Thursday, April 03, 2008

Crafters Wanted

Are you the child of an unwed mother and posses mad crochet skills? If so, then Crafty Bastards is a perfect opportunity for you! As I mentioned before, the Washington City Paper's crafts fair is expanding to Silver Spring this summer, and they are now accepting applications for booth space. Better hurry, as the deadline is April 16th. Let's ensure that MoCo is adequately represented at the event instead of allowing carpetbaggin' DC crafties to monopolize the booths.

I'm not so much into handicrafts myself, with the possible exception of this custom R2-D2 knit crochet cap, produced by request for me by my mother-in-law.

"I think George Lucas gonna sue somebody!"


silver spring penguin said...

That knit cap is da shit! Can your mother-in-law knit a pair of Princess Leia earbuns? Or Chewbaca leg warmers?

There's money (and serious copyright violations) to be made here.

Anonymous said...

That's crochet. :) Still nice work though.

Thayer Ave., too said...

Is your mother-in-law setting up a booth? I'd *totally* buy one of those. Or the Princess Lei earbuns, even.

How cute would Little Thayer look in that?

Sligo said...

Funny you should mention that, since she also made a identical but smaller one for my nephew.

I can ask if she can make another.

BMSTT said...

Little Thayer needs a crochet halter.

Thayer Ave., too said...

Yes, but hot pants would really make Little Thayer's butt look big over her diaper-- and you CAN'T have a crochet halter without hot pants. And cowboy boots.