Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting Out of Dodge

This will likely be my last post for awhile, as I will shortly be departing for exotic locales with limited access to The Internets. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone.

Before I go, here's some miscellaneous tidbits I had lying around:

- Spike Lee will be honored at this year's SilverDocs festival. To kick off the event, Spike will throw a ceremonial garbage can through the window of DiMarco's.

- Goddamn kids! This Mosqito anti-loitering device would be perfect for outside the Majestic. How much could this $1,500 device save the save the county on police overtime? It's already been used by a movie theater owner in Massachusetts. (Unrelated, but a few weekends back I drove down Fenton on a Friday night and there was a big group of kids clustered around the Chick-fil-A staring in the window. There were a bunch of cops there, too. Anyone know what that was all about?)

- According to reader "b", someone broke into the tatoo parlor on Fenton street and attempted to break through the wall to the Atlantic Guns using a sledgehammer. Unsuccessful, he eventually gave up and left. Danny Ocean he 'aint.

- A Post writer talks about some of his "Third Places" in downtown Silver Spring.

- Also from the Post - details on this Saturday's Forest Glen Seminary tour. I don't know why, but that place always creeped me the hell out. At least in it's dilapidated state.


Springvale Roader said...

That's hysterical! Yes, put a Mosquito at the corner of Fenton & Ellsworth, dagnabbit! Seriously, this thing rocks (as those darn kids would say).

So the beasts are called "Yobs" in England, eh? What should we call our DTSS version?

As for the Seminary, it creeps you out because that place is most definitely haunted.

Anonymous said...

Exotic locale? Limited internet? Ummm... Hagerstown?

Hey, have a great time, we'll try to be good, and don't forget to send us a postcard.

Anonymous said...

LOL... there's a lot of weird ghetto action going on in downtown now that the weather's nice. About a week or two ago I saw a bunch of teenage girls screaming at each other in front of Chick Fil-a, and it looked like a fight was about to break out. Then I saw one girl strut out, get right into the face of another, and a bunch of the other kids ran up to pull her away.


I kid you not. A pregnant girl, looked like she couldn't be past 16, was picking a fistfight.

Welcome to the ghetto, folks.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the ghetto? You have no idea what you're talking about.

Thayer Ave., too said...

Yeah, I've seen four or five "altercations" that seemed to be escalating to pushing and shoving, or worse. It's typically been between about 4 and 6 in the evening, and the downtown security seems to have been beefed up in response.

Don't know whether this is necessarily a "ghetto" thing, or maybe just a Spring Fever, teenagers-with-nothing-to-do thing.

I know there hasn't been much to love about the Downtown management in the past, but they do seem to at least be aware of this growing problem and are attempting to keep an eye on it-- hopefully in a non-confrontational way that allows kids who aren't a problem to hang downtown.

(Beltsville. Sligo's "Undisclosed Location" is definitely Beltsville.)

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring in not the ghetto, but Ellsworth Drive does attract the ghetto to Silver Spring.

Yesterday my wife was harassed by three teen boys in the Discovery Bldg. walkway. Let's hope this really is a "spring fever" phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

"Silver Spring in not the ghetto, but Ellsworth Drive does attract the ghetto to Silver Spring."

Quote for truth. Listening to DTSS teenagers' conversations in passing, it's like the population of Compton was up-rooted and put into a family-friendly suburban shopping-plex.

Anonymous said...

No, Silver Spring is definitely *not* the ghetto. It really does seem that all these ghetto people hanging out downtown are from DC or PG. Basically they just beat a path between the Metro station and the pool hall in the godawful mall.

JB Cratchet said...

Seems to be that the "ghetto" thing is of 2 schools. The real ones that spread out as the public transportation goes, and the wannabes up in northern Gaithersburg who want to DRESS the part and ACT like Jay-Z, but have no idea what ghetto really is.

And the fact that MoCo Police are now on encrypted channels on the scanner reeks of secrecy to me....

Sligo's destination is DEFINITELY NOT Four Corners....we have internet!

In the Four Corners Civic Ass'n newsletter, we saw a picture of the old Stone House Inn from the early 70's. Aside from the fact that it was HARDLY overcrowded in the shot, I would like to know if someone can educate me on the history of the building. (It came down when I was a spritely 4 years old, but I remember it being there.) And if other pictures are available to share that would be great!

Thank you,

JB Cratchet

Sligo said...

Man, my trip to Hagerstown was long and tiring. I had two long horse and buggy layovers on the way back.

Elton in Dundalk said...

"In the Four Corners Civic Ass'n newsletter, we saw a picture of the old Stone House Inn from the early 70's. Aside from the fact that it was HARDLY overcrowded in the shot, I would like to know if someone can educate me on the history of the building."

JB -- I grew up at Four Corners in the 1940s/50s and remember the layer cake-shaped Old Stone House Inn pretty well. The place did respectable business in my time, but it had dropped off drastically by the late 50s.

My dad told me it was one of only two places in MoCo that had a full-serve liquor license, i.e., they served liquor by the drink. (The other license was for a place called Normandie Farms, which I think was in Potomac, on the other side of the county.)

Dad said that both of these place were owned by a guy named Sam Eig, who also had a small, ugly green office building near the Silver Theater.

Eig had a lot of influence in the county, but dad never explained why. Too late to ask him now, since he's been gone for 30 years.

-- Elton in Dundalk (formerly of Woodmoor)

Sligo said...

All I know about Sam Eig is that he has a highway up in Gaithersburg.

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