computer is the approximate equivalent of a Model A Ford, so it could be at my end. Or is it something more sinister? Has it been censored? Do you need to watch out for "Spooks?" Hope you have a chance to repond because if we never hear another word from you we will never know if it was aliens or native borns that did you in.

Sligo said...

Strange, it seems to work for me... I'd be on the lookout for guys in black suits who might be following you.

RedRyder said...

Hmmm... Alien visitation. Well, I guess that would explain a few things.

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