Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday News 'N Notes

- The Washington City Paper's Crafty Bastards craft fair, usually held once a year in Adams Morgan, is expanding to Silver Spring. The Silver Spring event will be held at Pyramid Atlantic on June 28th. (Note that I hesitated before linking to an article that included the phrase "get your craft on"...)

- Carolina Kitchen getting burned out of that building on Colesville Road (which is finally getting renovated FIVE YEARS LATER) appears to have been good for them in the long term. They are planning on opening three new stores in the area. A return to Silver Spring doesn't appear to be in their immediate plans, however.

- Saw this really old stereoview photo of Silver Spring for sale on eBay but couldn't figure out where it was taken:

Any ideas? The only thing I could think of is the stretch of 29 between Four Corners and the NW Branch bridge, based on the hills. Of course, it could be any number of places.

- This is a good idea. They need the same kind of campaign in Silver Spring focused on the stretch of Colesville from East-West Highway to Spring St.

- Flickr user Scaramouche has some photos of the house in Silver Spring shingled with aluminum cans that I've mentioned before.


Anonymous said...

So there was a fatal stabbing in front of Twin Towers last Sunday, 3/9, and it apparently involved dozens of people brawling in the street - yet I just found out about it tonight?!???! it's been publicized almost nowhere. What gives?

I don't even live that far away from there....

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I know some of the regular posters will get a kick out of this.... the woman arrested for murder was an employee at the Majestic.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

Hey Anonymous, where have you been?

Anonymous said...

Hey penguin, I've actually looked at the Penguin site at least once this week but somehow didn't come across that post. Weird... thanks for pointing me to the link.

So is this a vestige of "old" Silver Spring? I've always sort of assumed the ghetto-ass behavior and sometime harassment I've experienced downtown is from people coming in from DC or PG, not from people who actually live in SS... Usually on the weekends you get Shanequa and Rayvon screaming and swearing at each other on the walk between the Metro and Panera, but then they all cut into the Ellsworth mall; it's pretty civilized on all the other streets. I actually looked at Twin Towers when I was moving to SS, but it was my second choice and I opted against it when I found an aptartment I liked better.

Sligo said...

The perpetrator was actually from DC, even if she was living in Silver Spring at the time. (in a DC-government sponsored apartment???) Can't they keep their dangerous citizens in their own jurisdiction?

Anonymous said...

So on an unrelated note, wasn't there talk some time ago of having a SS bar meetup? I *still* haven't been to the dorky pirate bar yet....

Sligo said...

Well, if I could get any response from bars/restaurants, we could have a Rock Band meetup...

Anonymous said...

Ms. Craven, the accused perpetrator, resides in Suburban Towers on 16th Street. Although I do not reside in there, it is close enough that maybe I should register her in

Anonymous said...

Also... just checked out the link to the murder brawl-- THANKS Sligo -- and it is thrilling to me that DC is exporting its unstable residents to Silver Spring. Is this part of the plan for improving "The NEW Silver Spring?" We Montgomery County, Maryland taxpayers pay to make the area a better place for DC's unwanted? Our tax dollars at work!

WashingtonGardener said...

DC taxpayers are paying for this? Where is City Paper to do an expose?

Anon, how do you know the pirate bar is "dorky" if you've never been there? I've been - it is fine. I'll go back I'm sure, but am in not making it my local hangout either.

lilkunta said...

to 3/18/2008 9:56AM Anon
You post such a hateful discriminatory comment, but not bold enought to post your name?

What about the drunk wealthy Anglo kids who come into DC? From AU, Gtown, GW, etc who make commotion as well.

Or perhaps you do post hate towards them on Adams Morgan blogs.

lilkunta said...

to 3/18/2008 10:04AM Sligo:
TwinTowers is DC govt sponsored since when ?

lilkunta said...

to 3/18 1:06 ad 1:20
Both of you need to stop.
This is unneccesary. SeanCope is dead & Adri Craven's life is pretty much over as well; as life in prison is no life. Even is she gets off bc she is bipolar, she;ll be committed to a mental institution.

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