Thursday, March 13, 2008

For Those About to Pretend to Rock We Salute You

A few weeks back, Eric of and I came to the conclusion that some bar or restaurant in Silver Spring really ought to begin hosting a weekly Rock Band night. These - and their Guitar Hero equivalent - have already started popping up around the region, although not in MoCo as far as I know.

If you’re not familiar with Rock Band, it’s an extremely entertaining video game that allows you to pretend you possess musical talent, when all you may really have is hand-eye coordination… or not. The "instrument" controllers you use with the game resemble their real-life counterparts, but don't really make much of a sound on their own. You can also choose to sing. That part of the game is like Karaoke, only with your performance being judged by a machine. If you are familiar with Guitar Hero, Rock Band is very similar to that game, only with the addition of vocals and drums. Pretty much anyone can pick it up on the easy level after a few tries, and if you practice enough, you can get as good as this guy. Ok, not really.

Anyway, it’s fun to play at any skill level (as well as amusing to watch) and I think it would be a great draw for slow nights during the week. You could pair it with drink and food specials and attract people who might otherwise be home watching syndicated Law & Order episodes. You could even arrange competitions and tournaments. Since no place else in Silver Spring (or Bethesda, Wheaton, etc.) provides anything like this, you’d be able to offer something unique and attract new customers from around the area.

In order to host a proper Rock Band Night, however, you will need the following:

1. An Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3 and the Rock Band Special Edition. Sorry, a PS2 is not adequate - current gen systems only.

2. A suitable widescreen high def TV- if it’s too small or too far away, it might be too difficult to see the “notes”. Optimally, the setup would have a HD home theater projector.

3. A second guitar controller, preferably wireless.

4. A decent sound system.

(For massive bonus points you could eventually add the as-yet-unreleased Rock Band Stage Kit, which adds a synchronized smoke and light show. This would not be a prerequisite, of course.)

Any restaurant or bar which agrees to do this will get plenty of free promotion on at least this blog and We can talk to other Silver Spring bloggers and perhaps make it a cross-Silver Spring blog promoted event. (If I recall correctly, Dan of Just Up the Pike plays Rock Band.)

So, if you’re a restaurant/bar manager interested in hosting a Rock Band night, please let me know. Anyone else who thinks this is a good idea (and would attend) leave a comment and back me up!


Lil B said...

Bring it on, I'm so there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you definitely don't want to be using wireless guitars when doing a public performance.

silver spring penguin said...

Excellent idea, Sligo. Perhaps this gig can go down at Tijuana's on Georgia Ave. For a while, it hosted karaoke en espanol, so it's already hooked up for action (except for the XBox, PS3, etc).

Megan Farrington said...

The husband and I were discussing the merits of this very idea a few weeks ago at Quarry House. We would both absolutely patronize a Rock Band night.

(It also probably wouldn't be hard to convince our other band members, who live in Columbia Heights, to come up for this.)

Jennifer said...

I have 10 friends who would love to go to a Rock Band night at a local bar. I really think this is an excellent idea!

Tina said...

Rock Band, Guitar Hero, it's on!

Thayer Ave., too said...

I can't sing, but if you need a roadie, count me in. (I could also do the groupie thing, in a pinch.)

Sign me up!

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