Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday News 'N Notes

Happy Leap Day, a date when we shouldn't be obligated to go to work, according to some...

- Funds for the Live Nation deal have been approved by the County Council. Of course, this doesn't mean anyone's cutting a check today - just that the money has been appropriated.

I'm not so sure about this validity of this statement from the Examiner article: "Music fans and Silver Spring citizens groups have praised the deal, hailing it as a great move for music-lovers and a boon for the neighborhood". (Emphasis mine.)

- Silver Spring no longer has the lowest office vacancy rate in the area, although the market is still very good.

- Set your TiVos, as WETA will be having what amounts to Silver Spring night on Sunday, March 9th. At 6PM, they'll be showing the Silver Spring: Story of an American Suburb documentary followed by Next Stop: Silver Spring at 8.


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